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Etang Discher BIOGRAPHY

Etang Discher

Etang Discher (1908 - 1981) (also known as Nena Discher) was a prominent Filipina character film actress frequently cast in villainous roles. Her stern, gaunt Castillan face loomed in many post-war Filipino films, especially soap opera-type dramas. She was the woman Filipino movie audiences loved to hate, often playing a villainous aunt, mother-in-law or even a witch. While her roles were hardly predisposed to have made her a star, she nonetheless was one of the more famous (or infamous) and durable stars of Filipino films. Many of her films were produced by Sampaguita Pictures, the studio under which she was under contract for a significant part of her career.

She won Famas' Best Supporting actress in 1957.

Her son, Panchito, became a famous film comedian in his own right, usually cast as the comedic foil to Dolphy.

* 1939 -Anak ng Hinagpis [Filippine]
* 1946 -Alaala Kita [Lvn]
* 1951 -Reyna Elena [Lvn]
* 1951 -Bohemyo [Lvn]
* 1951 -Ang Aking Kahapon [Tamaraw]
* 1951 -Haring Cobra [Lvn]
* 1952 -Rebecca [Sampaguita]
* 1952 -Tia Loleng [Lvn]
* 1952 -Bakas ng Kahapon [Premiere]
* 1953 -Dyesebel [Premiere/Manuel Vistan Jr.]
* 1954 -Musikong Bumbong [Sampaguita]
* 1954 -Matandang Dalaga [Sampaguita]
* 1954 -Jack & Jill [Sampaguita]
* 1954 -Eskandalosa [Ace York]
* 1954 -Ang Biyenang Hindi Tumatawa [Sampaguita]
* 1954 -Tres Ojos [Sampaguita]
* 1954 -Kurdapya [Sampaguita]
* 1955 -Uhaw sa Pag-ibig [Sampaguita]
* 1955 -Mariposa [Sampaguita]
* 1955 -Despatsadora [Sampaguita]
* 1955 -Kontra Bida [Sampaguita]
* 1955 -Iyung-Iyo [Sampaguita]
* 1955 -Bim Bam Bum [Sampaguita]
* 1956 -Vaccacionista [Sampaguita]
* 1956 -Kanto Girl [Sampaguita]
* 1957 -Sino ang Maysala [Vera Perez]
* 1957 -Bituing Marikit [Sampaguita]
* 1957 -Diyosa [Sampaguita]
* 1957 -Hahabul-Habol [Sampaguita]
* 1957 -Busabos [Sampaguita]
* 1957 -Paru-Parong Bukid [Sampaguita]
* 1958 -Mga Reyna ng Vicks [Sampaguita]
* 1958 -Isang Milyong Kasalanan [Sampaguita]
* 1958 -Palaboy [Vera-Perez]
* 1958 -Mapait na Lihim [Sampaguita]
* 1958 -Baby Bubut [Sampaguita]
* 1958 -Berdaderong Ginto [Vera-Perez]
* 1958 -Bobby [Sampaguita]


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Gloria Romero
Gloria Romero

Gloria Borrego Galla was born in 1933 in Denver Colorado, to a hardworking Filipino, Pedro Galla, and an American woman, Mary Borrego. Her elementary education was spent in Mabini Elementary School and she graduated from Riverview High School in Mabini, Pangasinan.

Because her uncle, Nario Rosales, was Chief Editor at Sampaguita Studios, it was easy for Ms Galla to visit the movie sets. She started out her career as an "extra" in Sampaguita Pictures, before being noticed in Kasintahan sa Pangarap (1951), starring Pancho Magalona and Tita Duran. For 1951, more bit roles followed in Bernardo Carpio, starring real-life couple Cesar Ramirez and Alicia Vergel; in Dugong Bughaw, with Norma Vales and Tessie Martinez; and Rebecca. Finally, in her fifth movie, Ramon Selga (starring Lilian Leonardo and Pancho Magalona), she got a speaking part as a nurse.

Appearing as the daughter of Ramirez and Vergel in Madame X (1952), producers introduced Ms Galla with a new, more dramatic name: "Gloria Romero." She got her first memorable role in Palasig (1952) opposite heartthrob Cesar Ramirez, but it was her lead role in Monghita (1952), opposite Oscar Moreno that cemented her bankability and popularity. In 1953, she played the daughter of Carmen Rosales in May Umaga Pang Darating. Ms Romero played against many leading men: opposite Ramon Revilla in Apat na Taga (1953); opposite Fred Montilla in Recuerdo (1953); opposite Pancho Magalona in Musikong Bumbong (1954); opposite Ric Rodrigo and Luis Gonzales in Pilya (1954), and opposite Dolphy in Dalagang Ilocana (1954), for which she won the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts & Sciences (FAMAS) Best Actress award.

She also made Vacacionista (1956), Pitong Pagsisisi (1959), and Lupa sa Lupa (1960) opposite Luis Gonzales. Ms Romero tried a formula by appearing as characters popularized in comic strips: Her first two attempts, Mister Kasintahan (1953) and Kurdapya (1954), were so successful she immediately made Mariposa (1955) and Miss Tilapia (1956), where she played the original Pacifica Falayfay. Afterwards, Ms Romero ventured into the dramatic format again, with Artista (1955), Teresa (1956), opposite her popular love-team partner Luis Gonzales; Ikaw ang Aking Buhay (1959), plus remakes of pre-war musical movies like Pagdating ng Takipsilim (1956), Colegiala (1957) and Paru-parong Bukid (1957). All these blockbusters made her Queen of Philippine Movies (her closest rival was Nida Blanca), and Sampaguita Pictures renewed her contract for another 8 years-- making her the studio's longest exclusive star. She made some 30 movies with her frequent screen partner, Luis Gonzales.

