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He was born on July 7, 1935 and has started his movie career under his mother studio, Sampaguita.

He was introduced in a Rogelio dela Rosa-Carmen Rosales film, Iyung-Iyo. He also appeared in Kulang Sa Pito, the first starring role of Susan Roces, together with comedy king Dolphy and Norma Vales. He also starred in Señorita de Kampanila and Prince Charming, a Ric Rodrigo-Gloria Romero film which also introduced Amalia Fuentes (Miss No. 1 winner) and Juancho Gutierrez (Mr. No 1 winner). In Gilda, he starred with Lolita Rodriguez whom he will eventually marry. He was a contract star of Sampaguita Pictures Inc. of the Vera Perez clan. He also played a secret agent in Clandestine and Hammerhead.

He married another popular actress during their time, Lolita Rodriguez whom he divorced later.

Arenas died on MArch 31, 2003 according to her youngest sister. Lolita Rodriguez now is living in United States

2002 Mahal kita: Final answer! (2002)
2001 Pagdating ng panahon (2001)

1999 Hindi pa tapos ang laban (1999)
1992 Eddie Tagalog: Pulis Makati (1992)
1991 Small en terrible (1991)
... aka Small But Terrible (Philippines: English title)
1990 Alyas Baby Face (1990)

1989 Killer vs. Ninjas (1989)
1988 Buy One, Take One (1988)
1985 Kay dali ng kahapon, ang bagal ng bukas (1985)
... aka Kay dali ng kahapon, ang bagal ng umaga (Philippines: English title)

1968 Escape to Mindanao (1968) (TV) .... Capt. Aquino
1960 Beatnik (1960)
1959 Tanikalang apoy
1958 Kundiman ng puso
1958 -Tatang Edyer [Sampaguita]
1957 Busabos (1957)
1956 -Gilda [Sampaguita]
1956 -Kulang sa 7 [Sampaguita]
1956 Gilda (1956)
1956 Prince Charming (1956)
1956 Senyorita de kampanilya (1956)
1956 Teresa (1956)
1956 -Prince Charming [Sampaguita]
1956 -Kontra-Partido [Sampaguita]
1955 -Ang Tangi kong Pag-ibig [Sampaguita]
1955 Iyong-iyo (1955)
1955 -Lola Sinderella [Sampaguita]
1955 -Artista [Sampaguita]
1955 -Bulaklak sa Parang [Sampaguita]
1955 -Balisong [Sampaguita]
1955 -Waldas [Sampaguita]
1955 -Iyung-Iyo [Sampaguita]
1955 -Hindi Basta-Basta [Sampaguita]
1953 -Diwani [Sampaguita]

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Rebecca del Río (born 1931) is a Filipina actress typecasted and a famous Contarvida in Sampaguita Pictures.

She made numerous movie under Sampaguita and in 1955 he signed a contract to Lvn Pictures and made her first movie Dinayang Pagmamahal aka Foolish Love, a Jaime de la Rosa and Charito Solis movie.

In 1958, she got her first acting award in Famas as Best Supporting Actress in her role in Malvarosa.

* 1951 -Tres Muskiteros
* 1952 -Mayamang Balo [Sampaguita]
* 1952 -Hiram na Mukha [Sampaguita]
* 1953 -Ang Ating Pag-ibig [Sampaguita]
* 1953 -Cofradia [Sampaguita]
* 1953 -Anak ng Espada [Sampaguita]
* 1953 -Mister Kasintahan [Sampaguita]
* 1953 -Vod-A-Vil [Sampaguita]
* 1954 -Musikong Bumbong [Sampaguita]
* 1954 -Tres Muskiteras [Sampaguita]
* 1954 -Pilya [Sampaguita]
* 1954 -Milyonarya at Hampaslupa [Sampaguita]
* 1954 -Dalagang Ilocana [Sampaguita]
* 1954 -Sabungera [Sampaguita]
* 1954 -Bondying [Sampaguita]
* 1954 -Kurdapya [Sampaguita]
* 1955 -Lola Sinderella [Sampaguita]
* 1955 -Bulaklak sa Parang [Sampaguita]
* 1955 -Mariposa [Sampaguita]
* 1955 -Dinayang Pagmamahal [Lvn]
* 1955 -Talusaling [Lvn]
* 1956 -Luksang Tagumpay [Lvn]
* 1956 -Laging Ikaw [Lvn]
* 1957 -Cuatro Vidas [Lvn]
* 1957 -Turista [Lvn]
* 1958 -Rebelde [Lvn]
* 1958 -Malvarosa [Lvn] Famas Best Supporting Actress
* 1958 -Mr. Kuripot [Lvn]


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Carmen Rosales was born in 1918 in Pangasinan where a bridge and a town was named after here. She was a famous prewar Filipina actress better known as Mameng and is noted for her skill in acting and sweet voice. Rosales' film debut was in the 1938 movie Ang Kiri which she made a double to Atang dela Rama. When her friend brought her to Quisumbing the man rejected Rosales because the young woman did not have an aura of an actress.

