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Roberto Gonzales BIOGRAPHY

Father was Valentino H. Gonzales, aka "The Father of Filipino Karate". 8th Dan, ShidoKan Shorin-ryu, under Katsuya Miyahira, Okinawa.

Like his father, Roberto is also a karate master.

He is a reel and real martial arts expert, he first starred in films produced by his own movie outfit opposite popular and big actresses like Liberty Ilagan and Amalia Fuentes. Under Premiere Productions, Inc, he appeared in Pambihirang Tatlo with Bernard Belleza and Eddie Fernandez.

Sister is 'Magna Gonzales who starred in LAdy Untouchable.

1. Ako ang lalagot sa hininga mo (1999)

2. Heroes Hill (1983)
3. Objective 2400 (1980)
4. Deadly Fighters (1980)
5. Pangkat Do or Die (1980)

6. Ahas sa Pugad Lawin (1979)
7. Habang ako'ng batas (1971) (as Roberto Gonzalez)
8. Kontra hari (1971) (as Roberto Gonzalez)
9. Sa kamay ng tatlong takas (1971) (as Roberto Gonzalez)

10. Battle of Champions (1968)
11. Bulag na matador (1968)
12. Chaku Judo Aikido o Karate (1968)
13. Deadly Trio (1968)
14. Hari ng slums (1968) .... Hari ng slums
15. Ito ang digmaan (1968)
16. Karate Commandos (1968)
17. Karate, samurai, at pagibig (1968)
18. Kidlat sa karate (1968)
19. Suntok o karate (1968)
20. That Man Mr. Impossible (1968)
21. Bertong karate (1967) (as Roberto Gonzalez)
22. Digmaan sa karate (1967)
23. Master Fighter (1967) (as Roberto Gonzalez) .... Master Fighter
24. Pambihirang pito (1967) (as Roberto Gonzalez)
25. Cobra (1966) (as Roberto Gonzalez)
26. Hari ng karate (1966)

27. Bob Guerrero (????) .... Bob Guerrero

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Thursday, November 29, 2007



Tony Ferrer

Tony Ferrer – A theater usher-turned-actor, he shared top billing with Fernando Poe Jr., Romeo Vasquez, Von Serna and Jess Medina in Mga Tigreng Taga-bukid which was produced by elder brother Atty. Espiridion Laxa under Tagalog Ilang-Ilang Productions, Inc. He also appeared in Walang Ititirang Buhay with Aurora Salve, Rhene Imperial, Arnold Mendoza, his brother Nick Romano and Raul Aragon. Considered the most successful local agent character, he was secret agent Tony Falcon or Agent X-44. His most successful films included Sabotage and Crisis. He is the father of Maricel Laxa (with Imelda Ilanan) and Mutya Crisostomo (with Alice Crisostomo). His real name is Antonio Laxa from Pampanga.

# Agent X44 (2007) .... Tony Falcon / Agent X-44
# Mahal kita, kahit sino ka pa (2001)
# Total Aikido (2001)

# Manila Boy (1993)
# Aguinaldo (1993)
# Patapon (1993) .... Hepe
# Sonny Boy, Public Enemy Number 1 of Cebu City (1992)
... aka Sonny Boy (Philippines: English title: short title) (Philippines: Tagalog title: short title)
# Bagallon (1990)
# Kahit singko ay di ko babayaran ang buhay mo (1990)

# Black Sheep Baby (1989)
# Chinatown: Sa kuko ng dragon (1988)
# Firecracker (1981)
... aka Naked Fist
# For Y'ur Height Only (1981) (uncredited) .... Chief
# Deadly Fighters (1980)
# Pangkat Do or Die (1980)
# Agila at ang falcon, Ang (1980) .... Tony Falcon, Agent X44
# Tatlong patak ng dugo ni Adan (1980)

# Wasakin ang sindikato (1979)
# Fortress in the Sun (1978) .... Tony
# Last Target (1978) .... Tony Falcon, Agent X44
# Blind Rage (1978) .... Ben Guevara
# Sgt. Dalagon (1977) .... Sgt. Dalagon
# The Enforcer and the Pussycat (1977)
# The Interceptors (1977)
# Ihalik mo ako sa diyos (1976)
... aka Kiss Me to God (literal English title)
# Alat (1975)
# Cover Girl Models (1975) .... Ray Chua
# Asia Cosa Nostra (1973)
# Karateka Boxer (1973)
# Secret Witness (1972) .... Tony Falcon, Agent X-44
# Crisis (1970) .... Tony Falcon/Agent X44

# Infiltrators (1969) .... Tony Falcon, Agent X44
# Armalite Commandos (1968)
# Bigat ng kamay (1968)
# The Blackbelter (1968)
# The Crimebuster (1968)
# Dambana ng kagitingan (1968)
# Karate Fighters (1968)
# Lumuhod ka o lumaban (1968)
# Masters of Karate (1968)
# Mine Hunter (1968)
# The Specialists (1968/II) .... Tony Falcon, Agent X-44
# The Vengeance of Fu Manchu (1967) .... Insp. Ramos
... aka Rache des Dr. Fu Man Chu, Die (West Germany)
# Crackdown (1967)
# Deadly Seven (1967)
# Karate Kid (1967)
# Solo Flight (1967) .... Tony Falcon / Agent X-44
# Target: The A-Go-Go Generation (1967)
# Sabotage (1966) .... Tony Falcon / Agent X-44
# Blackmail (1966) .... Tony Falcon / Agent X-44
# Trapped (1966) .... Tony Falcon / Agent X-44
# Deadline Agosto 13 (1966) .... Tony Falcon, Agent X44
# Mastermind (1965) .... Tony Falcon / Agent X-44
# Contra señas (1965) .... Tony Falcon / Agent X-44
# Tatlo sa tatlo (1965)
# G-2: Taga-usig ng kaaway (1965) .... Tony Falcon, Agent X44
# Interpol: Hadlang sa manlulupig (1965) .... Tony Falcon / Agent X-44
... aka Interpol (Philippines: English title: short title)
# Kalaban ng sindikato (1965)
# Labo-labo (1964)
# Sa muling pagkikita (1963)
# Isputnik vs. Darna (1963)
... aka Babaing Isputnik, Ang (Philippines: Tagalog title)
# Ako'y iyong-iyo (1963)
# Kung gabi sa Maynila (1963)
# Cuatro condenados (1962)
# Suicide Commandoes (1962)
# Mga tigreng taga-bukid (1962)

# Nagmula sa lupa (????)

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Bernard Belleza BIOGRAPHY

Bernard Belleza – Another local secret agent portrayer, he had a son with Divina Valencia, Dranreb who also joined the showbiz. He appeared in Pambihirang Tatlo with Roberto Gonzales and Eddie Fernandez and Honey and West where he played a secret agent.

He was a Sikaran champion in 1965.

# Daredevil (1968)
# Eagle Commandos (1968)
# Honey and West (1968) .... West
# Johnny Do or Die (1968)
# Kapwa walang pinapanginoon (1968)
... aka None But the Brave (Philippines: English title)
# The Karate Champions (1968) (as Bernie Belleza)
# Karate Commandos (1968) (as Bernie Belleza)
# Kidlat sa karate (1968)
# Mindanao (1968)
# Mister Gimmick (1968)
# Room for Rent (1968)
# We only live wais (1968)
# Alexander Bilis (1967) .... Alexander Bilis
# The Experts (1967)
# Karate Kid (1967)
# Dalaga Mayor (1966)
# Blackmail (1966)
# Trapped (1966)
# Cobra (1966) (as Bernardo Belleza)

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Ronald Remy Biography

Ronald Remy

He was introduced in Prinsesa Naranja which starred Fernando Poe Jr. and Lani Oteyza. He also appeared in Anak ng Bulkan which was a film where the young Ace Vergel (then known as Ace York) played the role of a boy who befriended a giant eagle. These films were both produced by Premiere Productions, Inc. Other Premiere Produtions films where Ronaldo appeared included Kalawang sa Bakal with Zaldy Zshornack and Pagsikat ng Araw, a musical with Lani Oteyza, Lily Marquez (who became his wife) and Al Quinn He also made Tabla Manalo and Kulay Dugo ang Gabi with Amalia Fuentes and Eddie Fernandez. His real name is Ronald Kookooritchin from Bicol.

He was married to Lily Marquez and they became TV producers.

He died before his wife who succumbed to cancer in 2007. They had a daughter Jackie Kookooritchin who became a gospel preacher.

1. Infiltrators (1969) .... Mr. Banez
2. Escape to Mindanao (1968) (TV) .... Lt. Parang
3. Mad Doctor of Blood Island (1968) .... Dr.Lorca
... aka Blood Doctor
... aka Grave Desires (USA: reissue title)
... aka Mad Doctor of Blood Island (USA: video title)
... aka Tomb of the Living Dead
4. The Longest Hundred Miles (1967) (TV) .... Miguel
... aka Escape from Bataan
5. Kulay dugo ang gabi (1964) .... Dr. Marco
... aka Blood Is the Color of Night (USA)
... aka Color of Night (USA)
... aka The Blood Drinkers (USA)
... aka The Vampire People (USA: reissue title (TV title))
6. Aninong bakal (1963)
7. No Man Is an Island (1962) .... Chico Torres
... aka Island Escape (UK)
8. Asiong seven (1962)

9. Anak ng bulkan (1959)
10. Condenado (1958)

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Famas Best Actor 2007-JINGGOY ESTRADA

Famas Best Actor 2007-JINGGOY ESTRADA-Katas ng Saudi

Other Nominees
# Love Story, A (2007) - Aga Muhlach
# One More Chance (2007) - John Lloyd Cruz
# Paano kita Iibigin (2007) - Piolo Pascual
# Resiklo (2007) - Ramon 'Bong' Revilla Jr.