She has appeared on the long-running television sitcom Palibhasa Lalake (1991), as well as the short-lived Fifty Carats, O Di Ba? (1993) with three other veteran actresses. She also joined the soaps Familia Zaragosa (1995), Labs ko si Babes (2000), Sa Dulo ng Walang Hanggan (2001), and Sana'y Wala ng Wakas (2003). Two of her most recent outings have been in horror films: Bahay ni Lola 2 (2005) and Shake, Rattle and Roll 2k5 (2005), reminiscent of the way veteran Hollywood actresses were popularly cast in horror films in their elderly age in the 1960s, such as Joan Crawford with Trog (1970). She also made films for other studios, like Pitong Gabi sa Hongkong (1966); Kaibigan Ko ang Sto Niño (1967); Haydee (1966), with Hilda Koronel; Lumuha Pati Mga Anghel (1971), with Eddie Garcia and Ronaldo Valdez; Sakada (1976), directed by Behn Cervantes, costarring Pancho Magalona, Rosa Rosal, Hilda Koronel and Bembol Roco; and, Bakit May Putik ang mga Bulaklak? (1979) with Lorna Tolentino and Rosemarie Gil.

Ms Romero received the FAMAS Best Actress award for Dalagang Ilocana (1954), Best Supporting Actress for Nagbabagang Luha (1988) and Best Actress for Tanging Yaman (2000). She also received a Best Supporting Actress award from the Film Academy of the Philippines (FAP) for Saan Nagtatago ang Pag-Ibig? (1987), and again FAP gave her Best Actress honor for her film Tanging Yaman (2000). She received nominations from FAMAS for her films Ikaw ang Aking Buhay (1959), Condemned (1984) and Bilangin Ang Bituin sa Langit (1989). At the Manunuri ng Pelikulang Pilipino awarding (Gawad Urian Award s), she received the 2001 Best Actress award for Tanging Yaman (2000) and the 2004 Best Supporting Actress award for Magnifico (2003). Furthermore, the Gawad Urian, the FAP and the CineManila International Film Festival have honored her with individual Lifetime Achievement Awards, between 2001 and 2004.

She married actor Juancho Gutierrez after they met during a movie. Her daughter Maritess Gtuierrez joined showbiz briefly before marrying and settling in the US. After her divorce from the husband, Maritess with the son Chris Qutierrez Balbin who also joined the movies came back to the Philippines. She convinced her mother to reconcile with her father Juancho until his death in 2002.


Gawad Urian Best Supporting Actress (Pinakamahusay na Pangalawang Aktres)
for: Magnifico (2003)

Gawad Urian Best Actress (Pinakamahusay na Pangunahing Aktres)
for: Tanging yaman (2000)

Gawad Lifetime Achievement Award

FAP Best Supporting Actress
for: Saan nagtatago ang pag-ibig (1987)

FAP Best Actress
for: Tanging yaman (2000)

FAP Lifetime Achievement Award

Famas Best Actress
for: Dalagang Ilocana (1954)

Famas Best Supporting Actress
for: Nagbabagang luha (1988)

Best Actress
for: Tanging yaman (2000)

Famas Lifetime Achievement Award 2004
Film Credits:

# Crossroads (2008) (post-production)
... aka Sangandaan (Philippines: Tagalog title)

# Bahay kubo: A pinoy mano po! (2007) .... Ida
... aka Bahay kubo (Philippines: Tagalog title: short title)
# "Komiks" .... Lola Maria (3 episodes, 2006-2007)
- Pedro Penduko at ang mga Engkantao (2007) TV episode .... Lola Maria
- Da Adventures of Pedro Penduko (2006) TV episode .... Lola Maria
- Momay (2006) TV episode
# M.O.N.A.Y (Misteyks obda neyson adres Yata) ni Mr. Shooli (2007)
... aka M.O.N.A.Y ni Mr. Shooli, Ang (Philippines: Tagalog title)
# "Star Magic Presents" .... Lola Caring (1 episode, 2006)
- Tender Loving Care (2006) TV episode .... Lola Caring
# "Crazy for You" (2006) TV series (unknown episodes)
# Moments of Love (2006) .... Lola Rosa
# Tulay (2006)
# I Wanna Be Happy (2006)
# Shake, Rattle and Roll 2k5 (2005)
# Bahay ni Lola 2 (2005) .... Amelia
# Let the Love Begin (2005) .... Lola
# Beautiful Life (2004) (as Ms. Gloria Romero) .... Magda Nuñez
# Annie B. (2004)
... aka Annie B: Bida ng ukay-uka, bongga siya day (Philippines: Tagalog title: long title)
# "Sana'y wala ng wakas" (2003) TV series .... Doña Valeria Valencia
# Magnifico (2003) (as Ms. Gloria Romero) .... Lola Magda
# Spirit Warriors: The Shortcut (2003) .... Lola Tunying
... aka Spirit Warriors 2: The Short Cut (Philippines: English title: festival title)
# "OK Fine Whatever" (2003) TV series .... Lola Barbie
... aka OK Fine! Oh Yes! (Philippines: English title: third season title)
... aka OK Fine! To ang gusto nyo! (Philippines: Tagalog title: second season title)
# Singsing ni Lola (2002) .... Lola
# I Think I'm in Love (2002) .... Amor
# Cass & Cary: Who Wants to Be a Billionaire? (2002) .... Doña Gracia
... aka Cass & Cary (Philippines: English title: short title)
# Bahay ni Lola (2001)
# American Adobo (2001) .... Gerry's Mom
# Bakit 'di totohanin (2001)
# Narinig mo na ba ang l8est? (2001)
# "Sa dulo ng walang hanggan" (2001) TV series .... Carmela Estocapio
# Tanging yaman (2000) .... Loleng
... aka A Change of Heart (Philippines: English title)
# Daddy O! Baby O! (2000) .... Brenda
# "Labs ko si babes" (2000) TV series

