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Blanca Gomez Biography


Like Bert, Rosemarie and Shirley, Blanca (younger sister of Daisy Romualdez) has been living in the States (in Montclair, San Bernardino, near Los Angeles) since 1984 with her family (children Bridgette, 34; Christina, 30; Beverly, 27; and Brian, 22). She got married in 1971 to Danny Pecache, a player for Crispa (Redmanizers) from whom she separated after two years (they divorced in 1979), and then to businessman Richard Yang (owner of Kobe Chicken Restaurant which has since gone out of business). Danny never remarried.

Now 58, Blanca came home during the Christmas season and, who knows, might stay for long, if not for good. Over lunch at Taste of L.A., Blanca recalled "those years" when Sampaguita was in its heyday.

All she wanted to be was a teacher.

"I used to live with my aunt on Don Quixote St. in Sampaloc, Manila. I was then a high school freshman at UST. Kasama namin si Madia-as Digdigan Buenaflor, a scriptwriter. When she learned that I was the sister of Ate Daisy, who was then already a Sampaguita contract star, she brought me to Sampaguita."

She was only 15 at that time. Blanca was introduced in Mga Anak sa Pagkakasala (1962), Eddie Garcia’s first directorial job.

"Those were different times, ibang-iba noon. We were very disciplined. Doc (Perez) saw to it. We were taught good manners and the social graces; we were dressed properly when we were in public. May curfew pa kami noon. After 12 midnight, bawal na lumabas."

One time, Blanca recalled, she and company sneaked out of the studio on the last shooting day of one of her movies and ventured into a nightclub at the Roxas Boulevard – you know, for a look-see out of curiosity.

"I was with Gina, Rosemarie, and (directors) Maning Borlaza and Chaning Carlos. We told Maning, ‘Ipasyal mo naman kami; hindi pa namin nakikita ang Roxas Boulevard. Aba, guess what happened the next day – we got a call slip from Doc and he gave us a lecture. Up to now, I don’t have any idea who told him about our (mis)adventure."

After Mga Anak, Blanca did more than two dozen movies, including the Mga Batang series (Mga Batang Eskwater, Mga Batang Turista, Mga Bata ng Lagim, etc.). Her two-year contract with Sampaguita was extended by four years until 1968 when she went freelancing, doing only two movies with other companies (one with Dante Rivero in a LEA Productions drama and another with Eddie Rodriguez under his own Virgo Productions).

Asked what other movies did she make, Blanca was clueless.

"I can’t remember," she apologized. "My children nga have been asking me what movies I’ve done, because they want to watch them, but I told them I don’t have any idea."

Her showbiz career was rudely interrupted in 1971 by her first marriage which didn’t last. Then, she entered a second marriage.

"I concentrated on our Kobe Chicken business. When we moved to the States (first in Missouri and then in L.A.) in the early ’80s, we closed our business here and put up (the same) in the States. Our Kobe Chicken (restaurant) there lasted for seven years. Our children were growing up and going to school, so we closed the store and I stayed home to take care of the children."

She now has five grandchildren, ages ranging from 10-years to two-months old.

"Our life in the States is simple. Like everybody else, we don’t have any maid. It’s expensive to have maids."

Now that her children have families of their own, Blanca said she can relax and enjoy herself.

Doesn’t she miss showbiz?

"No, not at all," said the Romblon lass who only wanted to be a teacher, "maybe because I’ve been busy mothering and grandmothering. But I’m up-to-date with what’s happening (in local showbiz)."

What if, just if, she gets an offer to do TV?

"I’ll think about it," she smiled, her face lighting up.

Forty years after the "Stars ’66," the acting itch remains.

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image of Claudine Barreto

Born Claudine Margaret Castelo Barretto into a large family on July 20, 1979, she has acquired several nicknames including Clau, Clau-Clau, Clauie, Claud, and Dine. Her parents are Mike and Estrella Barreto. She is the younger sister of the popular Gretchen Barreto and Marjorie Barreto.

Claudine started out as a mainstay of the phenomenal hit gag show, Ang TV. With the young and talented gang in the show, her performing has become her net skin. For a short period of time, she was taken as a co-host of the popular Sunday noon-time show, A.S.A.P. on ABS-CBN.

As a mainstay of several television shows, Claudine has proven that she can also act. She played Kevin Cosme's daughter in the high-rating sitcom, Home Along Da Riles and shared many comedy antics with no less than the King of Comedy himself, Dolphy. Also, she used to play a major role in Oki Doki Dok, a hit sitcom topbilled by Aga Muhlach.

Claudine demonstrated her versatility through her one-month stint as the Star Drama Theater featured artist and her top rating drama series Mula Sa Puso.

Claudine has starred in 12 movies including the critically acclaimed films May Minamahal, Pare Ko, Madrasta, Soltera and Calvento Files: The Movie. Her portrayal of a bad girl (Mela) in Dahil Mahal Na Mahal Kita earned her a reputation as one of the country's best actresses, and still very young at that! Claudine has been cited by Star Awards as the Best New TV Personality (1997).

She won the Famas Best Actress in Milan in 2004 and in May Minamahal in 2005.

A Christian, Barretto married Raymart Santiago on April 5, 2006. Together, they have an adopted daughter named Sabina Natasha and a son who was born on July 2007.


* Sukob (July 26 2006)
* Dubai (September 28 2005)
* Nasaan Ka Man (2005)
* Milan (2004)
* Kailangan Kita (November 5 2002)
* Got 2 Believe (February 27 2002)
* Oopps, Teka Lang .. Diskarte Ko To! (2001)
* Anak (2000)
* Mula Sa Puso The Movie (1999)
* Soltera (1999)
* Dahil Mahal Na Mahal Kita (1998)
* Flames the Movie (1997)
* Calvento Files the Movie (1997)
* Home Along da Riles 2 (1997)
* Madrasta (1996)
* Mangarap Ka (1996)
* May Nagmamahal Sa Iyo (1996)
* Pare Ko (1996)
* Radio Romance (1996)
* Oki Doki Doc the Movie (1995)
* May Minamahal (1994)
* Eat All You Can (1994)
* Muntik Na Kitang Minahal (1994)
* Home Along da Riles the Movie (1993)
* Lagalag : The Eddie Fernandez Story
* Sige, Ihataw Mo
* Pulis Patola
* God Save the Babies
* Taong Gubat

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Mario Montenegro

Mario Montenegro

Mario Montenegro

He appeared in such films as Dambanang Putik, Bohemyo, Ilaw sa Karimlan, Among Tunay, Topo-Topo, Doce Pares, Lapu-Lapu, Rodrigo de Villa, Prinsipe Tiñoso and Tatlong Labuyo. He was almost always paired opposite Delia Razon. Their teamup in action costume pictures proved a sure-fire formula in the box office. He was a contract star of LVN Pictures. His other films included Hindi Kita Anak with Tessie Quintana, Eddie del Mar, Cynthia Zamora and Bob Soler, which was directed by Teodorico Santos for Premiere Productions Inc. and Ang Iyong Lingkod, Gloria Romero which have four leading men playing opposite Gloria—Mario, Ric Rodrigo, Luis Gonzales and Juancho Gutierrez, which was directed by Jose de Villa for Sampaguita Pictures. Inc. In his senior years, he even appeared in Itim, a film directed by Mike de Leon which won Charo Santos a best actress award in the Asian Film festival. He also appeared in Anak ng Supremo, a Ramon ‘Bong’ Revilla Jr. starrer, which gave him a nomination for best supporting actor.

He's married to another actress, Letty Alonzo. They have two daughters who did not join the showbiz. A granddaughter has just joined the showbiz. She's Valen Montenegro.

* 1950 - Apat na Alas
* 1951 - Nasaan ka, Giliw
* 1951 - Bohemyo
* 1951 - Venus
* 1951 - Dugo sa Dugo
* 1952 - Correccional
* 1952 - Bathaluman
* 1952 - Rodrigo de Villa
* 1953 - Luha at Musika
* 1953 - 3 Labuyo
* 1953 - Makabuhay
* 1953 - Dagohoy
* 1953 - Tanglaw sa Dilim
* 1954 - Doce Pares
* 1954 - Prinsipe Don Juan
* 1954 - Dambanang Putik
* 1954 - Hiram na Kasintahan
* 1954 - Pasiya ng Langit
* 1955 - Lapu-Lapu
* 1955 - Banal O Makasalanan?
* 1955 - Mariang Sinukuan
* 1955 - Indian Pana
* 1955 - Panyolitong Bughaw
* 1955 - Pilipino Kostum No Touch
* 1955 - Ilaw sa Karimlan
* 1956 - Ulilang Bituin
* 1956 - Everlasting
* 1956 - Medalyong Perlas
* 1956 - Among Tunay
* 1956 - Higit sa Korona
* 1957 - Walang Sugat
* 1953 - Pintor Kulapol
* 1957 - Nasaan ka Irog?
* 1958 - Balae
* 1958 - Rebelde
* 1958 - Ay Pepita!
* 1958 - Casa Grande
* 1963 - Lalaine, Mahal Kita
* 1968 - Igorota

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Emma Alegre (born 1933) is a Filipina actress. She was a leading lady of the mid-1950's, working mostly for LVN Pictures.

Her first movie was Dalaginding.

Her third movie was Damong Ligaw where she was billed second (behind Tessie Quintana).

In her fourth movie, Dambanang Putik, she played the friend of Delia Razon.