Jess Lapid Sr. Biography

Jess Lapid Sr.

Jess Lapid - He had been playing double as stuntman for the leading actors when FPJ Productions gave him his first big acting part as a villain in “Pasong Diablo” in 1961. He appeared in Walang Hanggang with Fernando Poe Jr. and Amalia Fuentes. Then he was given bigger role in Sierra Madre (1963) playing second lead to top action star Fernando Poe, Jr.. In 1964, he was casted in the lead role opposite Divina Valencia in Tagalog ilang-Ilang movie in "Kardong Kidlat" in 1964.He was one of the Quadro de Jack, the three others being former President Joseph Estrada, Jun Aristorenas and Jing Abalos in a local western movie. He also made Soliman Brothers with Jun Aristorenas. His career was shortlived. He was gunned down inside a night club in 1968.

The rise of Jess Lapid from stuntman to lead actor was replicated by his nephew and now Senator Lito Lapid. His life story was made into a film where his nephew Lito Lapid portrayed him. He formed his owned movie outfit, Jela Productions. His son Jess Lapid, Jr. is now an actor-director.

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Charlie Davao

Charlie Davao

Charlie Davao is a character actor whose career started in late 1950's. He has two sons who are also in the movies, Bing Davao whi was charged of illigal drugs together with his wife Fatime and Ricky Davao, the wife of actress Jakie Lou Blanco, the daughter of Pilita Corrales.

He recently had angioplasty after suffering from a heart attack.

1. "Margarita" (2007/II) TV series (announced)

2. "Sa piling mo" (2006) TV series .... Mayor (2006)
3. Lisensyadong kamao (2005)
4. Volta (2004)
5. "Basta't kasama kita" (2002) TV series .... Federico Gonzales
6. Walang iba kundi ikaw (2002)
7. Hiyas... sa paraiso ng kasalanan (2001)
8. Pangako... ikaw lang (2001)
9. Paninda (2001)
10. Ooops, teka lang... Diskarte ko 'to! (2001)

11. Largado, ibabalik kita sa pinanggalingan mo! (1999)
... aka Largado (Philippines: Tagalog title: short title)
12. "Saan ka man naroroon" (1999) TV series .... Francisco
13. Sambahin ang ngalan mo (1998) .... Don Claro Mascardo
14. Bagsik ng kamao (1997) .... Don Pablo
15. Bridesmaids (1997)
16. "Mula sa puso" (1997) TV series .... Don Ricardo
17. Ben Balasador: Akin ang huling alas (1996)
... aka Ben Balasador (Philippines: Tagalog title: short title)
18. Kung kaya mo, kaya ko rin (1996)
19. Mangarap ka (1995)
20. Alfredo Lim: Batas ng Maynila (1995)
21. Minsan pa (Kahit konting pagtingin 2) (1995)
... aka Kahit konting pagtingin Part 2 (Philippines: Tagalog title)
22. Iligpit si Victor Saraza (1994) .... Domingo Palacio
23. Hanggang may buhay (1992)
24. Lacson, batas ng Navotas (1992)
25. Zhi fa wei long (1992)
... aka Fatal Chase
26. Joey Boy Munti, 15 anyos ka sa Muntilupa (1991)
27. Mabuting kaibigan... masamang kaaway (1991)
28. Sgt. Miguel Carpio; Multiple Murder (1990)
29. Sgt. Clarin: Bala para sa ulo mo (1990)
30. Nazareno Apostol: Boy Ahas (1990)

31. Wanted Pamilya Banal (1989)
32. Rape of Virginia P. (1989)
... aka Virginia P. (Philippines: English title: short title)
33. Batang cebu .45 (1989)
34. Walang susuko (1989)
35. Here Comes the Bride (1989) .... Simon
36. Agila ng Maynila (1989)
37. Barbaro Santo (1989)
38. Sgt. Ernesto Boy Ibanez: Tirtir Gang (1988)
39. Afuang, Bounty Hunter (1988)
40. Victor Corpuz (1987)
... aka Get Victor Corpus: The Rebel Soldier (Philippines: English title)
41. Napakasakit, kuya Eddie (1986) .... Willy Ledesma
42. Zuma (1985)
43. Musmos (1985)
44. Hubad na gubat (1983)
45. The Killing of Satan (1983) .... Satan
46. Laruan (1983)
47. Lumaban ka (1983)
48. Milyon (1983)
49. Pedro Tunasan (1983)
50. Bagong Boy Condenado (1982)
51. Palengke queen (1982)
52. Usigin... sino? (1980)
53. Tatlong patak ng dugo ni Adan (1980)

54. Last Target (1978)
55. Blind Rage (1978) .... Johnny Duran
56. Ibilanggo si Neneng Magtanggol (1977)
57. Supercock (1975) .... Spaniard
... aka A Fistful of Feathers (USA)
... aka Fowl Play
... aka Superchicken
58. Roulette (1972)
59. Women in Cages (1971) (as Charles Davis) .... Rudy
... aka Women's Penitentiary III

60. Dobol wedding (1968)
... aka Double Wedding (Philippines: English title)
61. Anong ganda mo! (1967)
62. Doble talim (1965)
63. 7 Mata-Hari (1965)
64. Kumander Judo (1964)
65. Sa bilis, walang kaparis (1964)
66. Bukas ay akin, Ang (1963)
... aka Tomorrow Is Mine (Philippines: English title)
67. Trudis liit (1963)
68. Anak, ang iyong ina! (1963)
69. Esperanza at Caridad (1963)
70. Sabina (1963)
71. Sinisinta kita (1963)
72. Bulung-bulungan (1962)
73. Kaming mga talyada (1962)
... aka We Who Are Sexy (Philippines: English title)
74. Tugtuging bukid (1962)
75. Dayukdok (1961)
76. Batas ng lipunan (1961)
... aka The Laws of Society (Philippines: English title)

77. Isinumpa (1959)

78. Gobernador (????)
79. Iyo ang batas, akin ang katarungan (????)
80. Magdaleno Orbos: Sa Kuko ng mga lawin (????) .... Araneta
... aka Magdaleno Orbos (Philippines: Tagalog title: short title)
81. Once Upon a Time in Manila (????)
82. Sgt Patalinhug: CIS Special Operations Group (????)
... aka Sgt Patalinhug (Philippines: Tagalog title: short title)

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Jaime Fabregas Biography

Jaime Fabregas

Jaime Fabregas was born on February 28, 1950 in Iriga City, Camarines Sur, Philippines

He was married and divorced to Leticia Caballeto with whom he has two sons and one daughter.

He is an actor, a composer and a music scorer.
12 wins & 7 nominations more

Selected Filmography:

1. "Pangarap na bituin" (2007) TV series (post-production) .... Louie Salcedo (2007)

2. "Princess Sarah" (2007) TV series .... Monsieur Dufarge
3. "MariMar" (2007) (mini) TV mini-series .... Augosto Aldama
4. Baliw (2007) .... Father William O' Connor
... aka Crazy (International: English title: literal title)
5. M.O.N.A.Y (Misteyks obda neyson adres Yata) ni Mr. Shooli (2007) (as Jimmy Fabregas)
... aka M.O.N.A.Y ni Mr. Shooli, Ang (Philippines: Tagalog title)
6. "Asian Treasures" (2007) TV series .... Gomburza
7. "Majika" (2006) TV series .... Aduro (2006)
8. Eternity (2006) .... Padre Manuel
9. Maging akin muli (2005) (TV) .... Atty. Casas
10. Miss Pinoy (2005)
11. D' Anothers (2005)
... aka D'Anoders (Philippines: Tagalog title)
12. Pinoy/Blonde (2005)
13. "Kampanerang Kuba" (2005) TV series .... Don Francisco
... aka Pablo S. Gomez's Kampanerang Kuba (Philippines: Tagalog title: complete title)
14. Pa-siyam (2004) .... Father Ben
15. Liberated 2 (2004)
16. Quezon City (2004) .... Tito Sol
17. Astigmatism (2004) .... Tatang
18. Ngayong nandito ka (2003)
19. "Sarah, the Teen Princess" (2003) TV series
20. Spirit Warriors: The Shortcut (2003) .... Harry
... aka Spirit Warriors 2: The Short Cut (Philippines: English title: festival title)
21. Agimat, anting-anting ni Lolo, Ang (2002)
... aka Agimat, Ang (Philippines: Tagalog title: short title)
22. Hunger Strike (2002) (TV)
23. Utang ni Tatang (2002) .... Tatang
24. Kilabot at Kembot (2002) .... NBI Chief
25. Banyo Queen (2001)
26. Abakada ina (2001) .... Ship captain
27. Vital Parts (2001) .... Dr. Jose Garzon
... aka Harold Robbins' Body Parts (USA)
28. "Sa dulo ng walang hanggan" (2001) TV series .... Menandro Soriano
29. Laro sa baga (2000)
30. Ayos na ang kasunod (2000)
31. Pedrong palad (2000)
32. Noriega: God's Favorite (2000) (TV) .... Officer