# Dahil may isang ikaw (1999)
# Scorpio Nights 2 (1999)
# Maldita (1999)
# Do Re Mi (1997)
# Takot ako sa darling ko (1997) (as Ms. Gloria Romero)
# Rubberman (1996) .... Minerva
# Misis kong hoodlum, Ang (1996)
# Araw-araw, gabi-gabi (1995)
# "Familia Zaragoza" (1995) TV series
# Ikaw pa, mahal kita (1995)
... aka Ikaw pa.. e love kita (Philippines: Tagalog title: alternative transliteration)
# Sana dalawa ang puso ko (1995)
# Forever (1994)
# Sana'y laging magkapiling (1994)
# Pulis patola (1993)
# Ayaw ko ng mangarap (1993) .... Azul
# Kadenang bulaklak (1993)
# Bakit labis kitang mahal (1992)
# Alabang Girls (1992)
# "50 Karats" (1992) TV series
# Kislap sa dilim (1991) .... Adela
# My Other Woman (1991)
# Dinampot ka lang sa putik (1991)
# "Palibhasa lalake" (1991) TV series
# Joey Boy Munti, 15 anyos ka sa Muntilupa (1991)
# Kapag langit ang humatol (1990) .... Dona Octavia Villaruel
# I Have 3 Eggs (1990)
# Tayo na sa dilim (1990)
# Kahit isumpa mo ako (1990)
# Bakit ikaw pa rin? (1990)

# Oras-oras, araw-araw (1989)
# Huwag kang hahalik sa diablo (1989) .... Lucia
# Lady L (1989)
# Si Aida, si Lorna, o si Fe (1989)
# Bilangin mo ang bituin sa langit (1989)
... aka Bilangin ang mga bituin sa langit (Philippines: Tagalog title)
# Kung maibabalik ko lang (1989)
# Impaktita (1989)
# Sandakot na bala (1988)
# Mirror, Mirror on the Wall (1988)
# Nagbabagang luha (1988)
# Nasaan ka inay (1988) .... Isabel
# Lord, bakit ako pa? (1988) .... Bering
# Alabok sa ulap (1987)
... aka Alabok sa lupa (Philippines: English title)
# Saan nagtatago ang pag-ibig (1987)
# Payaso (1986)
... aka The Clown (literal English title)
# Once Upon a Time (1986) .... Reyna Kamkam
# Miguelito, ang batang rebelde (1985)
... aka Miguelito (Philippines: Tagalog title: short title)
# Hindi nahahati ang langit (1985)
# Kay dali ng kahapon, ang bagal ng bukas (1985)
... aka Kay dali ng kahapon, ang bagal ng umaga (Philippines: English title)
# Kwento ni Lola Basyang, Mga (1985) .... Reyna (segment "Sleeping Beauty")
... aka Mga Kuwento ni Lola Basyang (Philippines: Tagalog title)
# Bulaklak ng City Jail (1984)
... aka Flowers of the City Jail (International: English title)
# Condemned (1984)
# Anak ni Waray, anak ni Biday (1984)
... aka Anak ni Waray vs. Anak ni Biday (Philippines: Tagalog title)
# Teenage Marriage (1984)
# Dear Mama (1984)
# Kung mahawi man ang ulap (1984)
# Sinner or Saint (1984)
# To Mama with Love (1983)
# Mother Dear (1982)
# Kasal? (1980)

# Nasa lupa ang langit at imperyno (1978)
# Daigdig ng lagim (1976)
# Sakada (1976)
... aka The Tenants (Philippines: English title)
# Karugtong ang kahapon (1975)
# Happy Days Are Here Again (1975/I)
# Lipad, Darna, lipad! (1973) .... Impakta, or Miss Luna
... aka Fly, Darna, Fly! (Philippines: English title: literal title)
# Anak ng aswang (1973)
# Just Married, Do Not Disturb (1972)
# My Blue Hawaii (1972)
... aka Blue Hawaii (Philippines: English title)
# Daluyong! (1971) .... Czarina Revilla
# Haydee (1970)
... aka Haydee the Brown Girl and the White Idol (Philippines: English title: long title)

# Pinagbuklod ng langit (1969) .... Imelda Marcos
... aka Heaven's Fate (International: English title)
# Atorni Agaton: Abogado de kampanilya (1969)
# Kamatayan ko ang ibigin ka (1968)
# Liku-likong landas (1968)
# Hinango kita sa lusak (1967)
# Anong ganda mo! (1967)
# Kaibigan kong Sto. Niño (1967) .... Marta
# Iginuhit ng Tadhana: The Ferdinand E. Marcos Story (1965) .... Imelda Marcos
# Rollerboys (1965)
# Alaala ng lumipas (1965)
# Hamon sa kampeon (1965)
# Fighting Waray sa Ilocos (1964)
# Jukebox Jamboree (1964)
# Show of Shows (1964)
# Sinisinta kita (1963)
# Esperanza at Caridad (1963) .... Esperanza
# Haliging bato (1963)
# Anak, ang iyong ina! (1963) .... Leticia
# Anak ng Diyos, Mga (1962)
# Tugtuging bukid (1962)
# Apat na yugto ng buhay (1961)
# Hami-hanimun (1961)
# Alyas Sakay (1961)
# Lawiswis kawayan (1961)
# Lupa sa lupa (1960)

# Vicky (1959)
# Wedding Bells (1959)
# Pitong pagsisisi (1959)
# Ikaw ang aking buhay (1959)
# Bakit may putik ang bulaklak (1959)
# Kasintahan sa pangarap (1959)
# Alaalang banal (1958)
... aka Sacred Memory (Philippines: English title: literal title)
# Reyna ng Vicks, Mga (1958)
... aka The Queens of Vicks (Philippines: English title)
# Beloved (1958)
# Kuwento ni Lola Basyang, Mga (1958)
... aka Mga kwento ni Lola Basyang (Philippines: Tagalog title)
# Hongkong Holiday (1957)
# Colegiala (1957)
# Sino ang maysala (1957)
# Miss Tilapya (1956)
... aka Miss Tilapya (Philippines: English title)
# Pagdating ng takipslim (1956)
# Teresa (1956) .... Teresa
# Vacacionista (1956)
# Mariposa (1955)
# Artista (1955)
# Hindi basta basta (1955)
# Hootsy kootsy (1955)
# Bim, Bam, Bum (1955)
# Kurdapya (1955)
# Despatsadora (1955)
# Dalagang Ilocana (1954)
# Pilya (1954)
# Anak sa panalangin (1954)
# Biyenang hindi tumatawa (1954)
# May umaga pang darating (1953)
# Apat na taga (1953)
... aka 4 na taga (Philippines: Tagalog title)
# Cofradia (1953) .... Lead role
# Mister Kasintahan (1953)
# Recuerdo (1953)
# Madame X (1952/I)
# Palasig (1952)
# Siklab sa Batangas (1952)
# Tres muskiteros (1951)
... aka 3 muskiteros (Philippines: Tagalog title: literal title)
... aka Three Musketeers (Philippines: English title: literal title)

# Bakasyonista (????)
# Pitong gabi sa Hong Kong (????)

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Zaldy Zshornack Biography

Zaldy Zshornack

José Rizaldy Zshornack (30 December 1937, Manila–18 November 2002, Muntinlupa) was a Filipino actor. Zshornack had a long career spanning from the 1950s to the 1990s. He is perhaps best known for his role in Black Mama, White Mama, a 1973 film.