But she became the most famous Filipina actress of the 1940s and 1950s and rivaled Rosa del Rosario at the box-office. She is famous for her sweet voice and recorded numerous songs. Rosales made her first debut in Ang Kiri aka The Flirt under Diwata Pictures. She starred in her first leading role opposite Jose Padilla Jr in Arimunding-Munding 1939.

She became the most bankable star in Sampaguita Pictures and the highest paid actress of the 1940s and 1950s. Her unforgettable roles as a martyr lover of Rogelio dela Rosa in Maalaala Mo Kaya 1954 and a club-singer in Ang Tangi Kong Pag-ibig.

She got her first Famas Award in 1954 via Inspirasyon opposite Van de Leon and a strict auntie in 1960 movie Estela Mondragon.

Rosales is named in two places in Pangasinan which are Carmen Pangasinan & Rosales Pangasinan. Rosales is famous in a hacendera role fighting to Alicia Vergel in Pablo Gomez version of MN. Her last appearance is from Inday Badiday's Eye to Eye and refused to appear completely in TV in a minor role.

* 1939 -Ang Kiri
* 1939 -Arimunding-Arimunding
* 1939 -Takip-Silim
* 1940 -Senorita
* 1940 -Lambingan
* 1940 -Diwa ng Awit
* 1940 -Colegiala
* 1941 -Carmen
* 1941 -Princesita
* 1941 -Panambitan
* 1941 -Tampuhan
* 1941 -Palikero
* 1941 -Lolita
* 1944 -Liwayway ng Kalayaan
* 1946 -Probinsiyana
* 1946 -Guerilyera
* 1947 -Kaaway ng Bayan
* 1947 -Si, Si...Senorito
* 1947 -Mameng...Iniibig Kita
* 1947 -Ang Kamay ng Diyos
* 1947 -Hele-hele bago Quiere
* 1947 -24 na Pag-ibig
* 1948 -Ang Selosa
* 1948 -Hindi Kita Malimot
* 1949 -Kampanang Ginto
* 1949 -Carmencita Mia
* 1949 -Simpatika
* 1949 -Camelia
* 1949 -Sipag ay Yaman
* 1949 -Batalyon XIII
* 1950 -Ang Bombero
* 1950 -Ang Magpapawid
* 1951 -Nanay ko!
* 1951 -Anak ko!
* 1951 -Babae...Babae at Babae Pa
* 1951 -Huling Concierto
* 1951 -Walang Kapantay
* 1953 -Rosa Villa
* 1953 -May Umaga Pang Darating
* 1953 -Inspirasyon -{Famas Best Actress}
* 1954 -Maala-Ala Mo ?
* 1954 -Matandang Dalaga
* 1954 -M N
* 1954 -Luha ng Birhen
* 1955 -Ang Tangi kong Pag-ibig
* 1955 -Uhaw sa Pag-ibig
* 1955 -R.O.T.C.
* 1955 -Iyung-Iyo


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Birth name Yasmien Kurdi

Yasmien Kurdi was born in Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines, on January 25, 1988, of Filipino, Chinese and French-Lebanese extraction, to Miriam Ong-Yuson and Mike Kurdi. During her childhood, she had spent most of her life in the Middle East because her father worked there. After her parents separated, Yasmien and her mother returned to the Philippines.

She studied at New Era University and was reported to be at the top 10 of her class. She is a member of the Iglesia ni Cristo and a known vegetarian.

Kurdi started to join singing competitions at the age of three. At the age of seven in Kuwait, she had performed monologue acting and got to play the role of Maria Clara in a zarzuela adaptation of Noli Me Tangere that was hosted by the Kuwaiti-Filipino community in celebration of Philippine Independence Day.

She did modeling before applying to GMA Network's StarStruck in 2003, and made it to second place on the female category. After a stint in StarStruck, she appeared in Click and SOP Gigsters, and appeared in various movies including So... Happy Together, Aishite Imasu (Mahal kita) 1941, Lovestruck, and Happily Ever After.

In 2005, she released her debut album entitled In The Name of Love through GMA Records and her carrier single "I Know" (used as a soundtrack of Korean teledrama "Sweet 18") won the Viewer's Choice For Song of the Year in the 2005 SOP Music Awards. Although, Cueshé and Hale fans complained about the result of the award, stating that "The Day You Said Goodnight" of Hale and "Stay" of Cueshé were far more popular than Yasmien's song.
Also in 2005, one of her biggest projects is playing the role of Mira in Encantadia.

