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picture of armando goyena

MOVIE actor Armando Goyena had to play a woman in the '50s before he could become a star.

The part was the title role in the 1953 comedy "Tiya Loleng" with Tessie Quintana, which was filmed at least three decades before Dustin Hoffman made "Tootsie" and Robin Williams played "Mrs. Doubtfire."

"They imitated us," Goyena chuckles. "The movie became a big hit, and that's how I made some money to marry."

Goyena, now 80, was married to Francisca Roses, also called Paquita, the first Camay soap model, with whom he had seven daughters and a son. Two of these daughters first became movie stars themselves-Maritess Revilla, who was also a soap model, and Tina Revilla, who later became a television host.

He has 28 grandchildren, four of whom have also become celebrities -- Bianca Araneta, her brother Carlo, Bernard "BJ" Palanca and his brother Mico.

A portrait of Paquita is prominently displayed in Goyena's suite in a condominium unit at the Ortigas Center. He gazes at his wife's face and sighs.

"She was beautiful," he says, almost in a whisper.

Paquita died from an obscure disease, whose name Goyena could not recall. He also could not recall exactly when she died, "oh, about four or three years ago," he says. How old was she when she died? "Let me see, she was 11 years younger than I am."

But he remembers how she suffered the pain of her ailment.

"She suffered. Four years of suffering. She was on a bed in that corner of this room." He points at a part of the suite where an antique cabinet holding his acting awards is now displayed.

"It's funny," he says. "All these awards came late in my life. I missed these when I was younger."

He has a total of five awards, mostly tributes from award-giving bodies that gave him recognition for his enduring popularity in an industry that thrives on youth power.

When asked for the names of his 28 grandchildren, he says, "Forget it." He tries to name his eight children, but starts to fumble with the sixth child, saying he has not seen her in 10 years because she lives in the States. He also refers to another daughter only as Mrs. Shultz.

"Why are you asking me these questions?" he blurts out.

Despite the memory lapses and the bags beneath his eyes, Goyena has the build of a 40-year-old man.

"I work out in the gym for two hours, twice a week," he says. "I have been doing this for six years, after I had two open-heart surgeries. I can lift free weights, but not sacks of rice. I have muscles in my arms and I am fit."

He thinks he's lucky he can still do many things, like run a restaurant in Makati and appear in the movies.

His latest role is in the December film fest movie "Captain Barbell," and he is anxious to learn his lines. This has become harder now, he admits, unlike when he played the title role of "Kapitan Kidlat" in 1953, the local version of Captain Marvel.

"It was very different then," he says.

The difference in the movie industry then was the studio system as opposed to the star system of today.

"There was no jealousy among us contract stars," he says. "We were all good friends."

He recalls that as a contract star of LVN, he was part of a big family. He was paid a salary, and a bonus if his movie made money, like "Tia Loleng."

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BELLA FLORES – Introduced in Kilabot sa Makiling (1950), full-pledged star in Roberta (1951). Other movies: Siklab sa Batangas (1952), Apat na Taga (1953) and Maldita (1953). Bella is dubbed as the Lady Dean of Kontrabidas.

Seksi, Maputi subalit Mataray ang Mukha ni Bella bagay na nalagay siya sa mga papel ng isang mataray na kontrabida o mang-aaping madrasta.

Siya ang umapi sa mga batang artista na sumikat nang husto pagkatapos ng pelikulang ginanapan nila. Iyon ay sina Tessie Agana ng Roberta noong 1951, Vilma Santos ng Trudis Liit noong 1964 at Gina Alajar ng Robina noong 1970.

She was born in 1933 and up to now is active in the television.


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He was born on August 20, 1939 in San Carlos City, Pangasinan, Philippines as Ronald Allan Poe ; of Spanish, Filipino, and Irish-American extraction, the son of actor-producer Fernando Poe, Sr. and Elizabeth Kelley.

Poe Jr.'s parents were not legally married yet when he was born in 1939. They were married in 1940 only. He was the second of six siblings, born after Elizabeth and before Fernando (Andy), Genevieve (Jenny), Fredrick (Freddieboy), and Evangeline.

Filipino actor Conrad Poe was his half-brother, the illegitimate son of the late Fernando Poe Sr. by actress Patricia Mijares.

The original family surname was spelled Pou from his grandfather, playwright Lorenzo Pou, a Catalan migrant from Majorca, Spain, who ventured into mining and business in the Philippines.

His mother's parents, Arthur Kelley (WWI Army Corp of Engineer from Iowa, USA) was an Irish American who settled in the Philippines and Martha Gatbonton, a Filipina of mixed heritage.

Poe graduated from primary education in 1953 at San Beda College. He attended high school in San Sebastian College, Mapua Institute of Technology, and University of the East. After the death of his father, he dropped out of the University of the East in his sophomore year in order to work to support his family.

He worked in the Filipino film industry as a messenger boy, and was given acting roles in subsequent years.

As a young actor, he had small parts in several movies made by his father, Fernando Poe, Sr.

Starting as a stuntman for Everlasting Pictures, he was given a break and landed his first starring role in the movie Anak ni Palaris (Son of Palaris) at the age of 14. The movie was not a big hit. In 1957, the movie Lo Waist Gang made him popular, and the film was such a big hit that low-waist pants became a fad.

Known also as FPJ from his initials, Poe acted in a number of movies which depicted him as the champion of the poor and downtrodden. He also directed nine movies, under the pseudonym Ronwaldo Reyes. Reyes originated from the surname of his paternal grandmother, Martha.