33. Ekis: Walang tatakas (1999)
... aka Ekis (Philippines: Tagalog title: short title)
34. Scorpio Nights 2 (1999)
35. Leon ng Maynila, Lt. Col. Romeo Maganto (1999) (as Jimmy Fabregas)
... aka Maganto (Philippines: Tagalog title: short title)
36. Jose Rizal (1998) .... Luis Taviel de Andrade
37. Mysterio (Uno... dos... tres pilyos!) (1998)
38. Alyas Boy Tigas: Ang probinsyanong wais (1998)
... aka Alyas Boy Tigas (Philippines: Tagalog title: short title)
39. Nagbibinata (1998)
40. Rizal sa Dapitan (1997) .... Fr. Sanchez
... aka Rizal in Dapitan
41. Lab en kisses (1997) .... Uncle John
42. Balawis (1996)
43. Milyonaryong mini (1996)
44. Sariwa (1996) .... Facundo
45. Proboys (1995)
46. Magkasangga 2000 (1995)
47. Matimbang pa sa dugo (1995)
48. Sarah, ang munting prinsesa (1995) .... James
49. Marami ka pang kakaining bigas (1994)
50. Kanto Boy 2: Anak ni Totoy Guwapo (1994) (as Jimmy Fabregas)
... aka Kanto Boy 2 (Philippines: Tagalog title: short title)
51. Pusoy dos (1994) .... Pablo
52. Si Ayala at si Zobel (1994)
53. Tumbasan mo ng buhay (1993)
54. Dugo ng panday (1993)
... aka The Blacksmith's Legacy
55. Manchichiritchit (1993)
56. Daddy Goon (1992)
57. May isang tsuper ng taxi (1990) (as Jimmy Fabregas)
58. Twist: Ako si ikaw, ikaw si ako (1990)
59. Sa Diyos lang ako susuko (1990) .... Mayor Jose Antero
60. Hulihin si Nardong Toothpick (1990)
... aka Nardong Toothpick (Philippines: Tagalog title: short title)

61. Wooly Booly: Ang classmate kong alien (1989) (as Jimmy Fabregas)
62. Uzi Brothers 9mm (1989)
... aka Uzi 9mm Brothers (Philippines: English title)
63. Tatak ng isang api (1989)
64. Eagle Squad (1989) (as Jimmy Fabregas)
65. Pardina at ang mga duwende (1989)
66. Magic to Love (1989)
67. Silk 2 (1989) (as Jimmy Fabregas) .... Cab Driver
68. Si Malakas at si Maganda (1989) (as Jimmy Fabregas)
69. Me and Ninja Liit (1988)
70. Jacky Tyan (1988) (as Jimmy Fabregas)
71. "A Dangerous Life" (1988) (mini) TV mini-series .... Ben Balamo
72. Whiteforce (1988) .... Wizard
73. Taray at Teroy (1988)
74. Asawa ko, huwag mong agawin (1987)
75. Bunsong kerubin (1987)
76. Di bale na lang (1987) (as Jimmy Fabregas)
77. Forward March (1987)
78. Kumander Gringa (1987) (as Jimmy Fabregas)
79. Takot ako eh! (1987)
80. Tigershark (1987) .... Vladimir
81. Halimaw sa banga (1986)
... aka Halimaw sa banga (Philippines: Tagalog title: short title)
... aka Monster in a Jar (International: English title)
82. Muslim Magnum .357 (1986) (as Jimmy Fabregas)
83. God Saves Me (1985)
84. Paradise Inn (1985)
85. Ina, kasusuklaman ba kita (1985) .... Arniel
86. Baril ko ang uusig (1985)
87. Kalabog en Bosyo Strike Again (1985) .... Dr. Kagaw
88. Haplos (1982) .... Padre
89. Oro, Plata, Mata (1982) .... Minggoy

90. Ganito kami noon, paano kayo ngayon (1976)
91. Black Mamba (1974) (as Jimmy Fabregas) .... Librarian

92. Jerry Marasigan, WPD (????)
93. Syanong parak, Mga (????)

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Carol Varga Biography

Carol Varga was born in the US on June 30,1928. Carol Varga became popular as the movie villainess together with Zeny Zabala and Bella Flores.

# The Secret of the Sacred Forest (1970)

# Hell of Borneo (1966)
... aka From Hell to Borneo
# Tatlong mabilis (1965)
# 7 Mukha ni Dr. Evans (1965)
# Captain Barbell kontra Captain Bakal (1965)
# Hong Kong 999 (1965)
# Zebra (1965)
... aka Jungle Girl
... aka Zebra - Ang babaing gubat (Philippines: Tagalog title: long title)
# Naligaw na anghel (1964)
# Anak ni Dyesebel (1964) .... Betty
# Larawan ng pag-ibig (1964)
# Ging (1964)
# Aninong bakal (1963)
# Sarah Sollente (1962)

# Pitong gatang (1959)
# Space Master X-7 (1958) .... Elaine Frohman
# Live Fast, Die Young (1958) .... Violet
# Liham kay Tiya Dely, Mga (1958)
# Man on the Run (1958)
# Marta Soler (1958)
# Obra-maestra (1958)
# Santa Rita de Casia (1958)
# Bicol Express (1957)
# Maskara (1957)
# Pandanggo ni Neneng (1957)
# Prinsipe Alejandre (1957)
... aka Prince Alejandre (Philippines: English title: literal title)
# Yaya Maria (1957)
# The Black Panther (1956) .... Rani
# Cinco hermanas (1956)
# Montalan Brothers (1956)
# Pitong Maria (1956)
# Santa Lucia (1956/II)
# Untamed Mistress (1956) .... Rani, the serving girl
# Dakilang hudas (1955)
# Palahamak (1955)
# Paltik (1955)
# Pandora (1955)
# Pangako ng puso (1955)
# Sagrado (1955)
# Eva at si Adan (1954)
# Guwapo (1954)
# Laging May umaga (1954)
# Mr. Dupong (1954)
# Si Og sa army (1954)
# Dyesebel (1953) .... Betty
... aka Mars Ravelo's Dyesebel (Philippines: Tagalog title: complete title)
# Banga ni zimadar (1953)
# Habang buhay (1953)
# Highway 54 (1953)
# Kambal na lihim (1953)
# Kapitan Berong (1953)
# Kalbaryo ni Hesus (1952)
... aka Passion of Christ (Philippines: English title)
# Bride of the Gorilla (1951) .... Larina
# The Golden Horde (1951) (uncredited) .... Nina
... aka The Golden Horde of Genghis Khan
# Little Egypt (1951) (uncredited) .... Dancing Girl
... aka Chicago Masquerade (UK)
# The Prince Who Was a Thief (1951) .... Beulah
# Up Front (1951) (uncredited) .... Nurse
... aka Up Front with Mauldin (USA)
# Muntinlupa (1950)

# Siyudad sa ilalim ng lupa (1949)
# The 13th Sultan (1949)
# Sagur (1949)

# I Believe (????)

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Gloria Diaz

Ilocos region of Northern Philippines. Often referred to as one of the Díaz clan in newspapers, Díaz was one of 12 children. One of her sisters, Rio Diaz-Cojuangco, was also a Filipino actress and beauty titlist, who fell ill with colon cancer and died after a six-year battle.

1969 Miss Universe

She was approached by an individual who believed she would do well in the Miss Universe competition and groomed the young woman. Oddly, none of her family members took the competition seriously and did not accompany Díaz to Florida. Díaz was only eighteen when she became Miss Universe of 1969 after outsmarting other candidates on the question on how to welcome the first men that had just landed on the moon--Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin and Michael Collins--as soon as they were back on the planet. She was crowned in the international American-owned pageant in 1969 in Florida, U.S. after their footage was set on the Statue of Liberty in New York.

Acting career

Her first movie was Pinakamagandang Hayup sa Balat ng Lupa which was directed by Celso Ad Castilli. She also appeared in comedy pictures opposite Vic Vargas.

Díaz is also a well-respected actress in the Philippine film and TV industry. Her box-office mettle, as well as her acting prowess, was recently honored when she received the most-coveted FAMAS Award (the Philippine equivalent of the Oscars) of the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences for Best Supporting Actress in her role as a spinster adoptive mother in the FAMAS Best Picture Nasaan Ka Man (2005).