In September 11, 2006 Bakekang started to air, where Yasmien plays the role of Bakekangs ugly Daughter, Charming.


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Born in 1925, this Filipino actor is famous for his Contravida roles under Sampaguita Pictures where he played villain, and yet sometimes he played a father roles for some of the Sampaguita's player.

De León is the father of TV Personality Madel de León.

* 1949 - Pinaghating Isangdaan [Sampaguita]
* 1949 - Nakaripang Kamay [Sampaguita]
* 1950 - Kulog sa Tag-Araw [Sampaguita]
* 1951 - Roberta [Sampaguita]
* 1952 - Rebecca [Sampaguita]
* 1952 - Kerubin [Sampaguita]
* 1952 - Siklab sa Batangas [Sampaguita]
* 1953 - May Umaga Pang Darating [Sampaguita]
* 1953 - El Indio [Sampaguita]
* 1953 - Munting Koronel [Sampaguita]
* 1953 - Anak ng Espada [Sampaguita]
* 1953 - 4 na Taga [Sampaguita]
* 1953 - Inspirasyon [Sampaguita]
* 1954 - Kung Ako'y Maging Dalaga [Alta]
* 1954 - Luha ng Birhen [Sampaguita]
* 1954 - Tres Ojos [Sampaguita]
* 1954 - Dumagit [Sampaguita]
* 1955 - Kuripot [Sampaguita]
* 1955 - Balisong [Sampaguita]
* 1955 - Waldas [Sampaguita]
* 1955 - Lupang Kayumangi [Sampaguita]
* 1956 - Babalu [Sampaguita]
* 1956 - Emma [Sampaguita]
* 1956 - Rodora [Sampaguita]
* 1956 - Inang Mahal [Sampaguita]
* 1957 - Tarhata [Sampaguita]
* 1957 - Sino ang Maysala [Vera Perez]
* 1957 - Mga Anak ng Diyos [Vera-Perez]
* 1957 - Diyosa [Sampaguita]
* 1957 - Pretty Boy [Vera-Perez]
* 1957 - Batang Bangkusay [Sampaguita]
* 1957 - Taga sa Bato [Sampaguita]
* 1958 - Ako ang Maysala! [Vera-Perez]
* 1958 - Mapait na Lihim [Sampaguita]
* 1958 - Talipandas [Sampaguita]
1959 Condenado (1959)
1959 Ipinagbili ko ang aking anak (1959)
1959 Kamandag (1959)
1959 Kilabot sa Makiling (1959)
... aka Kilabot ng Makiling (Philippines: Tagalog title)

1960 Tatlong Magdalena (1960)
1962 Anak ng Diyos, Mga (1962)

1968 Dear kuya Cesar (1968)
1968 Joe Domino (1968)
1968 Liku-likong landas (1968)
1968 Mangliligpit, Ang (1968)
1968 Mine Hunter (1968)
1968 Pagbabalik ni Daniel Barrion, Ang (1968)
1968 Quinto de Alas (1968) .... Talahib
1974 Batingaw (1974)
1977 Totoy Bato (1977)
1983 Sugat sa ugat (1983)


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Born Julius Abad Ilagan on January 20, 1953 in Manila. Son of Sampaguita Pictures leading lady Corazon Noble and director Angel Esmeralda, he started as a child actor in the Philippine cinema.

A matinee idol, he hosted Stop, Look & Listen and starred
in My Son, My Son and Goin' Bananas.

He was married to another popular movie personality, Hilda Koronel after a turbulent relationship that was frowned upon by their producers. They eventually separated after adopting children.

He died from motorcycle accident in February, 1992.

He was the common-law husband of Amy Austria at the time of his death.


# Alyas pogi 2 (1992) .... Bimboy
# Nagsimula sa puso (1990)

# Paano tatakasan ang bukas (1988)
# Maging akin ka lamang (1987)
# Victor Corpuz (1987)
... aka Get Victor Corpus: The Rebel Soldier (Philippines: English title)
# Sana'y wala nang wakas (1986)
# Batang yagit, Mga (1984)
# Sister Stella L. (1984)
# Soltero (1984)
# Bad bananas sa puting tabing (1983)
# Kisapmata (1982)
... aka In Just the Wink of an Eye (Philippines: English title)
# Pabling (1981)
# Brutal (1980) .... Tato
# Kakabakaba ka ba? (1980)
... aka Will Your Heart Beat Faster?
# Kasal? (1980)