He established FPJ productions in 1961 and later organized other film companies such as D'Lanor, JAFERE, and Rosas Productions. In 1963, he and Joseph Estrada testified against criminal gangs who extorted money from the film industry. In 1965, he shared the lead in The Ravagers, a film depicting the United States and the Philippines working together against Japanese war time occupation. The film is considered one of the most influential Filipino films, and it helped establish Fernando Poe, Jr.'s status as a movie icon.

Poe became an award-winning actor and garnered the most best actor awards at the FAMAS. Among the movies that received awards were Mga Alabok ng Lupa (1967), Asedillo (1971), Durugin si Totoy Bato, Umpisahan Mo, Tatapusin Ko (1983), and Magnum 357 (1987).

Poe was dubbed as the "Da King" of Philippine movies because of his box office hits. He made over 200 films in his lifetime and ran a successful movie production firm. Among his famous movies include the Ang Panday series, Kahit Konting Pagtingin, Dito sa Pitong Gatang and Aguila. His last movie was Pakners which also stars 9-ball billards champion Efren "Bata" Reyes.

He married actress Susan Roces in a civil ceremony in December 1968. They were later married in a church and among their primary sponsors were then President Ferdinand Marcos and First Lady Imelda Marcos. Mary Grace was their only child, an adopted one.

Although a well-known public figure, Poe had been very reclusive about his personal life. However, in February 2004, during the presidential campaign, Poe admitted to having sired a child out of wedlock. Ronian, or Ron Allan, was Poe's son by former actress Anna Marin. A daughter by the name of Lovi Poe is now a singing sensation.

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Born Amalia Muhlach in Bicol in August, 1940 in Bicol Province, she was Susan Roces' rival in popularity during the late 50's and early 60's.

Her father died during the war and as the eldest of the brood became the bread winner at a young age. He got two brothers who also tried the cinema, Alex and Alvaro Muhlach.

She married Romeo Vasquez in a wedding in Hong Kong. They have one daughter who also appeared in the movies before migrating to the United States. Liezl Sumilang Martinez her eldest daughter is married to Albert Martinez.

After she divorced Romeo, she married a rich American businessman to whom she has a son. They live in California.

Her nephew Nino Muhlach, the son of her brother Alex became the Wonder Boy of the Philippine Movie Industry. Another equally famous nephew is Aga Muhlach who is still considered one of the heartthrobs in the movie and TV industry despite being married to a former beauty queen, Charlene Gonzales.

* 1956 -Senorita
* 1956 -Rodora
* 1956 -Movie Fan
* 1956 -Inang Mahal
* 1957 -Ismol ba't Teribol
* 1957 -Bituing Marikit
* 1957 -Pretty Boy
* 1957 -Hahabul-Habol
* 1957 -Sonata
* 1958 -Ako ang Maysala!
* 1958 -Mga Reyna ng Vicks
* 1958 -Madaling Araw
* 1958 -Baby Bubut
* 1958 -Tawag ng Tanghalan
* 1958 -Ulilang Anghel
* 1958 -Bobby
* 1959 Ang Senyorito at ang Atsay
* 1960 Bilanggong Birhen
* 1960 Amy, Susie & Tessie
* 1966 Kulay Dugo ang Gabi (Blood Drinkers)
* 1969 "Dalawang Daigdig ni Carlota,
* 1970 Dugo ng Vampira
* 1972 "Jesus Christ, Superstar"
* 1975 "Mga Reynang Walang Trono"
* 1975 Kapatid Ko Ang Aking Ina
* 1976 "Urduja."
*1978 "May Lalaki Sa Ilalim ng Kama Ko,
* 1978 "Lulubog, Lilitaw sa Ilalim ng Tulay,"
* 1978 "Pwede Ako, Pwede Ka Ba"
* 1978 "Room 69,"
*1978 Kung Ako’y Patay Na, Sino Ako?
* 1980 "Buhay: Ako Sa Itaas, Ikaw Sa Ibaba"
* 1987 "Asawa Ko, Huwag Mong Agawin"
* 1987 "Pagmamahal Mo, Buhay Ko"

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Maria Teresa Carlson RIP

Maria Teresa Carlson – She may have done only one TV show (Chicks to Chicks), but her "Si Ikaw, si Ako" dialogues will always be remembered by viewers. She was married to ex-governor Rudy Farinas. She leaped to her death on Nov. 18, 2001.


1. Alagad ng kuwadradong mesa, Mga (1983)
2. Forgive and Forget (1982) (as Maria Theresa Carlson)

3. "Chicks to Chicks" (????) TV Series
4. Iligpit si Victor Saraza (????) (as Maria Theresa Carlson)

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Gretchen Barreto

Height: 5'4 1/2"
Weight: 115 lbs.
Shirt size: Extra small
Shoe size: 8

Si Gretchen Barreto ay kapatid ng isa ring sikat na artista, si Claudine Barreto.
Asawa siya dati ni Joey Loyzaga, ang basketbolista na anak ng dating sikat na si Caloy Loyzaga. Nang magkahiwalay sila, siya ay nakisama kay Tonyboy Conjuangco kung saan ay may isa siyang anak na babae. Kahit na hindi siya lumalabs sa pelikula, ay bukambibig pa rin ang pangalan niya dahil sa mga iskandalong napapasukan niya.

Gretchen versus Imelda Cojuangco
Gretchen Barreto versus Local Fashion Designers
Gretchen Barreto versus Angeli Pangilinan

Gretchen Barreto versus Claudine Barreto

Gretchen Barreto versus Dawn Zulueta

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