* Dalaginding (1954)
* Tin-Edyer (aka Teenager) (1954)
* Damong Ligaw (1954)
* Dambanang Putik (aka Muddy Altar) (1954)
* Hiram na Kasintahan (aka Borrowed Lover) (1954)
* Tagapagmana (aka Inheritance) (1955)
* Palasyong Pawid (aka Wood Palace) (1955)
* Higit sa Lahat (aka Most of All) (1955)
* 1 2 3 (1955)
* Pasikat (1955)
* Karnabal (aka Carnival) (1955)
* Pilipino Kostum No Touch (aka Filipino Custom No Touch) (1955)
* Chaperon (1956)
* Everlasting (1956)
* Idolo (aka Idol) (1956)
* Medalyong Perlas (aka Pearl Medal) (1956)
* Dalawang Ina (aka Two Mothers) (1957)
* Hukom Roldan (aka Judge Roldan) (1957)
* Basta Ikaw (aka If it's You, OK) (1957)
* Tingnan Natin (aka Let me See) (1957)

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Dick Israel

Dick Israel<br />

Dick Israel is a popular character actor He started in the movies in early 70's and has appeared in many action movies.


1. "Margarita" (2007/II) TV series (announced) .... Robert

2. "Lupin" (2007) TV series .... Warden Jouquin Bagbag (2007)
3. Katas ng saudi (2007)
4. My Kuya's Wedding (2007) .... Peng
5. You Got Me (2007)
6. "Maging sino ka man" (2006) TV series .... Diosdado 'Dadoods' Davide (2006)
7. Reyna: ang makulay na pakikipagsapalaran ng mga achucherva, achuchuva, achechenes... (2006)
... aka Reyna (Philippines: Tagalog title: short title)
8. "Bahay mo ba 'to" .... Mang Turing (1 episode, 2006)
- Leona's Revenge (2006) TV episode .... Mang Turing
9. Batas militar (2006)
10. The Hunt for Eagle One: Crash Point (2006) (V)
11. Apoy sa dibdib ng samar (2006)
12. Lagot ka sa kuya ko (2006)
... aka Isusumbong kita sa kuya ko (Philippines: Tagalog title)
13. "Wansapanataym" .... Mayor Jaime Hibang (1 episode, 2006)
- Flying Voters (2006) TV episode .... Mayor Jaime Hibang
14. Oh, My Ghost! (2006)
15. Ispiritista: Itay, may moomoo! (2005)
... aka Ispiritista (Philippines: Tagalog title: short title)
16. Lisensyadong kamao (2005)
17. Happily Ever After (2005)
18. Enteng Kabisote: Okay ka fairy, the legend (2004) .... Ulo
... aka Okay ka, fairy ko! 3 (Philippines: Tagalog title: series title)
19. "Hiram" (2004) TV series
20. Mano Mano 3: Arnis, the Lost Art (2004)
21. Fantastic Man (2003)
22. "It Might Be You" (2003) TV series .... Bruno
23. "Buttercup" (2003) TV series .... Dante
24. Pakners (2003)
25. Pangako ng lupa (2002) (TV)
26. Cass & Cary: Who Wants to Be a Billionaire? (2002)
... aka Cass & Cary (Philippines: English title: short title)
27. Kilabot at Kembot (2002) .... Hector
28. Basagan ng mukha (2001)
29. Carta alas: Huwag ka nang humirit (2001) .... Melvin
... aka Carta alas (Philippines: Tagalog title: short title)
30. Narinig mo na ba ang l8est? (2001)
31. "Sa puso ko, iingatan ka" (2001) TV series .... Tats
32. Laro sa baga (2000)
33. Sagot kita mula hanggang paa (2000)
34. Noriega: God's Favorite (2000) (TV) .... Bodyguard

35. Wansapanataym: The Movie (1999)
... aka Wansapanataym (Philippines: English title: short title)
36. Hindi pa tapos ang laban (1999)
37. Ginto't pilak (1998) .... Ding
38. Squala (1998)
39. Curacha ang babaeng walang pahinga (1998) .... Goloy
... aka Curacha (Philippines: English title: short title)
... aka Curacha: A Woman Without Rest
40. Pakawalang puso (1998)
41. Babangon ang huling patak ng dugo (1997) .... Kumander Waning
42. Iskalawag (1997) .... Bulldog
43. Tapang sa tapang (1997)
44. Epimaco Velasco (1997)
45. Angela: Sabik sa pagmamahal (1997)
46. Hapdi ng tag-init (1997)
47. Rubberman (1996)
48. Titser kong pogi, Ang (1996)
49. Pinakamagandang hayop sa balat ng lupa, Ang (1996)
50. Melencio Magat: Dugo laban dugo (1996) .... Kulot
... aka Melencio Magat (Philippines: Tagalog title: short title)
51. Matimbang pa sa dugo (1995) .... Dodoy
52. Alfredo Lim: Batas ng Maynila (1995) .... Nicolas
53. Dog tag: katarungan sa aking kamay (1995)
... aka Dogtag (Philippines: English title)
54. Hanggang sa huling bala (1995)
55. Lagalag: The Eddie Fernandez Story (1994)
56. Kanto Boy 2: Anak ni Totoy Guwapo (1994) .... Benjie
... aka Kanto Boy 2 (Philippines: Tagalog title: short title)
57. Bawal na gamot (1994)
58. Tony Bagyo: Daig pa ang asong ulol (1994)
59. Nagkataon, nagkatagpo (1994)
60. Galvez: Hanggang sa dulo ng mundo hahanapin kita (1993)
... aka Galvez (Philippines: Tagalog title: short title)
61. Patapon (1993) .... Arnel
62. Kung kailangan mo ako (1993) .... Pacifico
63. Doring Borobo (1993)
64. Andres Manambit (1992)
... aka Andres Manambit, Angkan ng Matatapang (Philippines: Tagalog title: poster title)
65. Aswang (1992)
66. Eddie Tagalog: Pulis Makati (1992)
67. Para sa iyo ang huling bala ko (1992) .... Danilo
68. Lacson, batas ng Navotas (1992)
69. Bad Boy 2 (1992)
70. Maging sino ka man (1991)
71. Markang bungo (1991)
... aka Markang bungo: The Bobby Ortega Story (Philippines: English title)
... aka The Bobby Ortega Story (Philippines: English title)
72. Hukom .45 (1990)
73. Tapos na ang lahi mo... Hadji Djakiri (1990)
74. Hanggang saan ang tapang mo (1990)
75. Walang awa kung pumatay (1990)
76. Walang piring ang katarungan (1990)
77. Kristobal: Tinik sa korona (1990)
... aka Kristobal (Philippines: Tagalog title: short title)
78. Kahit singko ay di ko babayaran ang buhay mo (1990)
79. Hulihin si... Boy Amores (1990)
80. Durugin ng bala si Peter Torres (1990)
81. Biokids (1990)
82. Ibabaon kita sa lupa (1990)
83. Sa Diyos lang ako susuko (1990)
84. Nazareno Apostol: Boy Ahas (1990)
85. Anak ni Baby Ama (1990)

86. Galit sa mundo (1989)
87. Tulak ng bibig, kabig ng dibdib (1989)
88. Handa na ang hukay mo, Calida (1989)
89. Hindi pahuhuli ng buhay (1989)
90. Sgt. Melgar (1989)
91. Bala... dapat kay Cris Cuenca, public enemy no. 1 (1989)
92. Alyas Boy Muslim (1989) .... Boy Muslim
93. Salisi Gang (1989)
94. Mula paa hanggang ulo (1989) .... Dikya
95. Killer vs. Ninjas (1989)
96. Boy Kristiano (1989)
97. Patrolman (1988)
98. Dugo ng pusakal (1988)
99. Ambush (1988)
100. Akyat bahay gang (1988)
101. Anak ng lupa (1987) .... Eric
102. Magic of the Universe (1987) (V)
103. No Return, No Exchange (1986)
104. Naiibang hayop (1984)
105. Soltero (1984) .... Teddy
106. Idol (1984)
107. Blood Debts (1984) .... Rapist
108. JR (1983)
109. Intrusion Cambodia (1981)
110. Cover Girls (1981)

111. Aliw (1979)
... aka Pleasure (International: English title)
112. Hindi sa iyo ang mundo, Baby Porcuna (1978)
113. Boy pana (Terror ng Maynila '63) (1978)
... aka Boy pana (Philippines: Tagalog title: short title)
114. Bloody Hero (1977)
115. The Dormitory (1971) .... Anthony

116. Doble kara (????)
117. Materyales fuertes (????) .... Dodo
118. Sgt Patalinhug: CIS Special Operations Group (????)
... aka Sgt Patalinhug (Philippines: Tagalog title: short title)
119. Magdaleno Orbos: Sa Kuko ng mga lawin (????)
... aka Magdaleno Orbos (Philippines: Tagalog title: short title)
120. Jerry Marasigan, WPD (????

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Chanda Romero

Chanda Romero<br />Chanda Romero<br />

Chanda Romero is the niece of the Multi-awarded director Eddie Romero.
She won the Best Supporting Actress in 1981.