# Aguila (1979) .... Osman
# Coed (1979)
# Salawahan (1979)
# Sinong pipigil sa pagpatak ng ulan (1979)
# Minsa'y isang gamugamo (1976) .... Bonifacio Santos
... aka Once a Moth (Philippines: English title)
# Daigdig ng lagim (1976)
# Fe, Esperanza, Caridad (1975) .... Husband of Esperanza - 2nd Episode ("Esperanza')
# Kaming matatapang ang apog (1975)
# Tatlo, dalawa, isa (1975) .... Noni
... aka Three, Two, One
# Ato ti Bondying (1973) .... Bondying
# Carmela (1973)
# Tubog sa ginto (1971)
... aka Dipped in Gold
# Santiago (1970)

# Moro Witch Doctor (1964) .... Mahmud

# Hiwaga ng pag-asa, Mga (????)
# Sana, bukas pa ang kahapon (????)


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Nori Dalisay was born in 1938. She played mostly as supporting to lead star made dozens of movies under her home studio Sampaguita Pictures

Dalisay made her first movie via Chavacano top billed by Dolphy.


* Chavacano - 1956
* Rodora - 1956
* Ismol Ba't Teribol - 1957
* Hahabul-Habol - 1957
* Mga Ligaw na Bulaklak - 1957
* Baby Bubut - 1958

# Hami-hanimun (1961)
# Joey, Eddie, Lito (1961)
# Sinisinta kita (1963)
# Bata ng lagim, Mga (1964)
# Magic bilao (1965)
# Portrait of My Love (1965)

# Pogi (1967)

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SHARON GAMBOA CUNETA was born on January 6, 1966. Her father was the former Mayor of Pasay, Pablo Cuneta and her mother is Eileen Gamboa, the sister of actress Helen Gamboa.

She is dubbed as, "The one and only MEGASTAR in Phillippine Showbiz."

She first appeared on Philippine pop charts in 1978, as a 12 year old, singing the tune "Mr. D.J." The tune became wildly popular and earned her the title of "D.J.'s Pet." She became the first "movie soundtrack star" in the country. Also making her the youngest singing sensation. Many of her early soundtrack hits were for movies of her idol and former neighbor, Vilma Santos. With the youngster singing about a song about bigamy, entitled "Tubig At Langis" (Water and Oil), it's no wonder that the sweet innocent voice appealed to the "masa crowd" (the masses).

Her first movie was produced by Viva Films which was built by her father for her. Sharon was the first artist to be launched in Philippine Movies professionally. At age 15, she starred in her first feature film, 1981 Dear Heart paired with fellow teeny-bopper Gabby Concepcion. After Dear Heart's success, it was followed by more than high grossing 50 films that she earned the title of "BOX-OFFICE QUEEN" in the country from 1985 thru 1993.

Her musical-variety show, T.S.C.S. "The Sharon Cuneta Show" is one of the longest running television shows in Philippine Showbiz from 1986 thru 1997 which offered refreshing song and dance numbers and intersected to lots of "chikahan" (talk). She started her hosting abilities with other teenage prodigies with shows like "G.M.A. Supershow" later called "Germspesyal" with German "Kuya Germs" Moreno and C.U.T.E. "Call Us Two For Entertainment" with her aunt, former actress Helen Gamboa.

Her commercial endorsements come to her hands from left to right. Making products like "MAC DOH" Mc Donalds, Alaska Milk and Eskinol (Skin Cleansing Whitener) sell through the roof. Journalists have touted her the star with the "Midas Touch". Just like King Midas, whatever Sharon touches turns to gold, making her the "Queen of Commercial Endorsements".

Known in Philippine entertainment as "THE MEGASTAR" (due to her wide range of talents and performances), Sharon is known to her fans by the more intimate Shawie. This apparent intimacy is bolstered by the fact that Cuneta, despite having a strong and clear singing voice, interacts with her fans like any regular red blooded Filipino, with the time honored tradition that everyone is part of the family. Her fan base runs all ages, with many of her fans being the children or even grandchildren of those teeners of years ago who bought her first records.
Three of Sharon's movies, touted by VIVA FILMS as "THE TALA TRILOGY", tala meaning star, gave much hope in time of government uncertainty. The focal point of these three movies was about reaching for your dreams at undeniable heights, just like reaching for the stars. One year after the Assasinantion of Ninoy Aquino in 1983 the "The Tala Trilogy" launched with insurmountable heights. 1984's "BUKAS LULUHOD ANG MGA TALA" (Tommorow The Stars Will Bow Down), 1985's "BITUING WALANG NINGNING" (Star Without Shimmer) and 1986's "SANA'Y WALA NANG WAKAS" (Hope It Won't End).