Seh was married and separated from Bong Daza, the son of the famous TV personality Nora Daza. They have one daughter and an adopted son. Isabella is now joining the

Selected Filmography

* Sana Maulit Muli (2007) TV Series
* Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo (2006)
* Nasaan Ka Man (2005) (FAMAS Awards: Best Supporting Actress)
* Sa Daigdig Ko'y Ikaw (2005)
* So... Happy Together (2004)
* Star Circle National Teen Quest (2004) TV Series
* Sarah: The Teen Princess (2003) TV Series
* Nympha (2003)
* Batang West Side (2002)
* Milagro's Calling (2001)
* Bakit 'di Totohanin (2001)
* Kool Ka Lang (2001) TV Series
* Kung Mawawala Ka (2001) TV Series
* Anna Karenina (1996) TV Series
* Bob, Verushka & The Pursuit of Happiness (2000)
* Dahil May Isang Ikaw (1999)
* Jose Rizal (1998) (FAMAS Awards: Best Supporting Actress nominee)
* Miguel/Michelle (1998) (FAMAS Awards: Best Actress nominee)
* Kirot sa Puso (1997)
* Reputasyon (1997)
* Dyesebel (1996)
* Trese (1990)
* My Pretty Baby (1989)
* Menudo't Pandesal (1987)
* Ang Daigdig ay Isang Butil na Luha (1986)
* Lalakwe (1985)
* Momooo (1984)
* Cinq et la Peau (1982) aka Five and the Skin (International: English title)
* Palabra De Honor (1981)
* Uhaw na Dagat (1981)
* Ikaw ang Miss Universe Nang Buhay Ko (1979)
* Sinong Kapiling? Sinong Kasiping? (1977)
* Ganito Kami Noon, Paano Kayo Ngayon (1976)
* Ang Pinakamagandang Hayop sa Balat ng Lupa (1974) (FAMAS Awards: Best Actress nominee)
* Andres de Saya
* Andres de Saya 2
* Andres de Saya 3
* Goatbuster
* Island of Desire
* Sagot ng Puso
* Sa Totoo Lang!
* Working Girls 2
* Jose Rizal

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Gina Pareno Biography

Gina Pareno

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Geraldine Acthley
Geraldine Acthley

Gina Pareño (born Gina Acthley in 1950) is a mestiza (Filipino-German-American) actress in the Philippines. She has worked in television and film in the Philippines since the 1960s. Recently her work has won international recognition; at the Osian's Cinefan Festival of Asian and Arab Cinema held in New Delhi in July 2006 she won Best Actress award for her role in Kubrador (The Bet Collector). The same movie also won for best director and best picture. During the 32nd Metro Manila Film Festival Awards Night, she was awarded the Best Supporting Actress as an outspoken and brash mother in the movie Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo.


* 1963 Sabina
* 1964 Daddy Long Legs
* 1968 Dalawang Mukha ng Langit
* 1969 Darna and the Planetman
* 1973 Zoom zoom Superman
* 1996 Magic Temple
* 2004 Masikip ang Daigdig
* 2006 Kubrador
* 2006 Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo

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Mico Palanca

Mico Palanca

Monday, November 19, 2007


Boy Alano

Boy Alano<br />

Herminio (Boy) Alano (born March 20, 1944 in the Philippines) was a famous Filipino child actor. He won the award for Best Child Actor at the 5th Asian Filmfest.

[edit] Filmography

* 1951 - Roberta (Sampaguita Pictures)
* 1951 - Anghel ng Pag-ibig (Sampaguita)
* 1952 - Rebecca (Sampaguita)
* 1953 - El Indio (Sampaguita)
* 1953 - Munting Koronel (Sampaguita)
* 1953 - Anak ng Espada (Sampaguita)
* 1953 - Maldita (Sampaguita)
* 1954 - Musikong Bumbong (Sampaguita)
* 1955 - Kuripot (Sampaguita)
* 1956 - Prince Charming (Sampaguita)
* 1957 - Batang Bangkusay (Sampaguita)
* 1958 - The Day of the Trumpet [C.H. Santiago Film Org.] - Best Child Actor, 5th Asian Filmfest
* 1964 - Sa Bilis Walang Kaparis

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Ric Rodrigo

Ric Rodrigo was born in 1931 from a Filipina mother and Danish father.

He was introduced in Prince Charming with Gloria Romero. He also appeared in Anino ni Bathala with Paraluman, Marlene Dauden and Eddie Garcia under the direction of Conrado Conde and in Diyosa opposite his reel and real wife Rita Gomez. One of the popular loveteam partner of Gloria Romero, he was also in the cast of Ang Inyong Lingkod Gloria Romero with Mario Montenegro, Luis Gonzales and Juancho Gutierrez. He starred opposite Charito Solis in Dahil Sa Isang Bulaklak which gave Charito Solis the best actress award in the Asian Film Festival. Ric again starred with Charito in Igorota with Mario Motenegro and Eddie Garcia as produced by the Luis Nepomuceno Productions. His son Ronald Bregendahl was also an actor who married another actress Chona Castillo.


1. Tropang bulilit (1981)

2. Ina, kapatid, anak (1979) .... Manolito

3. Igorota (1968) .... Albert
... aka Igorota, the Legend of the Tree of Life
4. Langit sa lupa, Ang (1968) .... Cesar
... aka Heaven on Earth (International: English title: literal title)
5. Manila, Open City (1968) .... Guerrilla Commander
6. Dahil sa isang bulaklak (1967) .... Edilberto
... aka Because of a Flower (literal English title)
7. Alaala ng lumipas (1965)
8. Bye-bye na sa Daddy (1965)
9. Papa um mamaw (1965)
10. Esperanza at Caridad (1963)
11. Nakasakdal sa langit (1961)
12. Octavia (1961)
13. Ipagdarasal kita (1960)
14. Tatlong patak ng luha (1960)

15. Batas ng alipin (1959)
16. Isinumpa (1959)
17. Pitong pagsisisi (1959)
18. Vicky (1959)
19. Anino ni Bathala (1958)
20. Beloved (1958)
21. Reyna ng Vicks, Mga (1958)
... aka The Queens of Vicks (Philippines: English title)
22. Diyosa (1957) .... Rodrigo
23. Gabi at araw (1957)
24. Hongkong Holiday (1957)
25. Sino ang maysala (1957)
26. Gigolo (1956)
27. Prince Charming (1956)
28. Senyorita de kampanilya (1956)
29. Kurdapya (1955)
30. Mariposa (1955)
31. R.O.T.C. (1955)
32. Anak ng espada (1954)
... aka Daughter of the Sword (International: English title: literal title)
33. Biyenang hindi tumatawa (1954)
34. Dalagang Ilocana (1954)
35. Pilya (1954)
36. Sabungera (1954)
37. Apat na taga (1953)
... aka 4 na taga (Philippines: Tagalog title)
38. Reyna bandida (1953)


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Gina Alajar

Regina Alatiit was born as the eldest child, on June 28, 1959, to Bernardino Alatiit of Roxas City and Angelica Liguid of Cavite. She attended elementary school at the P. Burgos Elementary School and, after high school, took a one-year course on Tourism and Travel at the Centro Escolar University. She was a member of the Concerned Artists of the Philippines (CAP) which was headed by her mentor and friend, Lino Brocka, and with whom she took part in issues confronting the movie industry and other social concerns. Alatiit was only eight when she auditioned for Lea Productions' Kaibigan kong Sto. Niño (1967). Among some 300 aspirants, she won the role of "Oreng" opposite Roderick Paulate. Later, Gina appeared in several Sampaguita pictures. Among her early films was Donata (1968), where she played the titular role of the girl who grows up to be Gina Pareño. (She would also play "Narda" to Gina Pareño's "Darna" in the 1969 film Si Darna at ang Planetman (1969). She also portrayed the real-life character of Irene Marcos in Pinagbuklod ng langit (1969), and was one of the children in Lina Brocka's Wanted: Perfect Mother (1970).

By the time Gina appeared in 'Cofradia' (1973), a remake of the Gloria Romero starrer, she was already a Sampaguita contract star. Gina's other films include Bandana (1968), Anghel na walang langit, Mga (1970), Basag na kristal (1977), Modelong tanso (1980), 'Diborsyada' (1980), City After Dark (1980), Brutal (1980), Salome (1981), Playgirl (1981), Caught in the Act (1981), Moral (1982), Ganti (1983), 'Dalmacio Armas' (1983), Sister Stella L. (1984), _Bulaklak ng City Jail (1985)_ and Orapronobis (1989). Gina also appeared in American-released movies shot in the Philippines, like Caged Fury (1983), Birds of Prey (1988), and The Debut (2000), which was topbilled by Dante Basco with other Filipinos and directed by a Fil-Am, Gene Cajayon. 1998 saw Gina in two significant roles: as the saintly Mother Ignacia (born 1663) in Mother Ignacia - Ang uliran (1998), and as the mother of José Rizal in the Marilou Diaz-Abaya film Jose Rizal (1998). Gina also joined the multi-awarded independent film Munting tinig, Mga (2002), which garnered nominations and honors at the 'Bangok Film Festival' and 'Palm Beach International Film Festival'. On stage, Gina performed in Dulaang UP's "Misteryo ng Pumpon ng Rosas" (1992), a translation of Manuel Puig's "Mystery of the Rose Bouquet." Gina won as Best Child Actress at the Film Academy of the Movie Arts and Sciences (FAMAS) for Kaibigan kong Sto. Niño (1967) and received a similar trophy from the Citizens' Council for Mass Media (CCMM) for Wanted: Perfect Mother (1970).

After 23 years, Gina received her second FAMAS award for Best Supporting Actress for Biktima (1990). She was also Best Supporting Actress at the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) for Brutal (1980). She has won the URIAN four times, as best actress for Brutal (1980), Salome (1981) and Bayan ko: Kapit sa patalim (1985); and as best supporting actress for Biktima (1990). The Film Academy of the Philippines (FAP) gave her the best supporting actress award twice, for Kaya kong abuting ang langit (1984) and for Andrea, paano ba ang maging isang ina? (1990). At the 1991 Catholic Mass Media Awards (CMMA), she scored an unprecedented feat by winning Best Actress for Biktima (1990) and Best Supporting Actress for Andrea, paano ba ang maging isang ina? (1990). Of late, Gina has turned to directing TV shows, mini-series and soap operas on Philippine television, including "Vietnam Rose" (2005) and "Majika" (2006). Gina has been one of the finest actresses the 1970s and '80s has produced and continues to brighten up films with her performances.