Faces Of Love (2007)

"princess-charming" (2007)

"impostora" (2007)

"magic Kamison" (2007) / Black Jewel in the Palace

Umaaraw, Umuulan (2006)

"vietnam Rose" (2005)

"now And Forever" (2005) / Linlang

Room Boy (2005)

Sitak (2005)

Liberated 2 (2004)

Room Service (2004)

Naglalayag (2004)

Sa Totoo Lang! (2004)

My First Romance (2003)

"narito Ang Puso Ko" (2003)

Balat-sibuyas (2003)

Dalaginding (2002)

"ikaw Lang Ang Mamahalin" (2001)

Mapagbigay (2000)

Kahit Kailan (1997)

Hanggang Kailan Kita Mamahalin (1997)

Biyudo Si Daddy, Biyuda Si Mommy (1997)

Langit Sa Piling Mo (1997)

Ligaya Ang Itawag Mo Sa Akin (1997)

Bagong Bayani (1995)

"villa Quintana" (1995)

Binibini Ng Aking Panaginip (1994)

Paniwalaan Mo (1993)

Gwapings Dos (1993)

Inay (1992)

Kasalanan Bang Sambahin Ka? (1990)

Bakit Ikaw Pa Rin? (1990)

Kahit Wala Ka Na (1989)

Paano Tatakasan Ang Bukas (1988)

Langit At Lupa (1988)

Stolen Moment (1987)

Olongapo: The Great American Dream (1987)

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow (1986)

Si Mister At Si Misis (1986)

Turuang Apoy (1985)

Heartache City (1985)

Bakit Manipis Ang Ulap (1985)

Dapat Ka Bang Mahalin (1984)

Bagets (1984)

Batuigas... Pasukuin Si Waway (1984)

Soltero (1984)

Working Girls (1984)

Laruan (1983)

Taong Labas (1982)

Alpha Kappa Omega Batch '81 (1982)

Raw Force (1982)

Firecracker (1981)

Karma (1981)

Jag Rodnar (1981)

Beach House (1980)

Taga Sa Panahon (1980)

Kasal? (1980)

Ikaw At Ang Gabi (1979)

Agimat Ni Pepe (1979)

Aguila (1979)

Anak Ng Maton (1979)

Marupok, Mapusok, Maharot (1978)

Nasa Lupa Ang Langit At Imperyno (1978)

Sa Piling Ng Mga Sugapa (1978)

Sari-sari Kulasisi (1978)

Boy Pana (terror Ng Maynila '63) (1978)

Divorce Filipino Style (1977)

Elektra Kasi Eh! (1977)

Basag Na Kristal (1977)

Banta Ng Kahapon (1977)

Babae, Huwag Kang Tukso (1977)

Inay (1977)

Makahiya At Talahib (1977)

Hindi Kami Damong Ligaw (1976)

Tatlong Kasalanan (1976)

Uhaw Na Bulaklak, Mga (1975)

Batul Of Mactan (1974)

Dyesebel (1973)

Kahit Ang Mundo'y Magunaw

Alma Bonita

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Diomedes Maturan

Diomedes Maturan<br />

Diomedes Maturan (dubbed the "Perry Como of the Philippines") was an actor who played in Botika sa baryo (1960) and Tawag ng tanghalan.

With his humble roots in amateur singing contests, Diomedes Maturan rose to fame when he became champion of the national TV show Tawag ng Tanghalan in 1958, with his interpretation of the song “Rose Tattoo; earning for him a role in LVN Pictures’ movie Rose Tattoo ng Buhay Ko with Charito Solis as co-star, commencing a colorful acting stint that would last for 24 more musical films. Some of the classics that he popularized were Velarde’s Dahil Sa’yo, and Gabi at Araw. In 1984, he garnered a Cecil Award in Outstanding Light Classical Vocal Recording for his rendition of Ernani Cuenco’s composition Gaano Ko Ikaw Kamahal

Maturan died on April 7, 2002 of heart attack at age 61.

He was survived by his wife Sylvia and children Dennis, Ma. Teresa, Dominic, and Marjorie.


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Bayani Casimiro

Bayani Casimiro

Bayani Casimiro (1923-1989) was a noted Filipino musical star of both stage and screen. Best known as a tap dancer, he was dubbed the "Fred Astaire of the Philippines". His frequent dancing partner was Nieves Manuel. Casimiro's career began in bodabil (the Filipino version of vaudeville), but soon progressed to films, where he starred in several popular musicals of the 1940s and 1950s.

As he aged, Casimiro became known to a younger generation primarily as a character actor in film comedies. Often cast as a grandfather or town sage, his thin frame and befuddled look lent to easy ridicule. His most prominent role in later years was as the father of Enteng Kabisote (Vic Sotto) in the wildly popular sitcom OK Ka Fairy Ko. He passed away early in the series' run, but his son, Bayani Casimiro, Jr., soon joined the cast as Prinsipe ng Kahilingan. In obvious tribute to his father, Casimiro Jr.'s character would perform a brief tap dance upon his every entrance and exit.


* 1938 - Bayan at Pag-ibig (Excelsior)
* 1940 - Rosa Birhen (Del Monte)
* 1940 - Santa (Majestic)
* 1941 - Manilena (X'Otic)
* 1941 - Halimaw (X'Otic)
* 1941 - Kung kita'y kapiling (Acuna-Zaldariaga)
* 1942 - Caballero (RDR)
* 1946 - So Long America (Sampaguita Pictures)
* 1947 - Maling Akala (Lvn)
* 1947 - Ikaw ay Akin (Lvn)
* 1947 - Oh, Salapi! (Lvn)
* 1948 - Malaya (Mutya sa Gubat) (Lvn)
* 1949 - Milyonarya (Lvn)
* 1949 - Maria Beles (Lvn)
* 1949 - Makabagong Pilipina (Lvn)
* 1949 - Hiyas ng Pamilihan (Lvn)
* 1949 - Kuba sa Quiapo (Lvn)
* 1949 - Lupang Pangako (Lvn)
* 1949 - Hen. Gregorio del Pilar (Lvn)
* 1950 - Sohrab at Rustum (Lvn)
* 1951 - Shalimar (Lvn)
* 1951 - Maria Bonita (Royal)
* 1951 - Amor mio (Lvn)
* 1953 - Vod-A-Vil (Sampaguita)
* 1954 - Tres Muskiteras (Sampaguita)
* 1954 - Sa Isang Halik mo Pancho (Sampaguita)
* 1955 - Dalagita't Binatilyo (Lvn)
* 1955 - Mariang Sinukuan (Lvn)
* 1955 - Banda Uno (Lvn)
* 1955 - Karnabal (Lvn)
* 1955 - Pilipino Kostum No Touch (Lvn)
* 1957 - Lelong Mong Panot (Lvn)
* 1957 - Turista (Lvn)
* 1957 - 10,000 Pag-ibig (Lvn)
* 1958 - Tuloy ang Ligaya (Lvn)

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Tessie Agana

Tessie Agana

Tessie Agana (born 1943) is a Filipino actress who was a very popular child star during the 1950s, credited by some for saving Sampaguita Pictures with her work in the box office hit Roberta [1]. She is the daughter of actress Linda Estrella.

Even though she still enjoys watching on TV classic films in black and white that were produced by Sampaguita Pictures, former child actress Tessie Agana who starred in the 1949 movie "Roberta," which was written by Mars Ravelo and directed by Olive Latorre, said she did not miss the limelight.

Tessie admitted this to Manila Bulletin during her induction with actor Boy Alano (Tessie’s brother in "Roberta"), whom she hasn’t seen for 40 years, at the Walk of Fame–Philippines in Eastwood City’s Central Plaza last Wednesday.

"When I heard about the Walk of Fame I was really glad for the other stars who were inducted but I didn’t think that I would be one of them," told a teary–eyed Tessie who was in the country recently for the medical mission of her husband, Dr. Rodolfo L. Jao, in the latter’s hometown Marinduque.

As she looks back at the time when she was still in the movies, Tessie described her life then as far from normal. Although acting before the cameras felt more like a game than a chore, she said she was not comfortable with the adulation that fans showed her.

"My life as a child actress wasn’t easy. Whenever I would go out, fans would always pinch me and I couldn’t do anything because I was in the movies. I’ll tell you a secret. I’m an introvert. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always been shy, I was never comfortable with interviews and being around people. There are only two reporters whose names I still remember. They are Ernie Evora and Lina Flor. They would just look at me without asking anything then they already know what to write," recounted Tessie.

Boy, on the other hand, said Dr. Perez and his wife Azucena Vera–Perez trained him, Tessie and other young stars of their time how to act graciously on and off cam.

"Dr. Perez explained that when people pinch us, that only shows that they admire us. Noong panahon namin, umiral sa amin ang disiplina kasi magaling magpatakbo ang Sampaguita Pictures. Whenever we’re asked of the reason why we’re acting, wala sa amin ang nagbibigay ng nakakainis na sagot like ‘gusto ko makatulong sa pamilya ko’ or anything of that sort. We say pointblank na gusto namin umarte," shared Boy.

If it was always Boy’s dream to become a movie star, Tessie felt the exact opposite. She stressed that she would never have entered the movies if she were not the daughter of actress Linda Estrella. Being famous, she said, was the farthest thing from her mind when she was a little girl.

"I wanted to become a nun. I didn’t expect my name to go this far," she confessed.

Tessie said she saw her life starting anew when she migrated to the US with her parents. Upon being informed by them that they would be staying there for good so that she could live a much normal life, Tessie was thrilled with the idea.

"I was 11 years old when we moved to the States and I just finished doing the movie ‘Nung Ako’y Maging Dalaga.’ When I got to the US, I did not have to make any adjustments with the new life I was about to face. I knew right away that I’m going to enjoy it. And honestly speaking, I never found myself missing the movies," she admitted.