In 1985, one of her most loved movies hit the "takilyas" (box-office). It was on Valentine's Day that the movie, "Bituing Walang Ningning" (Star Without Shimmer) hit. "SHARONIANS" (loyal Sharon fans) waited in long lines to see how the movie would try to cover her and Gabby Concepcion's future KC. Along the making of the movie, the director suffered a heart attack trying to cover Sharon's tummy. Due to the fact, that her role was a teenage schoolgirl sampaguita (Philippine Jasmine) vendor. The movie produced one of Philippine Cinema's most famous line said by the movie's "kontrabida" (villaness), Cherie Gil. The immortal scene after Sharon's Dorina Pineda sings, "I Just Called To Say I Love You" happens with the famous line by Cherie's Lavinia Arguelles, "YOU'RE NOTHING BUT A SECOND-RATE, TRYING HARD, COPY CAT!" capping it off with a dramatic splashing of Dorina's face with a glass of water. Towards the finale of the cinematic commercial, one and only one had to realize in relinquishing the ultimate ambition of fame and fortune that she can also fall into the arms of the ultimate quest in life, love.

The Gabby-Sharon love team was the most popular love team in Philippine Movies during the 1980's. They later married, (Sharon at age 19) in a civil ceremony then a Chrurch wedding on September 23rd, 1984 with former President Ferdinand Marcos as Principal Sponsor (Ninong). Cuneta was married for a short time to actor Gabby Concepcion, with whom she was paired in Dear Heart. In April of 1985, Sharon gave birht to a daughter, Ma. Kristina Cassandra (KC), who has accompanied her mother on a number of songs and in concert, to the delight of Sharon's fans. KC's contribution even led to the re-release of the her mother's hit, "Starlight, Starbright," with KC singing counterpoint, and this version has surpassed the other in popularity, especially among international audiences who have watched her grow up.
Also more commonly know as "MEGA" in Pinoy Showbiz. Sharon is the first Filipina artist to sell out the Los Angeles Shrine Auditorium first on Sept. 1990 and her latest June 11, 2005 concert. She sang to SRO (standing room only) crowds. Her poster is enshrined in the Shrine's Hall of Fame next to stars from Michael Jackson, Barbara Striesand and the Ballet Folklorico de Mexico. She created a traffic jam in the 90's and puzzled the former Mayor of Los Angeles Tom Bradley. After hearing of her success, the mayor attended the concert and awarded Sharon with an Honorary Key to the City of Los Angeles. After that, she hit the concert scene worldwide. She has been quoted, " Wherever there is a Filipino, I will be there."
She also had a duet in the 1990s with famous Hong Kong star Andy Lau, with whom she sang "In Your Eyes" as composed by Jim Brickman. It was rivaled by Regine Velasquez's duet with Hong Kong star, Jacky Cheung who was known throughout the Chinese music industry that time.
In 1996, she hit the "Grand Slam" in Philippine Movies. With her pairing with Christopher De Leon in the movie "Madrasta", she played the role of a loving stepmother. Not a typical "Madrasta" who is usually mean and ugly." Sharon became one of the rare actresses along with Nora Aunor and Vilma Santos to be awarded all the accolades given in local Philippine Cinema. Her "Grand Slam " includes: The Star Awards for Movies, People's Choice Award, The F.A.P. Film Academy of the Philippines, The Gawad URIAN given by the Manunuri Ng Pelikulang Pilipino and the F.A.M.A.S. Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences. The FAMAS Awards (famas meaning fame) is the Philippine Oscars and is the oldest Film Award in the Philippines and Asia since 1952.
Cuneta, is considered to be the 3rd actress after Nora Aunor and Vilma Santos to break the mold of the "mestiza look". A "Eurasian" (European-Asian) look that has loomed over Philippine Cinema for centuries. Writers and journalists have written, "If Sharon continued looking like here mother Elaine and Aunt Helen Gamboa, both former "mestiza actresses" I don't think she would appeal to the crowd as she does with her slight "tsinita features". She came in at the right time especially during the height and toppling of Martial Law in the Philippines. That also in Philippine Showbiz there needed to be a change of a leading lady. How beautiful and ironic that her first mestiza daughter KC is an exact carbon copy of her father Gabby Concepcion. No matter what, the beauty of a Filipina is in the eyes of the beholder, whether it be Tisay (light fair skin) or Morena (lite tan skin), Mestiza (half-breed) or Tsinita (slight Asian features).
Since 1998, Cuneta has been married to Senator Francis Pangilinan. Cuneta gave birth to Simone Francesca Emmanuelle (Frankie) in November 2000 and Mariel Daniella Sophia (Miel) in September 2004.
Sharon is one of the most featured artists on Internet broadcaster PhilRadio International, which has brought her even more acclaim from outside of the Filipino and Fil-Am communities.

In January, 2005 she returned with a show "Wish Upon A Mega" A 39th Birthday Celebration granting 39 well-wishers their dreams come true. It was co-hosted by award winning actors Piolo Pascual and Jericho Rosales.