He was married to former Filipino American beauty queen Shirley Gorospe and together they had two children: Garizaldy and Geno.

The star even before Da King emerged in Philippiine Cinema, he was at th peak of his career when he had as his loveteam partner reel and real wife Shirley Gorospe. They appeared in such films as Sweetheart, Shirley, My Darling and Hongkong Honeymoon where they were supported by Chiquito, Celia Rodriguez, Carol Varga and Teroy de Guzman under the direction Ramon Estella for People’s Pictures, Inc. His other box office hits included Obra Maestra, Fil-American Girl, Once Upon a Time, Basta Pinoy and Pitong Gatang with FPJ. His son Garizaldy also entered showbiz once. He was from the Bicol region.

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Carlo Caparas BIOGRAPHY

Carlo J. Caparas, born Carlo Magno Josef Caparas,in March 12, 1945 is a Filipino comic strip creator turned director and producer.

He is the creator of Filipino superheroes and comic characters in comic books such as Panday, Bakekang,Totoy Batoand Angela Markado amongst others.

Carlo J. Caparas’ life is an inspiring tale of rags-to-riches worth retelling many times over.

Burdened by poverty, with a jobless father to boot, Carlo had no choice but to forg his high school education to help augment his mother’s meager earnings as a laundry woman. He took on a string of odd jobs - water carrier, boatman, construction laborer, factory hand - and dutifully did his share in supporting not just his parents but his eight siblings as well.

Dropping out of school, however, didn’t hinder Carlo from nourishing his passion for reading. A voracious bookworm, Carlo intentionally did not surrender his library ID so he could have continuous access to the wealth of reading materials stationed at the shelves. But this clever tactic came to an abrupt end when he was spotted by the school principal inside the library.

Carlo’s fondness for reading indeed may have prompted him to apply for a security guard in the Carmelo and Bauerman Publishing in Makati. Soon, all the books, magazines, and other literary materials being printed by the company were at his disposal. During his graveyard shift from 11:00pm to 7:00 am daily, Carlo kept himself awake by reading even the books that had not yet reached the bookstores.

His security guard days, recalls Carlo significantly, were his “1,000 nights of reading.”

During a company strike, the then 19-year old security guard was hit by a stray bullet in the heel, forcing him to rest and recuperate.

The downtime provided the perfect opportunity for the injured security guard to practice all those long hours of submerging himself in the world of books. Almost instantly, Carlo discovered his knack for storytelling. “Citadel” - the first Carlo J. Caparas’ komiks story was serialized in Superstar.

Heeding his call, Carlo immediately immersed himself in writing and creating original characters.

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

From the 1960s to the 1980s, popular komiks saw a phenomenal increase. Commissioner Joe Lad Santos of the National Commission for the Filipino Language said that there were as many as 100 komiks - with Pilipino Komiks, Hiwaga Komiks, Pinoy Klasiks, Aliwan Komiks and Tagalog Klasiks, to name a few - leading boom market.

There’s a claim that Filipinos aren’t inclined to reading, particularly text-rich materials. Yet critics and scholars had to acknowledge, albeit grudgingly, that komiks - with its straightforward and mass-based narrative delivered in vivid illustrations - somehow mended the “reading malady” of Pinoys.

Stating the figures to drive home the point, Santos proudly said that circulation of top-selling komiks was around 250,000 to 300,000 copies each, nationwide. And no one benefited more than Carlo J. Caparas.

In a moment of retrospection, Carlo good-naturedly boasted that there were times when he was writing 36 hit novels - all published.

Inevitably, local pop culture flourished as original Caparas creations such as Panday, Andres de Saya, Totoy Bato, Bakekang, Tuklaw, Pieta, Maestro, Lumuhod Ka Sa Lupa, Kahit Ako’y Lupa, Kamagong, Kamandag, among others, found their way into Pinoy consciousness. Even film producers got caught in the fever and made movies inspired by komiks stories.

By the time he decided to hang his pen in 1987 to concentrate on being husband to his wife Donna Villa, Carlo already had an antonishing 800 komiks novels tucked under his belt.

source: komiklopedia

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Dolphy (born Rodolfo Quizon on July 25, 1928 in Pampanga though raised in Tondo, Manila), is a comedian actor in the Philippines. Better known as the Philippine's "King of Comedy", his career has spanned for more than 5 decades. He used the screen names Golay and Pidol under Sampaguita Pictures.


He was raised by his parents Melencio Espinosa Quizon, a Chinese Filipino, and Salud de la Rosa Vera. He is currently living with his domestic partner Zsa Zsa Padilla. He has 18 children by five different women.

He started as a struggling performer onstage during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines. The late Fernando Poe, Sr. gave him his first break as a character actor. His comic talents became well known in the films, Jack en Jill and Facifica Falayfay. Soon, he made many comedy films, alongside fellow comedians, Pugo, Tugo, Babalu, Panchito, Ike Lozada and German Moreno. In 1966, as part of the comedy duo Dolphy and Panchito, he opened for the Beatles at Rizal Stadium in Manila. Even though their show was in Tagalog, Paul McCartney has said he was amused by their act.

He is best known for his character John Puruntong in the comedy sitcom John En Marsha with Nida Blanca. The series lasted for 17 years and ended in 1990.