However, Tessie’s exit from the movies saw the industry losing a gem claimed her friend Boy. According to the actor, "napakagaling na artista kasi ni Tessie. Wala siyang katulad. Once our director gives her instructions, alam niya agad ang gagawin niya. Noong panahon kasi namin hindi uso yung maglaro sa set. What we always had in mind was our main and sole purpose for being there."

As for today’s young actors and actresses who are still building their own niche in the movie industry, Tessie and Boy only have this to say: "Save up and don’t forget God. Most of all, be sincere to your fans and to the press people because without them you would be nothing."

* 1949 - Roberta
* 1950 - 13 Hakbang aka 13 Steps
* 1950 - Kay Ganda mo Neneng aka Neneng, You're Beautiful
* 1951 - Kasaysayan ni Dr. Ramon Selga aka The Story of Dr. Ramon Selga
* 1951 - Roberta
* 1951 - Anghel ng Pag-ibig aka Angel of Love
* 1951 - Ang Prinsesa at ang Pulubi aka The Princess and the Pauper
* 1951 - Batas ng Daigdig aka Rules of the World
* 1952 - Rebecca
* 1952 - Kerubin aka Cherubim
* 1952 - Ulila ng Bataan aka Orphan of Bataan
* 1953 - Munting Koronel aka Little Colonel
* 1953 - Anak ng Espada aka Daughter of Sword
* 1954 - Nagkita si Kerubin at si Tulisang Pugot
* 1954 - Kung Ako'y Maging Dalaga aka If I Become a Lady
* 1954 - at sa Wakas aka the End
* 1955 - Baril O Araro? aka Gun or Plow

For news articles about Tessie Agana
go to CelebritiesCorner.


Saturday, September 22, 2007


Bobby Gonzales-singer-actor-entertainer

Bobby Gonzales

Bobby Gonzales was born in 1942 and died in October 2002 from emphysema He started appearing in movies in 1950's under Premiere Productions.

In the 60's he started recording where his song Inday ng Buhay Ko and Hahabol-habol became an instant hits. Salidumay from Vicor Records became the favorite of his fans.

Other records were, Ale Ale, Walastik, Dalagang Suplada and Diyan Ka Na. He hosted radio and television shows like the Big Show that eventually became Oras ng Ligaya with Sylvia La Torre. Then he moved to Tokyo and lived there as entertainer. He also sung in Vegas and Atlantic City with the Reycards Duet.

Coming back to the Philippines, he performed in the Intramuros Bar of the Manila Garden Hotel, performing kundiman and Japanese songs. Before he died, he received the Lou Salvador Memorial Award.

His recordings:

* Ako'y May Nalalaman - 1973
* Alak - 1973
* Ander de Saya - 1973
* Ang Matampuhin Kong Nobya - 1973
* Ay Pepita - 1973
* Bugtungan - 1973
* Huwag Kang Sumingit - 1973
* Inday Ng Buhay Ko (bobby) - 1966
* Magandang Dalaga - 1973
* One Day Isang Araw - 1973
* Salidumay - 1973
* Silver Bells (bobby) - 1970 - kaduweto si Nora Aunor
* Sori Na Lang - 1973
* Three Little Words - 1971
* Tugtugan - 1973
* Whispering Hope (bobby) - 1970 - kaduweto si Nora Aunor
* Ale Ale
* Bakit pa ako Nabubuhay
* Bisaya ka Man
* Di Hayop di Tao
* Dinamdam ko
* Diyan ka na
* Habang Lalong
* Hahabol-Habol
* Hindi Bale
* Hitsang Hitsang
* Inday ng Buhay ko
* Maglalakbay
* Nakakaakit
* Nanginginig pa
* Ngalit sa Tatay
* Pakombo-kombo
* Pampagana
* Pinoy Rock n Roll
* Salidumay
* Wen Manong

For news articles about Bobby Gonzales go to CelebritiesCorner.


Friday, September 21, 2007


Elvira Manahan Biography

Elvira Manaha

Elvira Manahan – A legendary beauty, she hosted Two for the Road,
first as a nightly for the pre-martial law ABS-CBN and later as a
weekly for GMA-7. As most of us still recall, Ms. Manahan was murdered
in her Forbes Park home in October 1986.

She was married to Doctor Constancio Manahan and had two sons, Johnny and Bonggoy. Johnny Manahan is now an executive in ABS CBN. He is also a TV director.


Thursday, September 20, 2007


Julie Vega Biography

Julie Vega

Julie Vega – A big, big child star, she died of a mysterious ailment
at the peak of her career on May 6, 1985 while Anna Liza was still at
the top of the ratings chart.

Julie Pearl Apostol Postigo, who is better known by her screen name Julie Vega (May 21, 1968 – May 6, 1985), was a popular and well-loved Filipina child actress and singer whose sudden death at the tender age of 16 triggered a massive outpouring of nationwide grief that is still vividly remembered by Filipino showbiz fans after several years.

Read the complete biography of Julie Vega in wikipedia.


Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Amado Cortez BIOGRAPHY

Amado Cortez


Amado Cortez (1928-2003) was a Filipino actor and diplomat. Amado Cortez was a member of the Padilla acting clan His first contract was under Lvn Pictures. He made five movies with Lvn, namely Ang Tapis mo Inday with Celia Flor, Anak ng Pulubi and Nasaan ka Giliw both with Tessie Quintana, Harana sa Karagatan with Mila del Sol and Tia Loleng with Armando Goyena.

After two years of making movies with Lvn Studios, he signed another contract with the Santiagos and became the mainstay movie player on that studio.

He then made several pictures with Premiere Production. He married Gloria Sevilla, another award-winning actress and a widow of Visayan actor Mat Ranillo Jr. Production siren.

Cortez won a Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences Award for Best Supporting Actor in 1970. His last film was "Campus Scandal" (1998).

In 1998, Philippine President Joseph Estrada, a former actor and colleague of Cortez, named Cortez as General Consul of the Philippines in San Francisco. Ailing from tuberculosis, he was replaced as consul in 2001 and died in 2003. Cortez was awarded a posthumous lifetime achievement award in 2003 by the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences.




Pugo –was a partner of another comedian Togo. Both were bald. A veteran of stage shows, he did several successful comedies for LVN before he ventured into television where he starred in Tangtarangtang (which later became Si Tatang Kasi), Wanted: Boarders, Alright, Okay, My Son, My Son and also as replacement of Lopito in
Tawag ng Tanghalan. Dolphy so respected Pugo that when the mentor died in 1978, he cut short his US vacation to attend the wake. Dolphy also had Pugo's coffin replaced with a more expensive one – something more fit for the original King of Comedy, which Pugo was in the '50s and '60s.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Fred Montilla BIOGRAPHY

Fred Montilla

Fred Montilla—An actor-turned-politician, Fred appeared in La Paloma with Paraluman, Lilian Leonardo and Eddie del Mar. He also appeared In Ang Kampeon, Tulisang Pugot (with Tita Munoz and Tolindoy), Tres Muskitiros (with Oscar Moreno and Cesar Ramirez), Si Kerubin At Si Tulisang Pugot (with Tessie Agana) and Labintatlong Hakbang (with Linda Erstrella). But he will always be remembered in his role as Bondying (and its sequel Tatay na si Bondying) with Myrna Delgado. All films were produced by Sampaguita Pictures, Inc. His brother Rudy Francisco and his son Francis Montilla also became part of the local show business.

He died on December 5, 2003.

1. Nasaan ka inay (1988)
2. Silang mga sisiw sa lansangan (1988)
3. Forward March (1987)
4. Victor Corpuz (1987)
... aka Get Victor Corpus: The Rebel Soldier (Philippines: English title)
5. Jailbreak 1958 (1986)
6. Padrino, Ang (1985)
7. Friends in Love (1983)
8. Umpisahan mo... Tatapusin ko! (1983)
9. Dear Heart (1981)

10. Inay (1977)
11. Dalawang pugad, isang ibon (1977)
12. Super Gee (1973)

13. Tagumpay ng mahirap (1965) .... (segment "The President")
14. Class reunion, Ang (1963)
15. Alyas Sakay (1961)
16. Isinakdal ko ang aking ama (1960)
17. Tatlong Magdalena (1960)
... aka The Three Magdalenes (Philippines: English title)

18. Kamandag (1959)
19. Bobby (1958) .... Bobby
20. Batang bangkusay (1957)
21. Contravida (1955)
... aka Kontrabida (Philippines: Tagalog title)
22. Mambo dyambo (1955)
23. Tatay na si Bondying (1955) .... Bondying
24. Bondying (1954) .... Bondying
25. Nagkita si Kerubin at Tulisang Pugot (1954)
... aka Nagkita si Kerubin at si Tulisang Pugot (Philippines: Tagalog title)
26. Gorio at Tekla (1953) .... Gorio
27. Recuerdo (1953)
28. Tulisang pugot (1953)
29. Mayamang balo (1952)
30. Buhay alamang (1952)
31. Hiram na mukha (1952)
32. Siklab sa Batangas (1952)
33. Batas ng daigdig (1951)
... aka Rules of the World (Philippines: English title: literal title)
34. Tres muskiteros (1951)
... aka 3 muskiteros (Philippines: Tagalog title: literal title)
... aka Three Musketeers (Philippines: English title: literal title)

35. Teniente Ramirez (1949)
36. Paloma, La (1947)
37. Liwayway ng kalayaan (1944)
... aka Dawn of Freedom
38. Tatlong Maria (1944)

39. Bibingka'y masarap (????)


Monday, September 17, 2007


Ramon Revilla Sr

Ramon Revilla Sr.