In January 6th 2006, The Megastar returned with a 40th Birthday celebration on Channel 2's ABS-CBN entitled "Ang Pagbabalik Ng Bituin" roughly translated "The Return of the Star". The next month a new gab-fest sing talk show simply entitled "Sharon" was aired and still raking high ratings also thru ABS-CBN's global cable channel T.F.C. (The Filipino Channel).

· La Visa Loca (2005) .... Executive Producer
· Crying Ladies (2003) .... Stella Mate
· Kung Ako Na Lang Sana (2003) .... Emmy
· Walang Kapalit (2003) .... Joanne
· Magkapatid (2002) .... Cita
· Pagdating Ng Panahon (2001) .... Lynette
· Minsan, Minahal Kita (2000) .... Dianne
· Nang Iniwan Mo Ako (1997)
... aka When You Left Me (International: English title)
· Wala Nang Iibigin Pang Iba (1997)
· Madrasta (1996) .... Mariel
· The Lilian Velez Story (1995) .... Lilian Velez
· Minsan Pa (Kahit Konting Pagtingin 2) (1995)
... aka Kahit konting pagtingin Part 2 (Philippines: Tagalog title)
· Kapantay Ay Langit (1994)
· Megamol (1994) .... Cora
· Di Na Natuto (1993)
· Ikaw (1993)
· Kung Kailangan Mo Ako (1993) .... Diana
· Ngayon At Kailanman (1992) .... Ayra
· Pangako Sa 'Yo (1992)
· Tayong Dalawa (1992) .... Carol
· Biktima (1991) .... Becca
· Kaputol Ng Isang Awit (1991)
· Maging Sino Ka Man (1991) .... Diana
· Una Nang Naging Akin (1991)
· Kahit konting pagtingin (1990) .... Georgia
· Oras-Oras, Araw-Araw (1990) .... Chesa
· Bakit Ikaw Pa Rin? (1990)
· Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita (1989) .... Salve
· Kahit Wala Ka Na (1989) .... Irene
· Tatlong Mukha Ng Pag-ibig (1989)
· Jack And Jill Sa Amerika (1988) .... Jack
· Buy One, Take One (1988)
· Jack And Jill (1987) .... Jack
· Kung Aagawin Mo Ang Lahat Sa Akin (1987) .... Maureen Andrada
· Pasan Ko Ang Daigdig (1987) .... Lupe Velez
· Walang Karugtong Ang Nakaraan (1987)
· Captain Barbell (1986) .... Darna
· Nakagapos Na Puso (1986) .... Elaine Fajardo
· Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas (1986) .... Bianca Eleazar
· Bituing Walang Ningning (1985) .... Dorina Pineda
· Kailan Sasabihing Mahal Kita (1985) .... Arra
· Pati Ba Pintig Ng Puso (1985) .... Jenna Griego
· Bukas Luluhod Ang Mga Tala (1984) .... Rebecca Rios
· Dapat Ka Bang Mahalin (1984) .... Myrna Salazar
· Sa Hirap At Ginhawa (1984) .... Cecille Zaragoza
· To Love Again (1983) .... Raffy Laperal
· Friends In Love (1983) .... Sara Tagle
· Forgive And Forget (1982).... Sandy Cortez
· Cross My Heart (1982).... Jenny
· My Only Love (1982)
· P.S. I Love You (1981).... Kristine Tuazon
· Dear Heart (1981) .... April Mondragon

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Nida Blanca

Dorothy Acueza Jones was born Jan 6 1936, the only child of Inocencia Acueza and American national John William Jones II. She finished high school at the Adamson University and took up Pre-law at the University of Sto Tomas (UST). She has a daughter, Kay Torres, by estranged husband Victorino Torres.

It was Delia Razon who brought her to LVN matriarch Doña Sisang. She appeared in the movie Reyna Elena in 1951. She was first paired with her love team Nestor De Villa in Amor mio .

Since then, she has appeared in numerous films, in various genres, but mostly with de Villa as a romantic and dancing partner.

Waray-Waray (1954),popularized her tomboyish, knife-wielding, man-battling persona. She made Galawgaw opposite.

When LVN Studios stopped producing, Ms Blanca free-lanced, proving her mettle in a variety of films such as Shake, Baby, Shake (1966), Pag-Ibig, Masdan ang Ginawa Mo (1969), Forgive and Forget (1982), in which her popular love team with Nestor de Villa had a comeback, and My Heart Belongs to Daddy (1982), among many others.

She did the "Nida-Nestor Show" with her perennial love team and "John 'en' Marsha" with the King of Comedy, Dolphy. Known as Marsha and John, the TV sit com became two of the longest-running sitcoms on Filipino television.