She was married to Michael de Mesa and separated in 2001. They have three children, who are all in the showbiz, Ryan, 29, Geoff, 23 and AJ, 21.

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Sam Milby

image of Sam Milby

Sam Milby (born Samuel Lloyd Lacia Milby on May 23, 1984 in Troy, Ohio, USA) is a Filipino-American actor, commercial model, and recording artist. Milby grew up with a Filipina mother native to Tago, Surigao del Sur and an American father. Milby became an instant celebrity and heartthrob after leaving the Pinoy Big Brother House in November 2005. He currently appears in a Sunday musical variety show, ASAP '07, through the segment called 'The Hearththrobs' with Piolo Pascual and John Lloyd Cruz. He also rendered his version of Only You to ABS-CBN's Tagalog-dubbed Korean soap of the same title.

Milby's first major film debut was Close to You, produced by ABS-CBN subsidiary Star Cinema and co-starring John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo. Milby also released a self-titled debut album in early 2006, which was repackaged in the third quarter of 2006.

Heartthrobs, featuring Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby at the Music Museum last February 2 and 3, has a repeat concert on March 17 following the big success of their first concert together. Milby was recently seen in the recently concluded top rating ABS-CBN primetime soap opera, Maging Sino Ka Man which garnered a 1.0% rating nationwide according to AGB Nielsen Philippines, the soap opera will have a book 2 following a big success and is tentatively schedule to be seen on September 2007. He is also starred in the blockbuster movie You Got Me with Toni Gonzaga and Zanjoe Marudo and he is schedule to shoot another movie with Bea Alonzo and Kristine Hermosa. Milby just concluded his successful US tour with Piolo Pascual, Pokwang and Rica Peralejo and scheduled for another European tour before the year ends. Milby is one of the busiest and bankable talents of ABS-CBNs Star Magic.

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Rio Locsin is the daughter of a movie actress by the name of Charito de Leon. She appeared in sexy movies with Lorna Tolentino as her rival.
She married Al Tantay but separated after a few years. Now she's married to a former basketball player, Padim Israel.

She played Darna in 1979.

1. "Margarita" (2007/II) TV series (announced) .... Adora
2. "Pangarap na bituin" (2007) TV series (post-production) .... Lena Ramirez (2007)

3. Green Paradise (2007) .... Isabel
4. "Boys Nxt Door" .... Nanay Myrna (2 episodes, 2007)
- Buboy and His Brothers (2007) TV episode .... Nanay Myrna
- Your Boys Next Door (2007) TV episode .... Nanay Myrna
5. "Crazy for You" (2006) TV series (unknown episodes)
6. "Komiks" .... Virgie (1 episode, 2006)
- Da Adventures of Pedro Penduko (2006) TV episode .... Virgie
7. You Are the One (2006)
8. Mudraks (2006)
9. Nasaan si Francis (2006) .... Mama Bel
10. Don't Give Up on Us (2006)
11. Pepot Artista (2005)
... aka Pepot Superstar (International: English title)
12. "Gulong ng palad" (2005) TV series .... Nanay Idad
... aka Loida Viriña's Gulong ng palad (Philippines: Tagalog title: complete title)
13. Minsan pa (2004) .... Manang Pacing
14. Sabel (2004) .... Lita
15. "Buttercup" (2003) TV series .... Elsa
16. "Iibigin ay ikaw, Ang" (2002) TV series
... aka AIAI (Philippines: Tagalog title: alternative title)
... aka Iibigin ay ikaw pa rin, Ang (Philippines: Tagalog title: second season title)
17. Kung ikaw ay isang panaginip (2002)
18. Bayaning Third World (2000) .... Trining
... aka Mike de Leon's Bayaning 3rd World (Philippines: English title)
... aka Third World Hero (International: English title)
19. Emilio Aguinaldo (2000)

20. Mula sa Puso: The Movie (1999) .... Corazon
21. Calvento Files: The Movie (1997) .... (Episode 1)
22. "Mula sa puso" (1997) TV series .... Corazon Rodrigo
23. Puerto Princesa (1997)
24. Sarah, ang munting prinsesa (1995) .... Amelia

25. Stolen Moment (1987) .... Marietta
... aka Stolen Moments (Philippines: English title)
26. Balweg (1986)
... aka Balweg, the Rebel Priest (Philippines: English title)
... aka Father Balweg, Rebel Priest (Canada: English title)
27. Kailan tama ang mali (1986)
... aka Four Women
28. Sugat sa dangal (1986)
29. Bilanggo sa dilim (1986)
... aka Prisoner of the Dark (International: English title)
30. God Saves Me (1985)
31. Kay dali ng kahapon, ang bagal ng bukas (1985)
... aka Kay dali ng kahapon, ang bagal ng umaga (Philippines: English title)
32. Lalakwe (1985)
33. Condemned (1984)
34. Working Girls (1984)
... aka Working Girls I (Philippines: English title: video title)
35. Tulisang dagat (1984)
36. Soltero (1984) .... Christina
37. Gamu-gamo sa Pugad Lawin (1983)
38. Haplos (1982)
39. Tinimbang ang langit (1982)
40. Wild Animal (1980)
41. Walang malay (1980)
42. Pagmamahal mo buhay ko (1980)
43. Love Affair (1980/II)
44. Bedspacer (1980)
45. Unang yakap (1980) .... Cecille
46. Waikiki: Sa lupa ng ating mga pangarap (1980)
... aka Waikiki (Philippines: Tagalog title: short title)
47. Gabi ng lagim ngayon (1980) .... Paloma Monteclaro
48. Iwahig (1980)
49. Disco Madhouse (1980)
50. City After Dark (1980)

51. Riza Jones (1979) .... Riza Jones
52. Kambal sa uma, Ang (1979) .... Ela/Vira
53. Aliw-iw (1979)
54. Sino si Boy Urbina (1979)
55. Bira, Darna, bira! (1979) .... Darna / Narda
56. Alas at reyna (1979)
57. Ina, kapatid, anak (1979) .... Erlinda
... aka Mother, Sister, Daughter
58. Darna kuno (1979)
59. Menor de edad (1979)
60. Init (1979) .... Bayang
61. Stepsisters (1979) .... Lisa
62. Salawahan (1979)
63. The Deadly Rookies (1978)
64. Disgrasyada (1978)

65. Huwag mo kaming isumpa (????) .... Aileen
66. Once Upon a Time in Manila (????)
67. Kapag puso'y sinugatan (????)

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image of Aleck Bovick

Name: Maria Theresa Bovick Tambis
Birthdate: May 18, 1984

Aleck was set to travel to Japan again when she was spotted by a talent manager who got her an acting job in Kaulayaw (2002).
She grew up in Mandaluyong with her stepmother.

Early Life

At early age of 13, Aleck was already working as a guest relation officer in a girlie bar, La Legende, where she passed herself off as an 18-year-old. That was easy because she looked older than her real age. Six months later, she found work in Japan where she stayed for a year. When she came back, she got a job at Kiku Music Lounge at Robinsons Galleria.

She won Famas best Actress in 2002 for the movie Tampisaw and Famas Best Supporting Actress in 2005.

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Loretta Marquez BIOGRAPHY

Loretta Marquez<br />

Loretta Marquez<br />

She was born Flordeliza King in 1945. Her mother was a Filipina and the father was an American. She was among those launched in Batch Stars 66 by the Sampaguita Pictures. Her launching movie was Morena Martir. She later quit showbiz to become a preacher and died of a weak heart in 1996.

When Star ’66 and movie actress Loretta Marquez, Flordeliza King in real life, died in 1996 not everyone knew she left behind a Catholic religious organization she herself built to honor and venerate the Blessed Virgin Mary and her son Jesus Christ.

Templo ng Katotohanan, a flock mostly from the vicinity of Malabon City and other parts of the metropolis, is proud of its origin as a cradle of Loretta’s legacy as a visionary and faith leader.

The former actress is being beatified by her followers. It’s not unusual as this was an activity common in the place where the Templo ng Katotohanan flourished when Loretta was still alive.

Is Loretta, who appeared saint-like during her time with Ricky Belmonte, Rosemarie Sonora, Pepito Rodriguez, Blanca Gomez, Bert Leroy Jr., Gina Pareño, Dindo Fernando, Ramil Rodriguez, and Shirley Moreno at the Sampaguita Pictures, now an object of idolatry?

source: manila standard

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image of Ara Mina

Hazel Reyes, who is better known by her screen name Ara Mina (born May 9, 1979 in Manila, Philippines), is a Filipina actress, model and singer. She won the Golden Screen Award in 2004 for Best Actress in a drama in the Philippines. Since 1998, Mina has been a regular cast member of Bubble Gang, a sketch comedy television show in the Philippines. She is the daughter of Chuck Mathay, a former Philippine congressman from Quezon City. Her sister Cristine Reyes is also an actress with GMA Network.

She won the Fames Best Actress in 2003 in the movie Huling Birhen.