He was born on March 8, 1927 and finished commerce degree at FEU.

Place of Birth: Imus, Cavite
Sen. Ramon Revilla Sr.—A matinee idol who later became an action superstar playing heroes with amulets or anting-anting, Mang Ramon first starred in dramatic films like Anak Sa Panalangin, Recuerdo and Mister Kasintahan opposite Gloria Romero.He also appeared in Cofradia with Myrna Delgado and Bim Bam Bum with Gloria Romero, Rod Navarro and Aruray for Sampaguita Pictures .Inc. He produced films for his own movie outfit Imus Productions based on several true to life stories like Nardong Putik, Bianong Bulag, Mayor Gulapa and Kapitan Eddie Set. All were such verified box office hits. He also appeared in Ang Supremo and Sunugin ang Samar with Pilar Pilapil, a story of the massacre by American soldiers of Filipino natives of Balangiga in Samar. He even appeared in one episode of the horror quartet Gabi ng Lagim with Cecilia Lopez, Myrna Crisol and Rodolfo Cristobal under Larry Santiago Productions.His son Ramon ‘Bong’ Revilla, Jr. followed his footsteps as actor and senator. Bong is married to actress Lani Mercado. Two of Mang Ramon’s grandsons, Brian and Jolo Revilla, are also actors. One of his sons, the late Ramon Bautista or RNB, also became a producer, making films that starred Mang Ramon and Bong. Another son, Marlon, is an actor, director and producer. His grandson, Jolo has a child with the daughter of Rosanna Roces.


# Exodus: Tales from the Enchanted Kingdom (2005) (as Senator Ramon Revilla Sr.)
... aka Exodus (Philippines: English title: short title)
... aka Tale of the Enchanted Kingdom: Exodus (Philippines: English title: poster title)
# Agimat, anting-anting ni Lolo, Ang (2002) (as Ramon Revilla Sr.) .... Ermintanyo
... aka Agimat, Ang (Philippines: Tagalog title: short title)

# Pepeng agimat (1999)
# APO: Kingpin ng Maynila (1990) (as Ramon Revilla Sr.)
# David Balondo ng Tondo (1990) .... David Balondo
# Target... Police General: Major General Alfredo Lim Story (1990) .... Alfredo Lim

# Mahiwagang daigdig ni Elias Paniki, Ang (1989) .... Elias Paniki
# Bala... dapat kay Cris Cuenca, public enemy no. 1 (1989) .... Cris Cuenca
# Pepeng kuryente (1988) .... Pepeng Kuryente
# Joaquin Burdado (1988) .... Joaquin Burdado
# Anak ng lupa (1987)
# Hitmen (1987)
# Kapitan Pablo (1987) .... Kapitan Pablo
# Ultimatum Ceasefire (1987)
# Iyo ang Tondo, kanya ang Cavite (1986)
# Bodyguard (1986) (as Ramon Revilla Sr.)
# Cordillera (1986) (as Ramon Revilla Sr.)
# Sierra Madre (1984)
# The Killing of Satan (1983) .... Lando San Miguel
# Lumaban ka (1983)
# Tulisan ng pasong musang (1982)
# Dugong buhay (1982) (as Ramon Revilla Sr.)
# Labas sa batas (1982)
# Alfredo Sebastian (1981) .... Alfredo Sebastian

# Tonyong Bayawak (1979) .... Tonyong Bayawak
# Feliciano (1978) .... Feliciano
# Camerino (1978) .... Camerino
# Mata ni Angelita, Mga (1978)
# Last Target (1978)
# Task Force Kingfisher (1978)
# People of the Philippine Versus Mario Alarcón (1976)
# Bertong suklab (1976)
# Hustler Squad (1976) .... Paco Rodriguez
... aka The Dirty Half Dozen (UK)
# Kapitan Kulas (1975) .... Kapitan Kulas
... aka Kapitan Kulas, ang Kilabot ng Sierra Madre (Philippines: Tagalog title: long title)
# Anting-anting (1973)
# Hulihin si Tiagong Akyat (1973) .... Tiagong Akyat
... aka Tiagong akyat (Philippines: Tagalog title: short title)
# Nardong Putik (1972) .... Nardong Putik

# Walang daigdig (1960)
# Gabi ng lagim (1960) .... (segment 1)

# Balisong (1955)
# Bim, Bam, Bum (1955)
# Binibining kalog (1955)
# Kurdapya (1955)
# Sa dulo ng landas (1955)
# Anak sa panalangin (1954)
# Matandang dalaga (1954)
# Gorio at Tekla (1953)
# May umaga pang darating (1953)
# Mister Kasintahan (1953)
# Recuerdo (1953)

# Pepeng Saclaw (????) .... Jose 'Pepe' Saclaw

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Saturday, September 15, 2007


Cachupoy Biography


He was a famous comedian with his own trademark of hair parted in the middle. He wa born in 1931.

A mainstay of Magandang Tanghali, he also starred in Sa
Kabukiran and later in Sitak ni Jack.

He died a few years ago.

1. Og Must Be Crazy (1990)

2. Jacky Tyan (1988)
3. Family Tree (1987) .... Etot
4. Kalabaw lang ang tumatanda (1987)
5. Rangers in the Wrong War (1987)
6. Hari ng tonto (1985)
7. Momooo (1985)
8. Wrong Rangers (1984)
9. Rambo Tan-go (1984)
... aka Johnny Rambo Tango (Philippines: English title)
10. A Man Called Tolonges (1981)

11. Mong (1979)
12. Soldyer! (1979)
13. Sabi barok lab ko dabiana (1978)
14. Checkered Flag or Crash (1977) .... Ramon

15. Dugay na sa Maynila (1968)
16. Walang hari sa batas (1968)
17. We only live wais (1968)
18. Pitong James Bonds (1966)
19. Tatlong mabilis (1965) .... Cachupinger
20. Tatlong mabilis sa Hong Kong (1965)

21. Alamat ng ninja kuno (????)
22. I won, I won (Ang s'werte nga naman) (????)
23. Peter Pandesal (????) (as Catchupoy)


Friday, September 14, 2007


Carlos Padilla, Jr. biography

Carlos Padilla, Jr.

Carlos Padilla, Jr. is the son of Carlos Padilla Sr. also an actor who was paralyzed at the height of his career as a movie star and became a minor legend of sort. Carlos Padilla Jr. is nephew of Jose Padilla, Jr., Ateng Osorio, Amado Cortez and Roy Padilla, the father of Robin Padilla. He grew up in the eyes of Filipino movie fans, starting out as a child star, teenage idol, and eventually a full-fledged movie star. When his movie career was on its way down, he became a boxing referee simply because of his interest in boxing, being an amateur boxer himself.

He got the biggest break of his life and his second chance to fame when the “Thrilla in Manila,” the famous third and final match between World Heavyweight Boxing champion Muhammad Ali and his nemesis, Joe Frazier was held in the Philippines. Since then president Ferdinand Marcos spent so much public funds to have the match held in the Philippines so that he could get international recognition and somewhat imply a peace and order condition in the country to justify his martial law declaration, the Philippine government thought that it would be nice to have a Filipino referee the match. The perfect choice was Carlos Padilla Jr., young and handsome, not a typical, everyday Filipino, and as they say, the rest was history. Although he was told about his being chosen as “the” referee a day before the match, Carlos “Sonny” Padilla, Jr. lived up to the task.

With the encouragement of boxing promoter Don King, he moved to Las Vegas, worked as a bartender at Caesar’s Palace and become a top-ranked international referee, appearing as the third man in the ring during the famous fights of Sugar Ray Leonard, Roberto Duran, Julio Cesar Chavez and other world champions.

One of his many children, Zsa Zsa Padilla became a famous singer in the Philippines after she had already been married to a dentist and had a child of her own. She is now the live-in partner of Dolphy.

1. Seth Corteza (1996)
2. Matimbang pa sa dugo (1995)
3. Di na natuto (1993)
... aka Sorry na pwede ba? (Philippines: Tagalog title)

4. Blind Rage (1978) .... Capt. Reyes
5. Minsa'y isang gamu-gamo (1976)
... aka Once a Moth (Philippines: English title)
6. Asedillo (1971)

7. Perlas ng silangan (1969)
8. Dedicate to You (1966)
9. Zamboanga (1966)
10. Captain Barbell kontra Captain Bakal (1965) .... Dario
11. Dante Diamante (1965)
12. Lagalag (1964)
13. Tiger Unit (1963)
... aka Tiger Unit: 111th PC Co. Montalban Detachment (Philippines: English title: long title)
14. Filibusterismo, El (1962)
15. Tacio (1961)

16. Biyaya ng lupa (1959) .... Arturo
... aka Blessings of the Land (International: English title)
17. Malvarosa (1958) .... Alberto
18. Robo, El (1957) .... Amado

For news articles about Carlos Padilla Jr., go to CelebritiesCorner.


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Pepito Rodriguez biography

Pepito Rodriguez

He was born in 1945 in Bacolor, Pampanga. He's the brother of another actor Ramil Rodriguez. He was the love team of Rosemarie Sonora in most of Sampaguita Pictures' movies.

The two brothers were launched in STARS '66 together with Dindo Fernando, Ramil Rodriguez, Shirley Moreno, Rosemarie Sonora, Gina Pareno,Blanca Gomez, Loretta Marquez, Bert Leroy Jr. and Edgar Salcedo, the son of Leopoldo Salcedo.