After John En Marsha, he returned on TV to play Kevin Kosme (a play on the name of actor Kevin Costner) in the sitcom Home Along da Riles, of ABS-CBN, which was reinvented into Home Along da Airport.

In 2001, Dolphy and his sons Eric and Jeffrey Quizon all won the Prix de la Meilleure Interpretation (the equivalent of a Best Actor Award) in Brussels, Belgium for playing Walterina Markova in the movie Markova: Comfort Gay.

He currently appears in a show called John En Shirley which is a spin-off of John En Marsha with Maricel Soriano the only returning cast member from the show.

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All about Dolphy
Dolphy is all that – and more.

As a nod to his birthday, Conversations is giving you “80 snippets” as
a preview to the predicted best-seller.

1. I was born on Calle Padre Herrera on July 25, 1928. Orig na Tondo
Boy. I was about 13 when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.

2. My father was Melencio, son of Modesto Quizon and Adorable
Espinosa. He was earning well as tagagawa ng makina sa bapor at the
Atlantic Gulf.

3. My mother was Salud, daughter of Maximo Vera and Ninay de la Rosa.
She owned a tailoring shop at home. She was the first cousin of Rita
Vera Avellana, mother of Lamberto Avellana. My siblings and I called
our parents Papang and Mamang.

4. At that time, I could watch movies for free because I sold peanuts
and butong-pakwan inside, and also singkamas-malamig.

5. Radio was a hit at that time. The couple Dely Atay-Atayan and Andoy
Balunbalunan were the pioneers of radio shows.

6. I am the second of 10 children – Corazon, Rodolfo, Josefina,
Melencio Jr., Laura, Aurora, Jorge, Jaime, Teresita and Jaime.

7. I was circumcised by a barber at the bathroom under our house. When
I saw blood, I swallowed the guava leaves I was chewing, which was to
be used to cover the wound.

8. Pre-war. I started studying in a public school when I was six.
Naabot na ng right hand ko ang tainga ko sa left side so I was
accepted in Grade 1.

9. My baon was two centavos when I was in elementary and 10 centavos
in high school. At the Chinese store, you could buy a cup of coffee
for one centavo and tinapay na may laman for another centavo.

10. My favorite subjects were History and Arithmetic. Augusto Chico,
‘yung nakalaban ni Asiong Salonga, was my classmate.

11. Japanese Time. I did odd jobs, including shining shoes, pagkakabit
ng mga butones ng pantalon sa pagawaan, taga-salansan ng mga bote na
ika-classify mo according to size taga-karga ng bigas na mas mabibigat
pa sa akin sa pier, nag-buy-and-sell at naging kutsero.

12. I watched stage shows at the Life Theater and Avenue Theater. Mga
bida sina Pugo at Tugo, at Bayani Casimiro (Life) at pambato sa drama
si Rogelio de la Rosa; at sina Patsy, Lupito, Lupita and Gregorio
Ticman (Avenue), at pambato sa drama si Leopoldo Salcedo. May shows
din sa Lyric at Majestic.

13. My idols in comedy were Pugo and Tugo; sa sayaw, sina Bayani
Casimiro at Benny Mack.

14. I was turning 17 when Benny Mack got me as a chorus dancer, one
month at Avenue and then I moved to Lyric. When there was an air raid,
we would interrupt the show and run for cover at the air-raid shelter
sa orchestra, kasama ang audience. Kapag walang bombang bumagsak,
tuloy uli ang show.

15. I was also in the shows at Orient Theater. Golay was my first
stage name. My dream was to have a solo dance na gaya ni Fred Astaire.

16. My first love was Aida Javier who came from a family of musicians.
Mahusay siya mag-piano.

17. During my first roadshow, nakasama ko si Carlos Padilla Sr., lolo
ni Zsa Zsa.

18. I met Engracia Dominguez – si Gracia – sa stage show. In our skit,
she stood motionless, kunwari portrait, habang kinakantahan ko ng Mona
Lisa, Mona Lisa. Nagkaroon kami ng anim na anak – Manny, Salud,
Rodolfo Jr., Freddie, Edgar and Raul. Gracia and I separated in 1963.

19. I was among the original OFWs. Mga 1950 ‘yon. Nag-show kami sa
Hawaii, sa Hong Kong. And then, Japan where I saw snow for the first
time. It was also in Japan where I met Bimbo Danao, tatay ni Laura
Danao at dating artist sa LVN na naging singer. Sikat na sikat siya sa

20. It was Conde Ubaldo who got me into radio in the late ’40s. He was
a popular radio writer, director and producer. Isinama ako sa Wag
Naman, starring Pancho Magalona, Tessie Quintana and Baby Jane.

21. It was Pancho Magalona who recommended me to Dr. Jose “Doc” Perez,
the starmaker of Sampaguita Pictures. That was in 1952.

22. My first movie was Sa Isang Sulyap Mo, Tita, with Pancho Magalona
and Tita Duran. And then came Jack and Jill. Mga bida sina Rogelio de
la Rosa at Lolita Rodriguez. I wasn’t the first choice. Sina Batotoy
at Bayani ang unang kinonsider.

23. Jack and Jill was a komiks serial by Mars Ravelo. After that, I
did other komiks characters – Silveria, Captain Barbell, Facifica
Falayfay, all by Mars Ravelo.

24. The first time I did drama was in a 4-in-1 movie, with Barbara
Perez who played a blind girl. ‘Yung episode namin was inspired by the
Charlie Chaplin’s movie City Lights.

25. When I joined Sampaguita, my fee was P1,000 per movie. When my
contract expired, P7,000 per picture na ako.

26. I fell in love with a fellow Sampaguitan but I’d rather not reveal
who she was. Sa amin na lang ‘yon. She’s now in America.

27. It was also in Sampaguita where my team-up with Panchito became
popular. Actually, our tandem started on radio, sa mga shows ni Conde

28. ‘Yung song-translation gimmick namin ni Panchito started in Tawag
ng Tanghalan, the amateur talent search that produced Pepe Pimentel,
Ric Manrique Jr., Diomedes Maturan, Nora Aunor and Edgar Mortiz.
Panchito and I stayed in Tawag for six months, then sinimulan namin
ang Buhay Artista where we continued the song-translation portion.
Click na click sa audience ‘yon.