* In Production
* 2000s
* 1990s
* 1960s

1. Anak ng Kumander (2008) (filming)

2. Babang luksa (2007)
3. Selda (2007) .... Sita
4. "Lupin" (2007) TV series .... Sister Anna Nicole
5. "Bubble Gang" (1 episode, 2006)
- The Bubble Gang Story (2006) TV episode
6. Pinoy Sex Videos: Sizzling Sex Scenes Volume 3 (2006) (V)
7. Shake, Rattle and Roll 2k5 (2005)
8. Pinoy/Blonde (2005)
9. "Darna" (2005) TV series .... Dyesebel
10. Bilog (2005) .... Cris' sister
... aka Circle (Philippines: English title)
... aka Circles (USA)
11. "Mulawin" (2004) TV series .... Veronica/Vultra (2004)
12. Minsan pa (2004) .... Luna Echevarria
13. Singles (2004) .... Raia
14. Fantastic Man (2003) .... Helen/Diabolica
15. Kalabit (2003) .... Andrea
16. Huling birhen sa lupa, Ang (2003) .... Lorena
... aka Huling birhen (Philippines: Tagalog title: short title)
... aka Huling birhen sa lupa (Philippines: Tagalog title)
... aka The Last Virgin (International: English title)
17. The Cory Quirino Kidnap: NBI Files (2003) .... Cory Quirino
... aka The Cory Quirino Kidnap Story (Philippines: English title)
18. Mano po (2002) .... Richelle Go
... aka Mano Po 1: My Family (Philippines: English title: long title)
19. Two-timer (2002) .... Viveca
20. Diskarte (2002) .... Amanda
21. "Kung mawawala ka" (2001) TV series .... Lucinda Montemayor (2001)
... aka MKM (Philippines: Tagalog title: alternative title)
22. Laro sa baga (2000) .... Dee
23. Ayos na ang kasunod (2000) .... Amor
24. Palaban (2000) .... SPO2 Jacob
... aka The Fighter (Philippines: English title: literal English title)
25. Nag-aapoy na laman (2000)
26. "Kiss muna" (2000) TV series

27. Alyas pogi: Ang pagbabalik (1999) .... Roselle
... aka Alyas Pogi 3 (Philippines: Tagalog title: short title)
28. Phone Sex (1999)
29. Banatan (1999)
30. Kahapon, may dalawang bata (1999)
... aka Yesterday Children (International: English title)
31. Tatapatan ko ang lakas mo (1999)
32. Maldita (1999)
33. Pahiram kahit sandali (1998) .... Tess
34. Tatlo... magkasalo (1998)
... aka Three
35. Sagad sa init (1998)
36. Curacha ang babaeng walang pahinga (1998) .... Marie
... aka Curacha (Philippines: English title: short title)
... aka Curacha: A Woman Without Rest
37. Buhawi Jack (1998)
38. Code Name: Bomba (1998) .... Tanya
39. Shake, Rattle & Roll VI (1997)
40. Emong Salvacion (1997)
41. Super Ranger Kids (1997) .... Diabolika
42. Jacob (1997)
43. Init sa tag-ulan (1997)
44. The Flor Contemplacion Story (1995)
45. Grepor Butch Belgica Story (1994)
46. Cobra (1994)
... aka Wanted: Cobra (Philippines: Tagalog title)
47. Kadenang bulaklak (1993)
48. Manchichiritchit (1993)

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Ading Fernando BIOGRAPHY

Ading Fernando

Ading Fernando –He created John en Marsha, which introduced the First Family of Philippine television, the Puruntongs. It starred Dolphy and Nida Blanca and his sister-comedienne, Dely Atay-Atayan. John en Marsha is nationally recognized as one of the greatest Filipino sitcoms of all time. It had millions of loyal fans.

Ading Fernando died in 1984 while he was the top director of comedy programs. On screen, he was Daddy Groovy in Duplex.

1. Da Best of John & Marsha (1984)
2. John and Marsha 4 (1980)

3. John and Marsha 3 (1977)
4. John and Marsha 2 (1976)
5. Kaming matatapang ang apog (1975)
6. Prrt! Huli ka (1975)
7. My Funny Valentine (1974)
8. John and Marsha (1973)
9. "John & Marsha" (1973) TV series


1. Silang mga mukhang pera (1977) (writer)
2. Asiong Aksaya (1977) (story and screenplay)
3. My Funny Valentine (1974) (story and screenplay)
4. Captain Barbell Boom! (1973) (screenplay)
... aka Mars Ravelo's Captain Barbell Boom! (Philippines: English title: complete title)
5. Fung Ku (1973) (story and screenplay)

6. Buhay bombero (1968) (writer)
7. Buy One Take One (1968) (writer)
8. Dolpinger: Agent sa lagim (1965) (writer)


1. "OK Sha" (1982) TV series

2. Tagisan ng mga agimat (1965)

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Robert Arevalo Biography

image of robert arevalo

He was born as Robert Ylagan on November 24 1943. His father was the famous Tito Arevalo. Angel Esmeralda, the father of Jay Ilagan was his uncle. Another cousin in the showbiz id Liberty Ilagan.

In Gomburza, he played one of the martyred priests Gomez-Burgos-Zamora with Tommy Abuel and Vic Silayan. He won as best actor and his wife Barbara Perez was best actress in the film Daigdig ng mga Api in 1965. In the socially relevant film Sakada, he played the role of a rebellious peasant and co-starred with Pancho Magalona and Gloria Romero, Tony Santos, Rosa Rosal, Hilda Koronel and Alicia Alonzo who played his wife. He also became a director and megged the award-winning Hubad na Bayani.


* 1966 - Daigdig ng mga Api
* 1978 - Iwasan: Kabaret

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image of Aiko Melendez

Aiko Melendez was born on December16, 1975. Her father was the late popular actor Jimi Melendez. Her mother is a Japanese, Elsie B. Castaneda. She grew up in Japan until her pre-school age.

Her marriage with Jomari Yllana to whom she has a son Andre was annulled. Her second marriage to Martin Jickain was also annulled.

She is now a councilor in Quezon City aside from appearing in TV shows.

Her movies were:

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Cesar Ramirez

image of Cesar Ramirez

Arlen Quindoy Aguilar (1929-18 July 2003), better known by his stage name César Ramírez, was a Filipino actor who was a leading man for Sampaguita Pictures. He was famous for his portrayal of a Philippines' mythical hero, "Bernardo Carpio".

Cesar starred in Huwag Ka Nang Magtampo and was introduced in Huling Patak ng Dugo. He was the title role in Palasig with Gloria Romero. In Bernardo Carpio, Dumagit, Ukala and Diwani he starred oppostite with reel and real life wife under the auspices of Sampaguita Pictures, Inc. He appeared with other Mr. Philippines title holders like Jesus “Og “ Ramos, Stan Carbungco, Mario Hernandez and Pat Pagsibigan in Kahariang Bato which was produced by Tamaraw Productions.

His teamup with Alicia Vergel, who later became his wife, was considered controversial during their time. They did some sizzling kissing scenes which were considered bold during those days.

After his separation from Alicia, Cesar moved to the US with his new family. His son Ace Vergel brought him home when he learned that Cesar would be put in a nursing home.

“That’s okay in the States. Pero hindi natin kultura ’yun (But that’s not our culture). I really convinced him to come home. Cesar (Arlen Quindo Aguilar in real life) has been in a coma at St. Luke’s Medical Center. He was 78. He died with his two children by Alicia, Beverly and Ace, at his bedside.

His daughter Beverly Vergel and granddaughter Tracy Vergel, like son Ace, also entered showbiz.
He was married to Alicia Vergel. They had two children, Ace and Beverly.


* Huling Patak ng Dugo (1950) [Sampaguita]
* Tenyente Ramirez (1950) [Sampaguita]
* Campo O' Donnell (1950) [Sampaguita]
* 13 Hakbang (1950) [Sampaguita]
* Bernardo Carpio (1951) [Sampaguita]
* Tres Muskiteros (1951) [Sampaguita]
* Madam X (1952) [Sampaguita]
* Palasig (1952) [Sampaguita]
* El Indio (1953) [Sampaguita]
* Diwani (1953) [Sampaguita]
* Reyna Bandida (1953) [Sampaguita]
* Ukkala (1954) [Sampaguita]
* MN (1954) [Sampaguita]
* Tres Ojos (1954)[Sampaguita]
* Dumagit (1954) [Sampaguita]
* R.O.T.C. (1954) [Sampaguita]
* Artista (1955)[Sampaguita]
* Kuripot (1955) [Sampaguita]
* Uhaw sa Pag-ibig (1955) [Sampaguita]
* Lupang Kayumangi (1955) [Sampaguita]
* Walang Panginoon (1956) [Everlasting]
* Haring Espada (1956) [People's]
* Montalan Brothers (1956) [Larry Santiago]
* Kahariang Bato (1957) [Tamaraw]
* Bicol Express (1957) [Premiere]
* Aliping Maharlika (1957) [Everlasting]
* Matira ang Matibay (1958) [Tamaraw Studio]
* Ramir (1958) [Everlasting]
* Sisang Tabak (1958) [Cinematic Phil Inc.]
* 7 Cobra (1964) [Good Harvest Productions]

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image of Bianca Gonzalez

Bianca Monica Malasmas Gonzalez (born March 11, 1983 in Manila, Philippines) is one of the brightest Filipina TV personality of her generation as voted by Preview Magazine. Long before she captivated TV audiences, Bianca started gracing cover upon cover of fashion magazines and street upon street of billboard advertisements. She graduated high school at the De La Salle Santiago Zobel School and graduated with a degee in AB Mass Communication at the Ateneo de Manila University.