The Rodriguez brothers are around, with Pepito retired from showbiz and Ramil occasionally accepting father roles in TV dramas.

1. Alyas Baby Face (1990)

2. Palimos ng pag-ibig (1985)
3. The Children of An Lac (1980) (TV) .... Captain Nam

4. Life Everlasting (1971)
5. Gintong alaala (1970)
6. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star (1970)

7. Bahay kubo, kahit munti (1968)
8. Juanita Banana (1968)
9. Petrang paminta (1968)
10. Hinango kita sa lusak (1967)
11. Ay ay naku Neneng (1966)
12. Jamboree '66 (1966)
13. Maraming kulay ng pag-ibig (1966)
14. Alaala ng lumipas (1965)
15. Papa um mamaw (1965)
16. Rosalie (1965)
17. The Dolly Sisters (1964)
18. Sa bilis, walang kaparis (1964)
19. Batang artista, Mga (1964)
20. Batang iskwater, Mga (1964)
... aka Batang Squatter (Philippines: English title)
21. Bata ng lagim, Mga (1964)
22. Jukebox Jamboree (1964)
23. Class reunion, Ang (1963)
24. Dance o' rama (1963)
25. Haliging bato (1963)

For news articles about Pepito Rodriguez go to CelebritiesCorner.


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Rodolfo Boy Garcia

Rodolfo Boy Garcia

He was a famous character actor and was the spouse of Lucita Soriano with whom he had a son who also joined the showbiz.

1. Sgt. Alvarez: Ex-Marine (1993)
2. David Balondo ng Tondo (1990)
3. Durugin ng bala si Peter Torres (1990)

4. Gapos Gang (1989)
5. Alex Boncayao Brigade (1988)
6. Vengeance Squad (1987)
7. Isang platitong mani (1986)
8. Bagets (1984)
9. Da Best in da West (1984)
10. Death Raiders (1984)
11. JR (1983)
12. Alex San Diego: Wanted (1983)
13. Estong Tutong, ikalawang yugto (1983) .... Lt. Rosales
14. Umpisahan mo... Tatapusin ko! (1983)
15. Tatlo silang tatay ko (1982)
16. Daniel Bartolo ng Sapang Bato (1982)
17. Ito ba ang ating mga anak (1982)
18. Presidential Pardon (1982)
19. Suicide Force (1982)
20. Cover Girls (1981)
21. For Y'ur Height Only (1981) (uncredited) .... Mr. Kaiser
22. Tacio (1981)

23. Salonga (1979)
24. Tatay na barok (1979)
25. Bitayin si... Baby Ama! (1976)
26. Relaks lang mama, sagot kita (1976)
27. Alat (1975)
28. Kapitan Kulas (1975)
... aka Kapitan Kulas, ang Kilabot ng Sierra Madre (Philippines: Tagalog title: long title)
29. Fuerza de tigre, La (1975)
... aka Gángsters, policía y kárate
... aka Kill the Tiger (Philippines: English title)
... aka Tiger Force (Hong Kong: English title)
30. Murder in the Orient (1974)
31. Nardong Putik (1972)
32. Apoy ng kaligayahan (1971)
33. Neneng (1971)
34. Servillano Zapata (1970)

35. Isang libong mukha (1968)
36. Joe Domino (1968)
37. Let's Go Hippie (1968)
38. Oh! My Papa (1968)
39. Tadyak sa likod (1968)
40. Target Captain Karate (1968) .... Grajo
41. Not for Hire (1967)
42. Solo Flight (1967)
43. Nabubuhay sa panganib (1966)
... aka Smugglers (Philippines: English title)
44. Napoleon Doble and the Sexy Six (1966)
45. Pambihirang dalawa (Sa combat) (1966)
46. Alyas Don Juan (1966)
47. Counter Spy (1966)
... aka Kontry espiya (Philippines: Tagalog title)
48. Dolpong Istambul (1966)
49. Huling baraha (1966)
50. Operation Butterball (1966)
51. Spy Killer (1966)
52. Dressed to Kill (1965)
53. Mr. Thunderball (1965)
54. Kumander Judo (1964)
55. Trudis liit (1963)
56. Tulisan (1962)
57. Kaming mga talyada (1962) (as Rodolfo Garcia)
... aka We Who Are Sexy (Philippines: English title)

58. Aking prince charming (????)
59. Doble kara (????)
60. I won, I won (Ang s'werte nga naman) (????)
61. Utol (????)

For news articles about Rodolfo 'Boy' Garcia go to CelebritiesCorner.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Joel Torre biography

Joel Torre

Joel Torre was born on 19th June 1961 in Bacolod City, Philippines. He starred in Oro, Plata, Mata in 1982 and in Jose Rizal in 1999.

His wife is Cristy Ascona. He owns the JT Manukahn Grille in Quezon City.

For news articles about Joel Torre go to CelebritiesCorner.


Monday, September 10, 2007


Leonor Vergara biography

Leonor Vergara

Leonor Vergara—The early loveteam partner of Fernando Poe, Jr., she was paired with him in Laban sa Lahat which was directed by Cirio Santiago. The loveteam also appeared in Bon Voyage (with Lani Oteyza, Bob Soler, Eddie Mesa and comedian Lopito) and May Pasikat Ba Sa Kano with Ruben Rustia and Jose Garcia uinder the direction of Nemezio Caravana for Premiere Productions, Inc.

She's married to Director Danny Zialcita.

# Mula paa hanggang ulo (1989)

# Bart Salamanca (1968)
# Tagumpay ng mahirap (1965) .... (segment "The Man")
# Apat na kilabot (1962)

# Pitong gatang (1959)
# Laban sa lahat (1958)
# Pepeng Kaliwete (1958)
# May pasikat ba sa kano? (1958)
# Bakya mo Neneng (1957)
# Bicol Express (1957)
# H-Line Gang (1957)
# Kamay ni Cain (1957)
# Pabo Real (1957)
# Pusakal (1957)

For news articles about Leonor Vergara go to CelebritiesCorner.


Sunday, September 09, 2007


Eddie del Mar

Eddie del Mar

Eduardo ("Eddie") del Mar (born 1923) is a Filipino actor famous for his role as Philippine hero José Rizal.

Eddie del Mar—The actor known for portraying our national hero Dr. jose Rizal, Eddie was introduced in the movie La Paloma of Sampaguita Pictures with co-stars Paraluman, Fred Montilla and Lilian Leonardo under the direction of Tor Villano. He also appeared in Ulilang Kalapati, Kapilya sa may Daang Bakal (with co–stars Tita Duran and Oscar Moreno) and Hele Hele Bago Quiere. Other films included Guerrero (with Johnny Montiero in the title role, Arsenia Francisco and Edna Luna) and Hindi Kita Anak (with Mario Montenegro, Tessie Quintana, Cynthia Zamora and Bob Soler. Both films were directed by Teodorico C. Santos for Premiere Productions, Inc. In Ang Buhay at Pag-ibig ni Dr. Jose Rizal, he won the FAMAS Best Actor award.

* 1947 - Ang Kapilya sa Daangbakal, Sampaguita
* 1948 - Kaputol ng Isang Awit, Sampaguita
* 1949 - Ulilang Kalapati, Sampaguita
* 1949 - Ang Lumang Simbahan, Nolasco Bros.
* 1949 - Damit Pangkasal, Sampaguita
* 1949 - Pinaghating Isangdaan, Sampaguita
* 1949 - Ang Kampeon, Sampaguita
* 1950 - Kilabot sa Makiling, Sampaguita
* 1950 - Pedro, Pablo, Juan at Jose, Luis F. Nolasco
* 1950 - Huramentado, Liwayway
* 1950 - The Spell, Lebran
* 1951 - Makapili, Liwayway
* 1951 - Taimtim na Dalangin, Atheca
* 1951 - Dinukot, Liwayway
* 1952 - Malolos, Premiere
* 1952 - Trubador, Manuel Vistan Jr.
* 1953 - Agilang Itim, Premiere
* 1953 - Sa Kamay ng Tadhana, Larry Santiago
* 1954 - Lourdes, Balatbat-Flores
* 1954 - Is My Guy, All Star
* 1954 - Pusong Ginto, Deegar Cinema Inc.
* 1954 - Sex Gang, Deegar Cinema Inc.
* 1954 - Bandolero, Superior
* 1955 - Guerero, Premiere
* 1955 - Bandilang Pula, Bonifer
* 1955 - Magia Blanca, Larry Santiago
* 1956 - Santa Lucia, People's
* 1956 - Buhay at Pag-ibig ni Dr. Jose Rizal, Balatbat & Bagumbayan
* 1957 - Kim, C.Santiago Film Org
* 1957 - Bicol Express, Premiere
* 1957 - Reyna Sirkera, Everlasting
* 1957 - Tokyo 1960, C.Santiago Fil Org
* 1958 - Obra-Maestra, People's
* 1958 - Impiyerno sa Paraiso, Everlasting

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Marlene Dauden

Marlene Dauden appeared in Mga Ligaw na Bulaklak with co-stars Susan Roces, Daisy Romualdez, Romeo Vasquez and Tony Marzan. She won the Best Supporting Actress award in Anino ni Bathala which starred Paraluman, Rio Rodrigo and Eddie Garcia. It was a love triangle story where two sisters fell in love with one man. Thew film was directed by Conrado Conde. She got her first starring role in Rosa Rossini where she played the character of a ballet dancer. Then she starred opposite comedy King Dolphy in Silveria (Ang KabayongDaldalera). Her other films included Kung Kaya Mo Kaya Ko Rin (with Christopher de Leon), Babae, Ikaw ang Dahilan (with Amalia Fuentes and Eddie Rodriguez), a film festival entry in which she won another acting award, and Siya’y Umalis, Siya’y Dumating, helmed by Mitos Villareal. She won another Best Supporting Actress award for Sapagkat Kami’y Tao Lamang, a dramaticc love story (with Lolita Rodriguez and Eddie Rodriguez as directed by Armando de Guzman). Her best actress trophies were for Sa Bawat Pintig ng Puso (with Zaldy Zhorsnack) and Milarosa (with Eddie Rodriguez).