29. It’s not true na naging girlfriend ko si Miss Aruba (Maureen Ava
Viera). Sumali siya sa Miss Universe pageant dito noong 1974. Muntik
lang naging kami.

30. I met Gloria Smith in 1956. Nagkaroon kami ng apat na anak –
Mariquita, Carlos, Geraldino and Edwin.

31. As a father, I couldn’t give my children all my attention when
they were growing up. I was really working full time.

32. I was practically jobless when I left Sampaguita. It was Eugenio
“Geny” Lopez Jr., na kung tawagin ay si Kapitan, who got me into
television. Channel 3 pa noon. Sa kanila nagsimula ang Student
Canteen. Hosts sina Eddie Ilarde, Leila Benitez, Pepe Pimentel at
Bobby Ledesma.

33. My first TV show was Buhay Artista, sa ABS-CBN, idea nina Geny at
Ading Fernando. Sa radyo, my talent fee was P250-P300 per program. Sa
TV, mas mataas ng kaunti, P500 per show.

34. I met Baby Smith. Artista rin siya, Pamela Ponti ang screen name.
She was 17, I was 36. Nagkaroon kami ng apat na anak – Ronaldo,
Enrico, Madonna and Jeffrey.

35. I began doing movies for independent studios – LEA Productions,
Balatbat Productions, Filipinas Productions, Zultana Productions and
D’Lanor ni FPJ.

36. FPJ got me to star in two movies in 1964, Captain Barbell and
Daigdig ng Fantasia (with Nova Villa), both directed by Herminio
“Butch” Bautista, tatay ni Herbert.

37. I put up RVQ Productions in 1965. My first venture was Buhay
Artista, released in 1966. Kami ni Panchito pa rin, kasama sina Susan
Roces at Ronaldo Valdez.

38. Ronaldo Valdez’s real name is Ronald James Gibbs. He’s my
discovery, for Pepe en Pilar, pelikula namin ni Susan. We wanted a new
face as Susan’s partner. I saw Ronaldo in a basketball court and
brought him to the presscon so Susan could see him. “Wala bang iba?”
Susan said. I brought Ronaldo to the barber shop, bought him a pair of
boots at Glenmore and lent him my terno. When I presented him to Susan
again, she said, “Iyan pa.” She didn’t know that he was the same guy I
introduced to her earlier. Then I changed his name to Ronaldo Valdez.

39. Because of Jack and Jill, I was typecast in gay roles. My biggest
hit is Facifica Falayfay, directed by Luciano “Chaning” Carlos. I did
23 other movies with Chaning.

40. When agent movies were the fad, I also played a secret agent,
Dolpinger 1-2-3. Si Chiquito naman, Agent 0-2-10.

41. It’s not true that Chiquito and I had a rivalry. May gumawa lang
ng ganoon because at that time mayroong Nora-Vilma rivalry.

42. In the ’60s, naging fad ang bomba films nina Merle Fernandez,
Rossana Marquez, Rosanna Ortiz at Yvonne. Nag-lie low ako for a while.

43. In 1978, balik ako sa gay role, sa Ang Tatay Kong Nanay where I
played a parloristang bakla, directed by Lino Brocka. Kasama ko sina
Niño Muhlach as the son of my boyfriend, si Phillip Salvador. Si
Jessie Yu ang producer, brother ni Mother Lily.

44. RVQ produced more than 100 films. It had sister companies, Rodzon
Film Organization and Rodessa Films.

45. The tsismis was that I had a relationship with all my leading
ladies. Hindi naman po lahat. Mayroon ding hindi natuloy.

46. Did I court Nida Blanca, my leading lady in John en Marsha? Hindi
po. Ni minsan hindi ko naisipang ligawan siya.

47. John en Marsha started in 1971, a year before Martial Law, on
Channel 9. It was the idea of Kitchie Benedicto, head of the station.
Before Nida, who was doing Wala Kang Paki with Nestor de Villa, Boots
Anson-Roa and Helen Gamboa were considered as my wife Marsha. Before
Dely Atay-Atayan, kinonsider din si Chichay as my mother-in-law na
mayaman at matapobre. Mga anak namin sina Rolly (Quizon) at Maricel

48. John en Marsha was such a big hit that it was made into a movie eight times.

49. I don’t need Viagra. Zsa Zsa is my Viagra.

50. Ang type ko sa babae ‘yung mestisahin at siempre, maganda.

51. I am known as a Bombilya King, pero imposibleng dahil “doon” sa,
alam mo na. Kumalat ‘yon after I did El Pinoy Matador. As a torero, my
costume was tight, no underwear. Kapag nakaharap ako, naka-marka
talaga ‘yung akin, parang bombilya.

52. I am shy with women. I start with touching her hand. Pag hindi
inalis, may gusto. Pag inalis na may kasamang gulat, medyo ayaw. Pero
pag dahan-dahang inalis, ok-ok pa, nagpapakipot lang.

53. In the late ’60s while we were shooting in a hospital, I met a
nurse, Evangeline Tagulao. Nagkaroon kami ng isang anak. Nasa States
na sila ngayon.

54. I met Pilar Pilapil in 1969 when we shot Tayo’y Mag-Up, Up and
Away in Rome, Paris, London, New York, Hawaii and Las Vegas. That was
two years after she won the Bb. Pilipinas-Universe title. We almost
got married. Ayaw ng parents niya.

55. Then, I fell in love with Lotis Key. I also almost married her.
Ang mga babae ko, kadalasan nagkakasabay-sabay, nag-o-overlap sila.

56. In 1981, I met Alma Moreno. We have a son, Vandolph. Why did we
break up? Ayoko na lang mag-elaborate. Basta, nahirapan ako sa
lifestyle niya.

57. Nang naging kami ni Zsa Zsa, nabulabog ang buhay namin. Nawalan
ako ng show; tinanggal ang mga commercials ko. At that time, we
seriously thought of living in the States. Nakabili na nga kami ng
bahay doon, eh.