Her first ever on-cam career in ABS-CBN network was for the now defunct show, Review Night which she hosted with Ryan Agoncillo in Cinema One. For a little less than a year, she got her Studio 23 stint as a tadjock for Wazzup Wazzup.

She also became part of a Studio 23 morning show, Breakfast and later moved to the mother networks' Magandang Umaga, Pilipinas where she later left after she joined Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition where she landed at 3rd place garnering 245,594 votes or 19% of the total votes.

Her career was boosted by the said reality show, where she got major breaks. Aside from hosting Y Speak, she also landed a hosting job for Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition UpLate and as the resident campus VJ for Pinoy Dream Academy's Update and UpLate shows.

She also the hosted a The Filipino Channel show, TFC Connect where she discusses Filipino issues abroad.

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Juancho Gutierrez

Juancho Gutierrez – He won as Mr. Number One in a talent search conducted by Sampaguita Pictures (with Amalia Fuentes as his female counterpart) and was eventually introduced in the film Prince Charming with Amalia though the lead roles were played by Ric Rodrigo and Gloria Romero. His other films included Pakiusap, Dope Addict, Sonata and Kaming mga Talyada which featured the special appearance of Christine Jorgensen. He also appeared in the films Señorita. Hani-Haninum and Eternally.He co-starred with eventual wife Gloria Romero in Sumpaan Natin Ang Inyong Lingkod, Gloria Romero and Just Say You Love Me.

Romero and Gutierrez, both contract stars of Sampaguita Pictures, were wed on September 24, 1960, at the Santuario de San Antonio in Forbes Park, Makati. They were then at the peak of their careers.

Gloria Romero and he separated for almost 30 years, neither of them ever remarried. Their marriage was also never annulled.

It was in 2000 that the actor’s health declined drastically when he suffered a stroke that caused his paralysis from the waist down. The adversity, however, led to his reconciliation with Romero long after they had separated in the seventies. Their daughter persuaded Romero to take in her estranged husband, owing to his condition.

The movie actor Juancho Gutierrez, a matinee idol of the fifties and early sixties, died of heart failure in 2005 at the San Juan Medical Center in San Juan, Manila. He was 73 years old and survived by his wife, the veteran actress Gloria Romero, their only child Maritess Gutierrez-Balbin and grandson Christopher Balbin, who uses the screen surname Gutierrez as a teen actor on the ABS-CBN network.

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Ian Christopher de Leon biography

Ian Christopher de Leon

Ian Christopher de Leon is the only son of superstar Nora Aunor and drama king, Christopher de Leon. His grandparents were the celebrity couples, Gil de Leon and Lilia Dizon. Lotlot, Matet, Kenneth and Kiko are his siblings by adoption.

Ian de Leon married Izza Vicente, a ramp and commercial model in the year 2000.They spearated however.

He's staying in the compound where his father Christopher and stepmother Sandy Andolong live.

1. Enteng Kabsote 4: Okay ka fairy ko... The beginning of a legend (2007)
... aka E.K.4 (Philippines: Tagalog title: promotional abbreviation)
2. "Zaido: Pulis pangkalawakan" (2007) TV series .... Commander Zion
... aka Zaido (Philippines: English title: short title)
3. "Super Twins" (2007) TV series .... Manuel (unknown episodes)
4. "Panday" (2005) TV series .... Domingo (2005)
... aka Carlo J Caparas' Panday (Philippines: Tagalog title: complete title)
5. U-Belt (2004)
6. The Cory Quirino Kidnap: NBI Files (2003) .... Good Boy
... aka The Cory Quirino Kidnap Story (Philippines: English title)
7. Walang iba kundi ikaw (2002)
8. Bugso (2002) (TV)

9. Dahil tanging ikaw (1997)
... aka Dahil may isang ikaw (Philippines: Tagalog title)
10. Maalaala mo kaya (1997) (as Ian Christopher)
11. Where the Girls Are (1996) .... Mondragon
12. Habang may buhay (1996)
13. Muling umawit ang puso (1995)
14. The Flor Contemplacion Story (1995)
15. Campus Girls (1995)
16. Pangako ng kahapon (1994)

17. Takot ako eh! (1987) (as Kristoffer Ian de Leon) .... Jun
18. Halimaw sa banga (1986)
... aka Halimaw sa banga (Philippines: Tagalog title: short title)
... aka Monster in a Jar (International: English title)
19. Super wan, tu, tri (1986) (as Kristoffer Ian de Leon)
... aka Super 1, 2, 3 (Philippines: English title)
20. I Love You Mama, I Love You Papa (1986) (as Ian Kristoffer de Leon)

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Romano Castellvi BIOGRAPHY

Romano Castellvi

Romano Castellvi's real name is Enrique Guillermo Castellvi IV in real life. Known as Bily to friends, he is the son of late actor Jaime Castellvi. Rosemari Gil is his cousin.

He was discovered by Cirio Santiago in Dance Time with Chito. He was offered to appear in People's Pictures' Magandang Bituin in 1964. He starred with Amalia in Dream Girl in 1965.

He made several spy flicks like Cosa Nostra in 1965 and Cabonegro in 1966. He eventually settled in Canada with wife Jean Lopez who was also a Sampaguita Pictures contract actress. They got two daughters.

Selected Films:

1. Ayos na darling (1968)
2. Crossfire (1966/I) (as Romano Castellvi)
3. Stranger in the Night (1966) (as Romano Castellvi)
4. Lady Killer (1965) (as Romano Castellvi)

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Liberty Ilagan

Liberty Ilagan

A member of the Ilagan family (with Robert Arevalo and Jay Ilagan), she was married to Rod Evans (or Rod Ongpauco, the son of Bonifacio Ongpauco of Everlasting Pictures). She gained stardom almost simultaneoiusly with Susan Roces, Amalia Fuentes, Daisy Romualdez and their contemporaries). She appeared in Kaming mga Talyada with Juancho Gutierrez Jose Mari, Tony Marzan, Boy Alano, Charlie Davao, Rod Navarro, Bino Garcia as the gays, Barbara Perez, Daisy Romualdez, Meldy Corrales, Naty Santiago, Juvy Cachola and Nory Dalisay. Another film whe appeared in was Tindahan ni Aling Epang where she co-starred with Jose Mari and Matimtiman Cruz.

Her career in the movies began when she was only 4 years of age. As a child star, she appeared in "So Long," "America," "Hindi Kita Malimot," "Selosa" and a few others she barely remembers now. Even before appearing in the movies, Liberty was quite comfortable in movie sets, as her Tia Laling, who was very fond of her and took her everywhere.

At age 6, she started going to school. As a teenager, she was invited to participate in a Santacruzan at the Manila Hotel, where the late Dr. Jose Perez of Sampaguita Pictures chanced on seeing her. He immediately asked her uncle, Conrado Conde to give her a screen test, which she passed with flying colors. Actually, her father, director Gerry de Leon was not keen and her joining the movies. Nevertheless, when she turned 14, she was introduced in the film, "Lover Boy" which starred Susan Roces, Romeo Vasquez and Jose Mari.

Looking back, Liberty admits that she had difficulty balancing her time between the movies and attending school. In fact, she lost a scholarship during her third year high school. However, she still managed to take up Law and continued until she was in the second year. During all this time, Tia Laling was her constant chaperon, unusually knitting while Liberty did her scenes. She even accompanied her when Liberty began going out on dates. But she still recalls how badly she felt when her Tia Laling did not allow her to go out on a date with the French actor, Alain Delon, when he came to Manila to promote his film, "Forever My Love."

It was only when Liberty get married to Rod Ongpauco that her aunt ceased to accompany her. By now too, she had settled down to raise a family. She has 3 children by that marriage that ended in divorce several years later.

Love is her eldest, who is presently in the United States. She is the brains behind LOVE recipes such as bottled spreads, sauces, dips, low fat garlic and pesto cheese. There is also spicy sundried tomatoes, tinapa, longganisa with vinegar, and sardines. She eagerly looks forward to her daughter’s return from Chicago where she is taking a special course in baking cakes and decorating.

Second daughter, Happy is very much involved in running different types of restaurants. She owns World Topps, Bento Box chain restaurants and lately, Pinoy Fiesta and Lechon Express at the Baywalk. The youngest, Soeng which in Chinese means Mountain Flower, recently got married. She is the one who manages her mother’s restaurants, one of which is Barrio Fiesta along Makati Avenue.

What few know is that Liberty is a graduate of the Philippine Institute of Interior Design, where she enrolled after she got married.

Liberty is now married to Carlos Lardizabal, a real estate lawyer from Los Angeles, California.

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,,Liberty Ilagan

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He was born in 1917 as Leopoldo Ganal Salcedo. He got several children,the two of whom are Edgar and Yvonne Salcedo.