Ms Blanca has won 16 awards for her film work. She won the very first Best Supporting Actress award from the Film Academy of Movie Arts & Sciences (FAMAS) for her role as a tragic Korean woman, Lee Ming, who falls in love with Filipino soldier Boni Serrano in the film Korea (1952). She also won the best supporting actress award at the Metro Manila Film Festival for Batu-Bato Sa Langit (1975); Best Actress awards simultaneously from Film Academy of the Philippines (FAP), Gawad Urian Awards and Catholic Mass Media Awards for Miguelito, Ang Batang Rebelde (1985); Best Supporting Actress awards from FAP and FAMAS for Magdusa Ka (1986); and Best Supporting Actress awards from FAP, FAMAS and CMMA for Kid, Huwag Kang Susuko (1987). She was also twice winner of the Citizens' Award for Television (CAT) for Best Female TV Performer for the Nida-Nestor Show; and three-time winner of the Pambansang Akademya ng Telebisyon sa Agham at Sining (PATAS) award in 1975, 1976 and 1978, as Most Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series, for John 'en' Marsha. In 1997, she won Best Supporting Actress for Babae (1997), from the FAP and the Metro Manila Film Festival. Two years later, still proving her timeless mettle, she won Best Actress at the FAMAS ceremonies for her work in Sana, Pag-Ibig Na (1998). She was top-billed for this film-- no mean feat, considering she was 62 years old. In 2000 and 2002, the Gawad Urian Awards and the FAP, respectively, honored her with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Ms Blanca was brutally murdered in a parking lot in November 7, 2001.

In May 2003, American authorities arrested the husband of Ms Blanca, sometime actor/lounge singer Rod Lauren/Rod Strunk.Mr Strunk has continuously denied the charge.

She and Ms Gloria Romero are considered the most enduring movie queens in Filipino cinema, their careers spanning from the 1950s to 2006 (2003 for the murdered Ms Blanca).


Thursday, January 05, 2006



Van De Leon was a serious actor who started as extra in the movie Anak ng Dagat of Sampaguita Pictures in 1949. He worked with the Bureau of Customs when he decided to join the movie industry. He was cast as an abusive father in the blockbuster-low-buget movie, Roberta starring Tessie Agana.

His first starring role was Inspirasyon with Carmen Rosales as his leading lady.
It was luck on his part because Fred Montilla and Oscar Moreno refused to pair with Carmen Rosales who won the Famas best actress in that movie.

He was the coach of the new aspiring young stars such as Romeo Vasquez, Juancho Gutierrez, Eddie Arenas, Eddie Gutierrez and Dindo Fernando.

He left Sampaguita in 1965 when there were only few acting roles available.

He transferred to Premiere Productions where he was given opportunity by Cirio Santiago. He was not a contract star so he was able to accpet movie offers from other movie companies like Tagalog-Ilang Ilang Productions of Atty. Esperidion Laxa.

He got high regards for Lolita Rodrigues, Marlene Dauden, Carmen Rosales and Rita Gonez.

His last best performances were in Aliw-iw where he appeared as a drunk caretaker
and in Sugat sa Ugat as father of Christopher de Leon.

He was the father of actress MADEL DE LEON. He died in 1980's.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006



BERT "TAWA" MARCELO who was known for his distinctive laughter was born in Baliwag Bulacan on June 6, 1936. His parents were Jose and Alejandra Marcelo. He grew up with nine siblings selling hog meat in the public market.

He started to show inclination to acting when he joined stage plays in high school and in College where he took up AB MAss Communications at the Far Eastern University.
His biggest break was when he was hired in TISOY as Tikyo.

He became a mainstay in the San Miguel Commercial where he made famous the catchline catchline, Mag beer munta tayo.

He concentrated in emceeing when the sexy movies dominated the movie industry.

Apart from his classic commercials for San Miguel Beer such as Isang Platitong Mani, Marcelo was also best known as the co-host with Pilita Corrales of Ang Bagong Kampeon, a long-running television talent show which discovered Regine Velasquez among other talents. He was also an occasional actor in films, as well in television sitcoms such as Baltic and Company in the 1970s.

Marcelo was at the peak of his career when he suffered a fatal stroke, shortly after losing the 1995 gubernatorial election for the province of Bulacan.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006



Manuel Conde was born Manuel Urbano on Octiber 15, 1915 in Daet, Camarines Norte . He was an actor, director and producer. His first film was "Mahiwagang Biyolin" in 1935. He made almost three dozen films under LVN Pictures as a contract star. He put up his own movie company in 1947 which produced classic films such as the Juan Tamad series (Si Juan Tamad (1947), Si Juan Daldal (Anak ni Juan Tamad) (1948), Juan Tamad Goes to Congress (1959), Juan Tamad Goes to Society (1960), Si Juan Tamad At Juan Masipag sa Pulitikang Walang Hanggan (1963); Vende Cristo (1948), Prinsipe Paris (1949), Krus Na Kawayan (1956), Siete Infantes de Lara (1950) and its re-make in 1973, Molave (1961) and the internationally acclaimed Genghis Khan (1950).