58. Zsa Zsa and I have a daughter, si Zia. We also have an adopted
daughter, si Nicole who was just a few months old nang ibigay sa akin
ng nanay niyang Amerikana. Nasa Hizon’s ako noon.

59. Hizon’s is my favorite restaurant, sa Ermita ‘yon. Masarap ang
ensaymada nila. ‘Yon ang pang-regalo ko sa mga friends ko.

60. When Nicole was baptized, the priest asked me, “Ang dami mo nang
anak; bakit gusto mo pang mag-adopt?” Sabi ko, “Tingnan n’yo, padre,
parang anghel. Kung sa’yo ibinigay, hindi n’yo ba tatanggapin?”

61. One of my embarrassing moments…Sa Orient, sumasayaw kami. May
lifting-lifting. E, may colds ako. Lumobo ang sipon ko habang
binubuhat ko ang partner ko. Palakpakan ang audience.

62. I love shirts by Italian designers. Armani. Gusto ko rin ang Gap
at Banana Republic.

63. Sa perfume, Angel.

64. Sa kotse, Mercedes Benz.

65. Sa books, biography. Nabasa ko na ‘yung books tungkol kay Frank
Sinatra at Charlie Chaplin.

66. Sa color, partial ako sa white. At red na nakuha ko sa Chinese
Feng Shui. Red daw is good luck to wear on a Monday.

67. Sa music, ballads. Fan ako nina Frank Sinatra, Doris Day at Ella Fitzgerald.

68. Gone With The Wind was the first color movie that I saw. Other
movies that I love are Singing in the Rain and all the Chaplin movies.

69. I also like musicals, ‘yung starring Fred Astraire and Gene Kelly.
Oo, Sound of Music.

70. My other favorites: Clark Gable, Gary Cooper, Jack Lemmon, Hedy
Lamarr, Ingrid Bergman, Jack Nicholson, Tom Hanks, Al Pacino, Robert
DeNiro, Hilary Swank at marami pang iba.

71. Sa local, ‘yung mga paborito ko namayapa na – Leopoldo Salcedo,
Rogelio de la Rosa, Jose Padilla Jr.

72. Ay si FPJ siempre. Alaga ako noon ng tatay niya, si Fernando Poe
Sr. Ayoko sa pulitika pero nag-kampanya ako para kay FPJ.

73. Oo nga pala, I started in the movies in 1946, kay Fernando Poe Sr.
Nanding ang tawag namin sa kanya. I was only 19 then.

74. My zodiac sign is Leo.

75. Mahilig si FPJ sa jacket, so everytime I traveled, ang pasalubong
ko sa kanya ay jacket na ginagamit naman niya sa kanyang mga pelikula.

76. Yes, it’s true. Mayroon na akong kabaong, bronze. Matagal na. I
was among the first to buy a family estate sa Loyola Memorial Park sa

77. Totoo. Madasalin akong tao. Habang nagtre-treadmill, nagro-rosary ako.

78. Do I have any regrets? None. I may not be a multi-millionaire but
I feel like one dahil marami akong kaibigan.

79. How do I want to be remembered? As a good person.

80. At 80, of course hindi na ako bagets. Na-kidney operation na ako.
Na-bypass. Nagka-tubig sa lungs.


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Aga Muhlach


Ariel Aquino Muhlach, better known as Aga Muhlach (born August 12, 1969 in the Philippines), is the most celebrated Filipino actor, product endorser, and matinee idol. He has appeared in over 30 movies, as well as several television sit-coms.
He started as a child actor, his popularity zoomed after co-starring in the teen movie, Bagets, in 1983.

His aunt Amalia Fuentes was former popular movie actresss. His father was also an actor. Nino Muhlach is a cousin and Almira Muhlach, also an actress is a sister.

He has a son with Janice de Belen, a popular TV talk show host and a former child actress.

He is a former boyfriend of former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres, and is now married to Charlene Gonzalez, who is also a beauty pageant titlist, with whom he is the father of twins Andres and Atasha.

Movie made:

* Aguila (1979) (as Ariel Muhlach)
* Bagets (1984)
* Campus Beat (1984)
* Hotshots (1984)
* Erpat kong forgets (1985)
* Paano ba ang magmahal (1984)
* Miguelito (Batang rebelde) (1985)
* The Crazy Professor (1985)
* Napakasakit, kuya Eddie (1986)
* When I Fall in Love (1986)
* Super wan, tu, tri (1986)
* OKS na OKS pakner (1986)
* Lord, bakit ako pa? (1988)
* Impaktita (1989)
* Here Comes the Bride (1989)
* Hot Summer (1989)
* My Pretty Baby (1989)
* Trese (1990)
* Joey Boy Munti, 15 anyos ka sa Muntilupa (1991)
* Bakit labis kitang mahal (1992)
* Sinungaling mong puso (1992)
* Hindi kita malilimutan (1993)
* Humanda ka mayor (1993)
* May minamahal (1993)
* Bakit pa kita minahal (1994)
* Basta't kasama kita (1994)
* Forever (1994)
* Nag-iisang bituin (1994)
* Sana maulit muli (1995)
* Oki Doki Doc (1996)
* Sa aking mga kamay (1996)
* Bayarang puso (1997)
* Dahil ba sa kanya (1998)
* Ikaw pa rin ang iibigin (1998)
* Dahil may isang ikaw (1999)
* Hinahanap-hanap kita (1999)
* Pangako... ikaw lang (2001)
* Narinig mo na ba ang l8est? (2001)
* Kailangan kita (2002)
* Kung ako na lang sana (2003)
* All My Life (2004)
* Bakit madalas ang tibok ng puso
* Paniwalaan mo
* Rosa mistika
* I Love You, Goodbye (2005)
* Dubai (2005)