Octogenarian Leopoldo Salcedo now celebrates his sixtieth year in local movies with a colorful career that only a very few could rival and with laudable achievements that leave an indelible impression on much of local cinema history.
Dubbed “the great profile” by Joe Quirino (in imitation of John Barrymore’s monicker), “Pol” Salcedo was the first of the kayumanggi superstars, the antithesis of the local audiences’ mad deification of the meztizo, the anti-colonial against the smothering hold of the West. But more than just good looks, he was also radical with his characterizations, preferring to portray the politicized and the social outcast, the underdog and enraged sheep while his meztizo confreres chose the dusted tuxedos and the rank perfumes of the music halls.

Fromt the very start, his approach to acting has always been to emphasize “being”, to be honest to oneself, to pour one’s heart and soul into the role and to eschew the artificial as this could be magnified several times on the big screen. This has resulted in many fine performances, most notably in “Huling Hablin,” “Siete Dolores,” “Lupang Pangako,” “Hatinggabi,” “Noli Me Tangere” and “The Moises Padilla Story.”
Born on March 12, 1912 in Cavite, Pol Salcedo was attracted early to the stage. In his youth, he performed diligently in school plays. He also sidelined as a “ballyhoo man” and was riding horses in the noon day sun or dressing up as sultan or prince to announce the coming attractions of the local movie houses. As it was then the custom to come out with a stage show before the main feature (this was known as the “prologo”), he appeared in several of these and started a career as a singer.
His big break came when Alma Bella saw him and introduced him to Jose Nepomuceno. He was immediately cast in “Sawing Palad,” “Santong Diablo” and “Anak ng Pare,” and, because of his hefty physique, macho charms and disarming handsome features, he was an instant matinee idol.

He moved to Parlatone for “Ang Itinapon” (1936) and then to Filippine Films for “Gamugamong Naging Lawin” (1937) which made him a superstar. He made fifteen films for this studio, several of which paired him with the redoubtable Rosa del Rosario, his favorite screen partner. Among their outstanding collaborative efforts are “Walang Sugat” and “Huling Habilin.”

“Huling Habilin” remains one of Leopoldo Salcedo’s best films. A tragic romance set in the early 19th century, it tells of the dissolution wrought on Rosa del Rosario’s family brought about by the social stigma of his love for her. Her parents and brothers all perish in this mad love and Salcedo eventually commits suicide in order to end the string of bewildering consequences. The film was told in flashbacks, then a revolutionary approach in cinematic storytelling.
His marriage to Encarnacion de Leon brought him to LVN where he appeared in several Manuel Conde’s highly successful screwball comedies laced with heavy weight insights into the social order: “Maginoong Takas,” “Villa Hermosa,” “Hiyas ng Dagat,” “Caviteño,” and “Ararong Ginto.” The latter, considered one of the best films before the war , looked into the problems of the Homestead Act at the time when the Japanese were settling in Davao.

During the war, Salcedo appeared in many stage plays directed by Lamberto Avellana. He was also a guerilla in the army and, at one time, was incarcerated for his activities. Only the timely intercession of Speaker Aquino, then Kalibapi official and Ninoy’s father, saved him from impending execution.
His popularity prompted the Japanese to cast him in “The Dawn of Freedom,” their first propaganda feature designed to spread the goodwill of the invaders and expose the treachery of the Americans. In the film, Salcedo is betrayed by his American superiors and is shot by them while trying to save the lives of Filipino soldiers.
After the war, Leopoldo SAlcedo was the personification of the down-at-heels guerilla who found problems in re-entering the quotidian. In “Lupang Pangako,” he pawns a clutch of medals so that he could order lunch for his ex-guerilla friends and himself. In “Kamagong,” he is a senator’s son and former guerilla who steals from pardoned but unrepentant collaborators to help the downtrodden. His roles are a stirring commentary on the hard realities of post-war reconstruction and the ennui after the euphoria of liberation.

This led to the social slant found in many of his later films. In “Bisig ng Manggagawa,” he focused on labor problems, in “Tyug (Ang Bayang Api)” and “Batong Buhay (sa Central Luzon),” on the burgeoning peasant revolt, and in Moises Padilla Story,” on political martyrdom exacted by rotten governance.

Also, after the war, Salcedo was one of the most sought after of actors and one of the first to go to freelance. His contention was, “If you are a good actor, why would you be afraid to be a freelancer.” He was already receiving a princely sum of three hundred pesos a month from the studios which he thought he could further up but not being tied to a contract. At the height of his popularity, he was shooting as many films at the same time and a number of them were playing simultaneously in Tagalog language moviehouses.

He started to direct films in 1947 with “Sierre Madre” (LVN). He pinchhit for other directors, though he did not receive any directorial credit. However, he admits that he has no patience for directing.

In 1946, he became vice-president of Nolasco Productions. The collaboration with Luis Nolasco was fruitful and produced many fine examples of popular genres. Among them are “Siete Dolores,” about the sorrows of a mother who witnesses the dissension in her family, “Kamagong,” “Ginoong Patay-Gutom” and “Mga Busabos ng Palad," about the marginalized trying to eke out a living through boxing. The duo was about to embark on a film bio of Luis Taruc until a presidential ban was imposed on the subject.

In 1950, he set up his own film company, Leopoldo Salcedo Productions (LGS productions) and produced "Dalawang Bandila," the directorial debut of Ben Feleo. Among the other films he produced were "La Roca Trinidad," Tampalasan," "Parole" and "Highway 54." He has also given breaks to other actors — among them, Tony Santos and Rosa Rosal.

As war memories receded, he became more and more a voice of conscience and a father figure to many of the action stars. In "Ang Matapang Lamang," he tries to revive the courage and valor of a former guerrilla leader (Efren Reyes) who has lost the will to fight. In "Apat na Patak ng Dugo ni Adan," he plays the father of Joseph Estrada, Roberto Gonzales, and Vic Vargas.

He was also the favorite of many top directors. Gerardo de Leon cast him in the haunting "Hatinggabi" episode of "Apat na Kasay-sayang Onto," 'Tayug (Ang Bayang Api)," "Saigon," "Bicol Express," "Espionage Far East," "Noli Me Tangere," "El Filibusterismo," the unfinished "Juan de la Cruz," and "The Moises Padilla Story."
Lamberto Avellana had Salcedo, among others, wear a baro't saya in Tiya Juana," an adaptation of "Charley's Aunt," play Elsa Oria's debonair lover in "Alitaptap" and suffer atrocities in the hands of the Japanese in "Hantik."
He was also directed by Eddie Romero in films like "Kamay ng Diyos," "Eskandalosa," "Golpe de Gulat" and a foreign co- production, "Return to Paradise"; and by Gregorio Fernandez in "Capas" and Tuting Bantayog."

In his golden years, Leopoldo Salcedo still manages to etch a sharp characterization as in the opportunistic zarzuelista in "Ganito Kami Noon" and the father encouraging his rebel son to continue on the fight in "Sakay." Despite his age, he still projects an imposing presence, as he has steadfastly determined in these sixty years of his glorious career.

SOURCE: Manunuri

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Barbara Perez

She was called the country’s Audrey Hepburn. Some of her films included Tatlong Ilaw sa Dambana, Pagdating ng Takipsilim, Chabacano, Pampanggenya and Dewey Boulevard. She appeared with real life husband Robert Arevalo in Daigdig ng mga Api which garnered for the couple the Best Actor and Best Actress awards.

# Gulong (2007)
# Malikmata (2003) .... Elenita Saavedra
# "Iibigin ay ikaw, Ang" (2002) TV series .... Salud
... aka AIAI (Philippines: Tagalog title: alternative title)
... aka Iibigin ay ikaw pa rin, Ang (Philippines: Tagalog title: second season title)

# Bakit labis kitang mahal (1992) .... Cita
# Iisa pa lamang (1992)
# Tayong dalawa (1992)

# Bihagin ang dalangang ito (1989)
# Babaeng nawawala sa sarili, Ang (1989) .... Salina Urbino
# Jessa: Blusang itim 2 (1989)
# Bakit iisa lamang ang puso (1989)
# Blusang itim (1988)
# Ibulong mo sa Diyos (1988)
# Taray at Teroy (1988)
# P.S. I Love You (1981)

# Cover Girl Models (1975) .... The Model
# Supergirl (1973)
# Asedillo (1971)

# Galo Gimbal (1968)
# Contra señas (1965) .... Vivian
# Daigdig ng mga api, Ang (1965)
# Tagumpay ng mahirap (1965) .... (segment "The Man")
# Haliging bato (1963)
# Historia de un amor (1963)
# No Man Is an Island (1962) .... 'Joe' Cruz
... aka Island Escape (UK)
# Kaming mga talyada (1962)
... aka We Who Are Sexy (Philippines: English title)
# Dayukdok (1961)
# Apat na yugto ng buhay (1961)
# Tatlong panata (1961)
# Gumuhong bantayog (1960)

# Kalabog en Bosyo (1959)
# Isinumpa (1959)
# Pitong pagsisisi (1959)
# Wedding Bells (1959)
# Kuwento ni Lola Basyang, Mga (1958)
... aka Mga kwento ni Lola Basyang (Philippines: Tagalog title)
# Pulot gata (1958)
# Tatlong ilaw sa dambana (1958)
# Ulilang angel (1958)
# Chabacano (1956)
... aka Chavacano (Philippines: Tagalog title)
# Gigolo (1956)
# Pagdating ng takipslim (1956)
# Pampanguena (1956)
# Senyorita de kampanilya (1956)

# The Sisters (????)