Genghis Khan was the first Filipino film to be acclaimed at an international film festival in Venice in 1952. His Juan Tamad Goes To Congress is considered the best Filipino satire ever filmed. Some films intended for international release were planned by Conde but these were not pushed through because of some financial and production problems such as Saranggani, a film about the Ifugao rice terraces, a collaboration between James Agee as scriptwriter and Conde as the actor-director with United Artists as the distributor, the Rickshaw Boy and The Brown Rajah.

Manuel Conde died in 1985. He was honored posthumously in 2006 the Presidential Medal of Merit (for Films) by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo for his contribution to culture and the arts. He was one of the recipients of that award together with visual artists Federico Alcuas, Oscar Zalameda and Mauro Malang Santos. From the words of Cecile Guidote-Alvarez, Executive Director the of National Commission on Culture and the Arts, “This is the President’s gesture of giving rightful honor to various artists who showcased Filipino excellence in the arts and cultural traditions in the international scene, underscoring the wealth of talent and heritage in our country”. In 2007, he was awarded posthumously the Lamberto Avellana Memorial Award by the Film Academy of the Philippines.

Conde’s eldest son, Jun Urbano (aka Manuel Conde, Jr.), became himself a film director, actor, producer and writer. He is better known as Mr. Shooli in a television comedy series Mongolian Barbecue.


* 1935 - Mahiwagang Biyolin as actor
* 1939- Sawing Gantimpala (LVN Pictures) as director
* 1939 - Maginoong Takas (LVN Pictures) as director
* 1940 - Binatillo (LVN Pictures) as director
* 1940 - Villa Hermosa (LVN Pictures) as director
* 1940 - Ararong Ginto (LVN Pictures) as director
* 1941 - Hiyas ng Dagat (LVN Pictures) as director
* 1941 - Prinsipe Tenoso (LVN Pictures) as director
* 1941 - Ibong Adarna (LVN Pictures) as director
* 1942 - Caviteno (LVN Pictures) as director
* 1946 - Orasang Ginto (LVN Pictures) as director
* 1946 - Doon Po sa Amin (Mabuhay Pictures) as director
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* 1946 - Ang Prinsipeng Hindi Tumatawa (LVN Pictures) as director
* 1947 - Nabasag Ang Banga (Oriental Pictures) as actor and director
* 1947 - Si Juan Tamad (MC Pictures) as actor, director, scriptwriter
* 1948 - Juan Daldal (MC Pictures) as actor, director, scriptwriter
* 1948 - Vende Cristo (MC Pictures) as actor, director
* 1949 - Prinsipe Paris (MC Pictures) as actor, director, scriptwriter
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* 1950 - Siete Infantes de Lara (MC Pictures) as actor, director, scriptwriter
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* 1951 - Sigfredo (Lebran Films) as actor, director
* 1953 - Senorito (LVN Pictures) as actor, director
* 1955 - Ang Ibong Adarna color remake (LVN Pictures) as director
* 1955 - Pilipino Kostum No Touch (LVN Pictures) as director
* 1955 - Ikaw Kasi (LVN Pictures) as director
* 1956 - Handang Matodas (LVN Pictures) as director
* 1956 - Krus na Kawayan (MC Pictures) as actor, director, scriptwriter
* 1956 - Bahala Na (LVN Pictures) as director
* 1957 - El Robo (LVN Pictures) as director
* 1957 - Basta Ikaw (LVN Pictures) as director
* 1957 - Tingnan Natin (LVN Pictures) as director
* 1958 - Casa Grande (LVN Pictures) as director
* 1958 - Venganza (LVN Pictures) as director
* 1959 - Juan Tamad Goes to Congress (MC Pictures) as actor, director, scriptwriter
* 1960 - Juan Tamad Goes to Society (MC Pictures) as actor, director, scriptwriter
* 1960 - Bayanihan (LVN Pictures) director
* 1961 - Molave (MC Pictures) as actor, director, scriptwriter
* 1963 - Si Juan Tamad at si Juan Masipag sa Pulitikang Walang Hanggan (MC Pictures) as actor, director, scriptwriter
* 1973 - Siete Infantes de Lara (re-make) (MC Pictures) as actor
* 1977 - Tadhana: Ito ang Lahing Pilipino (pre-Spanish episode) (NMPC Prod.) as director, scriptwriter