Marlene will forever be remembered in Philippine film history as the first Filipino thespian ever to win five acting awards from the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences (FAMAS), which was the only film award-giving body in the Philippines during her time. She won Best Supporting Actress for her roles in the films Anino ni Bathala, Kamandag and Sapagkat Kami'y Tao Lamang. (The latter was said to be her favorite film of hers.) She also won two Best Actress awards for the films Sa Bawat Pintig ng Puso and Kapag Puso'y Sinugatan. She was also nominated by the FAMAS for an additional five times: Best Supporting Actress for Talipandas, where she beat herself for the award; Best Actress for Gumuhong Bantayog, in which she was defeated by Charito Solis; Best Actress for Mila Rosa, where she was defeated by Barbara Perez; Best Actress for Alipin ng Busabos, where she was also defeated by Charito Solis; and Babae, Ikaw ang Dahilan, where she was defeated by Boots Anson-Roa and Vilma Santos for the honor.

In 1972 when Martial Law was declared, Marlene (a ’50s St. Scholastica’s graduate) and her husband, former La Salle basketball star Nonggoy Hernaez (whom she married when she was already in showbiz), migrated to the States with their children. She seldom comes home, her last visit having been a few years ago when she told friends, "I felt like an outcast because most everyone that I knew was either gone or not active anymore."

Her last movie, Kung Kaya Mo, Kaya Ko Rin (where she played Christopher de Leon’s lover), was shown in 1978, done during her vacation here. Combat Killers, a World War II drama she did in 1980 with the late Leopoldo Salcedo, is available by special order on the Web.

So whatever happened to Marlene?

According to Ferdy Villar, Marlene and Nonggoy are enjoying their retirement in a quiet town in California, close to their three married daughters and eight grandchildren. "They are a close-knit family," said Ferdy, "and they enjoy their family get-togethers."

Now 66, Marlene worked as medical office manager, a job she almost didn’t land because the hiring officer found out that she was an actress and he didn’t want to hire a famous person deemed "over-qualified" for the position.

"Marlene now runs her own lumpia business," added Ferdy. "It’s a small business na palago nang palago. Her special lumpia recipe is a big hit among her growing number of customers."

source:Ricky Lo' Funfare

* 1957 - Mga Ligaw na Bulaklak
* 1957 - Gabi at Araw
* 1957 - Eternally
* 1958 - Kundiman ng Puso
* 1958 - Anino ni Bathala
* 1958 - Silveria
* 1958 - Mapait na Lihim
* 1958 - Berdaderong Ginto
* 1958 - Alaalang Banal
* 1958 - Anino ni Bathala
* 1958 - Talipandas
* 1959 - Kamandag
* 1959 - Rosa Rossini
* 1960 - Gumuhong Bantayog
* 1963 - Sapagkat Kami'y Tao Lamang
* 1964 - Sa Bawat Pintig ng Puso
* 1965 - Mial Rosa
* 1968 - Alipin ng Busabos
* 1972 - Babae, Ikaw ang Dahilan
* 1978 - Kung Kaya Mo, Kaya Ko Rin
* 1980 - Combat Killers

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Marita Zobel biography

Marita Zobel

Marita Zobel was born in 1941. She was a Lvn Pictures contract star.

She appeared in Marita At Ang Pitong Duwende with Robert Campos, Caridad Sanchez and Perla Bautista in a film directed by Susana de Guzman. She also appeared in Botika sa Baryo (with Diomedes Maturan, Patsy, Lopito and Rufina Esperancilla) and Tres Rosas which was directed by Natoy Catindig.


# Inang yaya (2006) .... Lola Tersing
... aka Mother Nanny (Philippines: English title)
# Lagot ka sa kuya ko (2006)
... aka Isusumbong kita sa kuya ko (Philippines: Tagalog title)
# "Ikaw ang lahat sa akin" (2005) TV series .... Yolanda's Mother
# Animal (2004)
# Chavit (2003) .... Caridad Crisologu
... aka Chavit Singson Story (Philippines: English title)
# Mahal kita: Final answer! (2002)
# Laro sa baga (2000)
# Dalubhasa, Ang (2000)
... aka The Expert (Philippines: English title: literal title)

# Mysterio (Uno... dos... tres pilyos!) (1998)
# Hatiin natin ang ligaya (1998)
# Ikaw pa rin ang iibigin (1998) .... Mrs. Tesoro
# Amanos, patas na ang laban (1997)
# Ipaglaban mo: The Movie Part 2 (1997)
... aka Ipaglaban mo! II (Philippines: Tagalog title: short title)
... aka Kapag may katwiran ipaglaban mo! 2: The Movie
# Kadre (1997)
# Paano ang puso ko? (1997)
# Akin ang puri (1996)
... aka Sa akin ang puri (Philippines: Tagalog title)
# Dyesebel (1996)
# Mula noon hanggang ngayon (1996)
# Nagbabagang labi (1996)
... aka Nagbabagang labi, Mga (Philippines: Tagalog title)
# Iukit mo sa bala! (1994)
# May minamahal (1993)
# Hanggang may buhay (1992)
# Jaime Labrador: Sakristan mayor (1992) .... Toyang
# Ama... bakit mo ako pinabayaan? (1990)

# Tatak ng isang api (1989)
# Valentina (1989)
# Pik pak boom (1988) .... Marie's Mother
# Natutulog pa ang diyos (1988)
# Tatlong mukha ng pag-ibig (1988)
# Puto (1987)
# Sa hirap at ginhawa (1984)

# Botika sa baryo (1960)

# Biyaya ng lupa (1959) .... Angelita
... aka Blessings of the Land (International: English title)
# Limang dalangin (1959)
# Casa grande (1958)
# Faithful (1958)
# Bad Boy (1957)
# Barkada (1957)

# Tuyay and His Magic Payong (????) .... Marita

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Tito Galla

A younger brother of Gloria Romero, he was born in 1938.

He is already deceased.

selected Films:

# Nympho (1971)
# Uhaw (1970)

# Anino ni Sisa (1968)
# Dream Girl (1965)
# Misyong mapanganib (1965)
... aka Dangerous Mission (Philippines: English title)
# Zebra (1965)
... aka Jungle Girl
# Darna at ang babaeng tuod (1964)
... aka Darna and the Tree Monster (literal English title)
# Pag-ibig, ikaw ang maysala (1964)
# Balisong 29 (1963)
# Historia de un amor (1963)
# Tulisan (1962)
# Pitong puso (1962)
# Sa bawat punglo (1962)
# Alyas Sakay (1961)
# Dope Addict (1961)
# Makasalanang daigdig (1961)
# Estela Mondragon (1960)
# Isinakdal ko ang aking ama (1960)

# Kalabog en Bosyo (1959)
# Angel sa lansangan (1959)
# Batas ng alipin (1959)
# Baby bubut (1958)
# Beloved (1958)
# Bobby (1958)
# Ulilang angel (1958)
# Prinsesa gusgusin (1957) (as Tito 'Peter' Galla)
# Teresa (1956)

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Shirley Gorospe

Shirley Gorospe

She was the reel and real life wife of Zaldy Zshornack and they starred in Shirley, My Darling and Hongkong Honeymoon which also starred Chiquito, Carol Varga, Celia Rodriguez and Teroy de Guzman under the direcyion of Ramon Estella and produced by People’s Pictures Inc. She also appeared in such films as Sweetheart, You’re My Everything, Ang Kanyang Kamahalan. Basta Pinoy, Once Upon A Time and Pitong Gatang which starred Fernando Poe, Jr.

t was love at first sight between Shirley and Zaldy – and the rest of the Filipinos who became eventually enraptured by the loveteam’s movies (among them, Sweethearts and Shirley, My Darling). The moment Shirley landed at the airport on a Northwest flight from the US in 1956 as Miss Philippines-California, wearing a wide-brimmed hat and a polka-dotted dress, she instantly won the hearts of the kababayan she was seeing for the first time.

Shirley lives at her large house at the BF Homes Executive Village in Parañaque with her son Geno, married with three children.

Widowed in November 2002 when Zaldy succumbed to complications of diabetes, Shirley said they first lived at a house she built at Ayala Alabang when they came back from more than two decades in California. They sold that house and she’s planning to move back to the US as soon as she sells her Parañaque house which, she said, "feels like an empty nest" after Zaldy died.

His death abruptly ended a long and happy marriage.

They got married in March 1958. She didn’t quit showbiz right after our wedding. She stayed for 15 years.

She came from Hawaii in 1956 as part of her prize as Miss Philippines-California. Her father was an Ilocano, from Sta. Catalina, Ilocos Sur while her mother mother was a Portuguese.
Then, I went back to the US. I was done with college, so I decided to work for the Bank of America."

She was offered a role in the movie shot in LA and Disneyland by Cirio Santiago and that's how she started in the movies.