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picture of piolo pascual
Piolo Pascual, born January 12, 1977, in Manila, Philippines, is a Filipino actor, singer, concert performer, host, product endorser, and model.
Pascual's mother is Filipino and his father is German. He is a member of ABS-CBN's elite circle of homegrown talents collectively known as Star Magic. His earliest acting experience was in the student theatrical group "Teatro Tomasino" of the University of Santo Tomas.
Pascual's early television credits include his stint as Kuya Miguel in ABS-CBN's educational show ATBP and as one of the many teen stars in GMA-7s musical variety show That's Entertainment. His first big break on the small screen came via a weekly primetime series entitled Sa Sandaling Kailangan Mo Ako (The Moment You Need Me), where he received an Asian TV Awards (1999) Best Drama Actor nomination for portraying the villain role of Raffy.
Pascual appeared briefly as Jussi Leino in The Vizconde Massacre (1991) directed by Carlo J. Caparas and had a supporting part in Batang PX (1997) directed by Jose Javier Reyes. His first big cinema break was the title role in Lagarista (2000) directed by Mel Chionglo where he received his first Gawad Urian nomination (Best Actor). Lagarista was exhibited in the Toronto, Pusan and Hongkong film festivals.
Pascual was paired with Judy Ann Santos towards the end of the daily primetime series Esperanza (1997-1999) and a quick succession of film and tv projects followed: Esperanza - The Movie (1999) where he received his first Metro Manila Film Festival and FAMAS nominations (Best Supporting Actor), Kahit Isang Saglit (2000), Sa Puso Ko Iingatan Ka (2001-2003), Bakit 'Di Totohanin (2001) and Till There Was You (2003). They reunited in 2006 in the movie Don't Give Up On Us and in the soap opera Sa Piling Mo.
In 2001, Pascual appeared in Mila directed by Joel Lamangan where he received his first Film Academy of the Philippines (Best Actor) for portraying Primo, the drug addict lover of schoolteacher Mila played by Maricel Soriano. He also headlined the Sprite commercial where a schoolgirl played by Toni Gonzaga could not help but scream "I love you, Piolo!" at the mere sight of him.
In 2002, Pascual played the pivotal role of Jules Bartolome opposite Vilma Santos and Christopher de Leon, in Dekada '70, which is a film based on Lualhati Bautista's novel of the same title about a family's struggle during the Marcos regime in the Philippines. He achieved a rare grand slam feat collecting a total of eight awards from all the existing award-giving bodies during the 2003 awards season in the Best Supporting Actor category starting with the Metro Manila Film Festival in December 2002 and culminating with the Gawad Urian in May 2003.
Since then, Pascual has released four albums for Star Records, mounted a solo concert at the Araneta Coliseum, performed outside the Philippines for The Filipino Channel, hosted ASAP, acted in the sitcom Bora with The Hunks, and endorsed Max's Restaurant, Timex watches, Selecta ice cream, Bench overhalued jeans, San Miguel coffee, and Banco de Oro. He also appeared in Mangarap Ka with Angelica Panganiban, Sa Piling Mo with Judy Ann Santos and Walang Kapalit with Claudine Barretto.

source: wikipedia


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diether ocampo
Diether Ocampo Pascual, who is better known simply as Diether Ocampo (born July 19, 1976), is a Filipino actor and singer.

He auditioned for ABS-CBN's talent search in 1996. A year and a half later, he became one of the members of Star Circle Batch II. His first movie appearance was in 'Calvento Files (1997)' .

He also dabbles in photography and used to take up classical guitar lessons at the Yamaha School of Music. But all those activities have taken a backseat to his steadily rising show biz career.

The biggest trade-off of his career, however, is his education. Diether was a second year physical therapy student at De La Salle University in Dasmarinas, Cavite, when he was bitten by the show biz bug. It was his grandmother, who urged him to take up physical therapy. After all, he comes from a family of doctors. His last name is Pascual.

It was ABS-CBN Talent Center director Johnny Manahan, who advised him to use Ocampo, his mom's maiden name. "I regret that I wasn't able to finish college when I entered show biz," says Diether. "But an opportunity like this comes only once." The eldest child in a brood of three, Diether describes himself as a reluctant actor. He never imagined himself acting before the cameras.

He is a member of ABS CBN's elite circle of homegrown talents properly named Star Magic and is one of the owners of a local magazine for men called Uno.

source: wikipedia


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jericho rosales
Jericho Vivar Rosales (born September 22, 1979 in Quezon City, Philippines) is a Filipino actor. He entered show business after winning Mr. Pogi (a male beauty contest in Eat Bulaga) in 1996. Echo, as he is fondly called, is a natural talent. He is a dancer, singer and actor.

Rosales joined Star Circle 4 in 1997. On the small screen, he was featured in several Maalaala Mo Kaya episodes, Pangako sa 'Yo, Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas and Ang Panday. The telenovela Pangako sa 'Yo made him a common household name, not only in the Philippines, but also in other South East Asian Countries as well, such as Malaysia.
Rosals starred in the critically-acclaimed films Tanging Yaman, Bagong Buwan, Noon at Ngayon, Santa Santita, and Nasaan Ka Man. He was also the other-half of the hugely popular loveteam with Kristine Hermosa in Trip, Forevermore, and Ngayong Nandito Ka. His latest movie was the true-to-life story of the famous Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao.

In March 2006, EMI Malaysia signed Rosales and his band Jeans (in which he is the lead singer and songwriter) for their debut album Loose Fit. In June 2006, Rosales and Heart Evangelista began endorsing one of the Philippines' leading fashion apparel brand Penshoppe.

source: wikipedia


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john lloyd cruz

John Lloyd Cruz (born June 24, 1983) is one of the country’s most promising young dramatic actors. A former teen star, John Lloyd first appeared in "Gimik" and "Tabing Ilog" as Kaye Abad’s love team partner. His other TV credits include, "Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay" and "It Might Be You", and currently "Maging Sino Ka Man", where in he was paired off with Bea Alonzo. He starred in the movies, "Nagbibinata", "Mahal na Kung Mahal", "My First Romance", "Now That I Have You", "Dubai", "Close To You" and "All About Love".

Aside from being a popular product endorser, John Lloyd also has various acting awards starting from his Best Actor win in Star Awards for his role in the teen drama, Tabing Ilog.

Cruz is a member of ABS-CBN's elite circle of homegrown talents properly named Star Magic

source: wikipedia