Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Camay Ladies Part 2

Here are the movie stars and celebrities who endorsed Camay.

Tita Duran
Tita Duran was the wife of Pancho Magalona. They were the parents of the late Francis Magalona.

Ang matatapang na sabon ay walang mainam na bango…maging kaibig-ibig sa pamamagitan ng lalong mabangong sabong Camay!”


She was an actress who was paired with opular actors such as Rogelio dela Rosa and Jose Padilla.

 “Harsh soaps lack fine perfumes…be lovely with extra-fragrant Camay!”

Here she was as a celebrity.

Gloria Romero

She was considered queen of the Philippine movies during her time.  She endorsed Camay.


Beauty demands a lovely complexion. And I’ve discovered Camay complexions are loveliest!”

She married a popular movie actor, Juancho Gutierrez, with whom she has a daughter. She is still active in the show business.

She was a popular actress. She endorsed Camay.

“Lovelier complexions begin with extra-gentle Camay. Harsh soaps leave skin rough…use Camay for a lovelier complexion!”

Delia Razon 

Camay’s exquisite new perfume keeps me lovelier much longer!”

Here she is now:
 Myrna Delgado
 She was a beautiful leading lady to many actors. She endorsed Camay.

“New Camay’s fragrance lasts for hours! Definitely alluring!”

Here she was:  

 Bella Flores

She was most hated character actress. She endorsed Camay.

“Close-ups reveal my most outstanding charm — my Camay complexion!”
She still appears in the movie when there is an offer.
Nida Blanca (RIP)
She was popular as movie actress who was the partner of Nestor de Villa.  

Then she was known to be Marsha, the TV wife of Dolphy.

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