Her last movie was Honey & West with (the late) Bernard Belleza. It was an action picture. Most of her movies were musical and most of them with Zaldy as her leading man. In Be My Love, my leading man was Pancho Magalona.

They eloped and had a civil wedding in Cainta. It was a quickie wedding. That happened in January 1958 and then in March they got married in church." (The marriage was blessed with two sons: Garizaldy, 44, an entertainer based in Chicago; and Geno, 31, married with three children.)

After five years, she went back to the US and divorced him."

He kept calling and calling, asking to be given another chance. He went to the US and tore up the divorce papers."

"In the early ’70s, they went to the US and modeled with Ruben Panis. Zaldy would come back every now and then to do movies. After 20 years, they came back for good in the early ’90s."


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Lani Oteyza
Lani Oteyza

She was cast as Tipin, the favorite teenage character created by Larry Alcala. She also appeared in Bon Voyage with Fernando Poe, Jr., Leonor Vergara, Eddie Mesa, Bob Soler, Lily Marquez, Jose Romulo , Lauro Delgado and Lopito. She later became the wife of TV Director Al Quinn who directed the last Luna Awards show.
# Pitong kabanalan ng isang makasalanan (1962)
... aka Pitong makasalanan (Philippines: Tagalog title: short title)

# Pepeng Kaliwete (1958)
# Obra-maestra (1958) (as Lan Oteyza) .... (segment "Manila")
# Pobresita (1958)

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Joey de Leon

Joey de Leon

José María Ramos de León, better known simply as Joey de Leon (born October 14, 1946) is a Filipino comedian/TV host who is known for his sarcasm and one of the popular hosts of the long-running noontime variety show Eat Bulaga!. He is a member of the famous comedy trio Tito, Vic and Joey that has made several hit comedy movies and TV shows. Also known as a songwriter, Joey has penned some Filipino hit songs deemed as classics including "Ipagpatawad Mo" (Forgive Me), "Awitin Mo, Isasayaw Ko" (Sing and I Will Dance), "Boyfriend kong Baduy" (My Geeky Boyfriend), "Iskul Bukol" (School is Tough), and many more.

Off camera, Joey is husband to Eileen Macapagal, with whom has three children, Jocas, Jako and Jio. He also has two children from actress Daria Ramirez: TV host/actor-comedian Keempee de Leon and Cheenee de Leon. Joey has 4 grandchildren also, one from Keempee and 3 from Cheenee.

Joey spent his early childhood in Sampaloc, Manila with his mother. His father, Jose Suwani de Leon (of Spanish descent), never lived with them. Instead, the elder de Leon sent financial support (through his pension at USAFFE) to Joey's mother so that his son would be able to attend school.

Joey's early childhood ranged from the traumatic to comical moments. His most traumatic experience occurred at age 4 when he almost drowned during a family beach outing. Because of the incident, he developed a phobia for bodies of water. Among his funny childhood experiences were playing pranks on his female classmates when he was in Grade 4.

During his teen years, Joey and his mother lived with his mother's relatives. His aunt and his godmother shouldered his high school expenses. But when he took up architecture at National University, his father's pension at USAFFE completely covered his college fees. After two years, Joey quit architecture (because he wasn't keen on Math) and took several odd jobs. Soon after, upon the prodding of his cousin and best friend Freddie Villareal, they went to a radio station to meet up with Karina Afable but instead of meeting her, they chanced upon an audition for radio announcers. Joey wasn't interested at first but his cousin secretly enlisted his name at the auditions. Soon after, Joey was hired after passing the auditions.

He started out his showbiz career in the 1960s as a radio DJ (disc jockey) for some of the top FM stations mostly owned by pre-martial law ABS-CBN. Some of his radio colleagues and contemporaries included the late Inday Badiday, Ike Lozada, Johnny de Leon (no relation) and Helen Vela. In a span of five years, he sat down on 12 FM stations while doing other jobs as gag writer and songwriter. His first big break on TV was IBC's gag show OK Lang which starred him alongside the Sotto brothers (Tito, Vic and Val), Ricky Manalo, Jr. and the APO Hiking Society.

[edit] Tito, Vic and Joey

In 1975, Joey became a co-host of GMA Network's early afternoon variety show Discorama hosted by Bobby Ledesma (of Student Canteen fame). At that time, the show hardly had any viewers and ratings were bad. While Bobby was on vacation, he told Joey to take care of the show. Joey invited his former co-stars at OK Lang, brothers Tito, Vic and Val Sotto, to join him at Discorama. Only Tito and Vic accepted Joey's invitation. The newly-formed trio started to do comedy newscast segments interspersed with hilarious interpretations of Top 40 hit songs using made-up lyrics written by Joey. Thus the trio Tito, Vic and Joey was born. Discorama was given a new lease in life and was saved from the axe of GMA Network executives. The new trio was also included in Bobby's noontime show Student Canteen and also released 12 Tough Hits albums based on their Discorama Tough Hits segment.

Although Tito, Vic and Joey started their trio via Discorama and Student Canteen, it was the sitcom Iskul Bukol that gave them nationwide fame as comedians. Soon after, other TV and movie producers came knocking on the trio's door. In 1979, Tito, Vic and Joey started hosting for the noontime show Eat Bulaga! which was pitted against the more established Student Canteen hosted by their former colleague (and now competitor) Bobby Ledesma. Not long after, Eat Bulaga! toppled Student Canteen in the ratings.

Joey as solo artist

Although Joey continued to do movies alongside his showbiz team mates Tito and Vic, he started doing solo performances for other TV shows. He topbilled Joey and Son in the '80s, a sitcom on RPN where he played father to a very young Ian Veneracion(who later metamorphosed into a teen heartthrob and action star in the '90s). He was also one of the gag performers on TODAS where his other co-stars included Jimmy Santos and Val Sotto. Other TV shows that Joey did as a solo host/comedian included Apple Pie, Patis, Atbp., The Sharon Cuneta Show, Let's Go Crazy and many more. Soon after, he was launched by Viva Films as a solo comedian in She-Man: Mistress of the Universe, a parody of the foreign animated series He-Man. The movie was a big hit, and Joey went on to do more movies alone, mostly with his favorite sidekick Rene Requiestas. He also tried his hand at directing movies like Romeo loves Juliet and Small, Medium, Large.

Joey topbilled movies that are mostly spoofs of foreign movies or takes at American and Filipino pop culture. When Starzan became a box-office hit in 1989, he did two more sequels on that same year with tremendous box-office results. Because of the phenomenal box-office standings of the 3 Starzan movies that he made, he was named Box-Office King for that year. He also earned the title Sequel King because most of his movies (Barbi, Elvis and James, Long Ranger en Tonton) each spawned sequels.

When Rene Requiestas went solo with his movie career (and later died in 1993), Joey concentrated on TV. He did several TV shows for major networks, mostly with GMA and ABC. In 1995, Joey made a movie comeback via the comedy Bangers for Viva Films, which teamed him up with (the late) comic legend Chiquito and rapper/comedian Andrew E.. This was later followed up by a series of comedy films that had him topbilled alongside other comedians like Leo Martinez (Pipti-pipti) and Dennis Padilla (Ang Tipo kong Lalake and Takot ako sa Darling Ko). However, with the Philippine movie industry slowly losing its grip on the audience, Joey decided to concentrate on TV again, although he still appears in movies every now and then. Currently he still hosts Eat Bulaga which is now the longest-running TV program in the Philippines, and appears in other shows like Mel and Joey, Startalk, Nuts Entertainment and just recently started a new show for ABC, Teka Mona, which replaced Wow Mali, his long-running TV show on the same network. Another show is in the works for Joey this time on GMA's sister station Q. He started hosting Takeshi's Castle with Ryan Yllana. He is also the resident judge of the annual reality-based star search StarStruck and writes the entertainment column De Leon's Den once a week in the Philippine broadsheet Manila Bulletin.

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Josephine Estrada

Josephine Estrada

Josephine Estrada was one of those many beauty titleholders to grace the Philippine movie world in the 60s. Almost as soon she was voted Miss Luzon of 1960, Miss Aviation of 1961 and runner-up in the Miss Philippines pageant losing to eventual winner, Edita Vital by only one vote, Dr. Jose Perez of Sampaguita Pictures was already handing her a movie contract. She decided to skip her medical studies to pursue a movie acting career. She made Ginang Hukom, her debut movie, Sa Linggo ang Bola, The Big Broadcast, Tatlong Panata and Octavia.

In 1962, she finally represented the Philippines in the Miss Universe Pageant. With beauty, brain and talent, there was no turning back for Estrada from then on. She was given an important role and her biggest break in Bird of Paradise, together with two other beauty queens, Cynthia Ugalde and Sylvia Gumabao. With the proper guidance of his mother studio, her career zoomed, more movies followed--- Holiday in Bali, Tanzan the Mighty, Tanzan vs. Tarzan, Prinsipeng Tulisan, Anak ni Kamagong, Ang Rosaryo at ang Tabak, among others. Estrada went freelance sometime in 1965 and became the favorite leading lady of top actors that time--- Joseph Estrada in Tatak: Double Cross, Tony Ferrer in Sabotage and The Infiltrators, Bernard Bonnin in Hijack and Estranghero, Jun Aristorenas, Eddie Gutierrez, Vic Vargas, Eddie Mesa and others

Former Miss Philippines (1962, for the Miss Universe Pageant) Josephine Estrada has remarried and lives in Washington D.C.