Friday, July 27, 2012

The Common-Law Wives and Children of Dolphy

Dolphy died a bachelor with seventeen biological children and one adopted.daughter. He had also romantic relationships with several women.

His first common law wife was Engracia (Gracia )Dominguez, a stage actress. 

He had six children:
1. Manuel (Manny Boy)

 2. Sahlud (Sahlee)

3. Rodolfo, Jr. (Junior)

4. Freddie (Baby)
No picture

5. Edgar 
no picture
6. Raul (Rolly) 

The next woman in his life with whom he had four children was Gloria Smith.These are their children:
1. Mariquit
2. Carlos
3. Geraldino (Dino)
4. Edwin

With Baby Smith (Pamela Ponti) 

a movie star in the Philippine movies, he has three: They are:
1. Enrico (Eric Quizon)

2. Jeffrey (Epi Quizon)

3. Ronaldo (Ronnie Quizon)

4. Madonna (Donna)

With a nurse named Evangeline Tugalao, he had one son .
1. Rommel
He had also one son with Alma Moreno

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Camay Ladies Part 3

The Revilla girls' endorsements of Camay started with the mother, Paquita Roces, the wife of Armando Goyena.

Here she was:

Two of her daughters became Camay ladies--Maritess Revilla and Cita Revilla.

Maritess Revilla 

She appeared in nine movies, the last of which was AKO TI BONDYING. She married an Araneta.

Cita Revilla

She did not become an actress. She just endorsed the soap. She married the son of Makati Mayor Yabut.

Tina Artillaga
Aside from fashion models, there were also beauty queens who were tapped for the soap promotion. Two of these were Tina Artillaga whose TV commercial showed her hair windblown, her right hand holding in place a wide-brimmed hat as she stood on a sailboat, with the voice over saying, “Ang lahat ay napapalingon…” Remember?

Anjanette Abayari 

Anjanette Abayari was a Fil-am who won a beauty contest, went home to the Philippines and joined the Philippine movies.

ZsaZsa Padilla

Singers/Actresses and recording artists were also asked to endorse the beauty soap. One of this was Zsa Zsa Padilla, the long time partner of the Comedy King, Dolphy and herself was the daughter of a movie actor, Carlos Padilla, Jr.

Donna Cruz 

Donna Cruz belongs to the Cruz clan. She is the relative of Sheryl Cruz, Sunshine Cruz and Tirso Cruz the Third.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Camay Ladies Part 2

Here are the movie stars and celebrities who endorsed Camay.

Tita Duran
Tita Duran was the wife of Pancho Magalona. They were the parents of the late Francis Magalona.

Ang matatapang na sabon ay walang mainam na bango…maging kaibig-ibig sa pamamagitan ng lalong mabangong sabong Camay!”


She was an actress who was paired with opular actors such as Rogelio dela Rosa and Jose Padilla.

 “Harsh soaps lack fine perfumes…be lovely with extra-fragrant Camay!”

Here she was as a celebrity.

Gloria Romero

She was considered queen of the Philippine movies during her time.  She endorsed Camay.


Beauty demands a lovely complexion. And I’ve discovered Camay complexions are loveliest!”

She married a popular movie actor, Juancho Gutierrez, with whom she has a daughter. She is still active in the show business.

She was a popular actress. She endorsed Camay.

“Lovelier complexions begin with extra-gentle Camay. Harsh soaps leave skin rough…use Camay for a lovelier complexion!”

Delia Razon 

Camay’s exquisite new perfume keeps me lovelier much longer!”

Here she is now:
 Myrna Delgado
 She was a beautiful leading lady to many actors. She endorsed Camay.

“New Camay’s fragrance lasts for hours! Definitely alluring!”

Here she was:  

 Bella Flores

She was most hated character actress. She endorsed Camay.

“Close-ups reveal my most outstanding charm — my Camay complexion!”
She still appears in the movie when there is an offer.
Nida Blanca (RIP)
She was popular as movie actress who was the partner of Nestor de Villa.  

Then she was known to be Marsha, the TV wife of Dolphy.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Camay Ladies Part 1

People thought that it is only the Revilla sisters who were the Camay endorsers. No. Since the 1950;s, movie celebrities, models and beauty queens were already endoring the beauty soap--one of whom was Armi Kuusela-Hilario.

Each one of them had their own ad promo in their advertisement.

 So she knew Tagalog already? This was in her ad.

“Camay ang aking pampagandang sabon. Ang kasiya-siyang bula nito ay kawili-wili sa kutis. Sa bawa’t babaeng nais na maging higit na kaibig-ibig, Camay ang aking ipinapayo. Gamitin ang higit na suwabe, higit na mabangong Camay gaya ng ginagawa ko, para sa kutis at pampagandang pangligo!”

Sylvia la Torre 

Sylvia la Torre was a popular singer and actress in the late 50's. She also endorsed Camay.

She was this young lady.
“A screen star’s complexion must be perfect for close-ups, and Camay helps keep it perfectly lovely!” 

She is this lady in later years.

 Tita Munoz(RIP)
Tita Munoz was a serious actress in the late 50's.  Here she was when she endorsed Camay.

“Loveliness begins with extra-fragrant Camay!”
Here she was when she became older and appeared in the movies as character actress.

 Carmen Rosales 

She was the most popular actress during her time. She endorsed also the soap.

“Every woman who wants to be lovelier will be delighted with Camay’s new fragrance!”

Here she was as queen of the Philippine movies. 

Nena Cardenas

She was one of the beautiful movie actress during her time. 

“Camay’s new fragrance is so flattering. Only this new perfume has such flavorful sweetness!” 

Here she was in a movie with Rogelio dela Rosa. .  

Rosa Rosal
 She was also a popular actress in the late 50's. 

She involved herself in charity works and public service.

 Virginia Montes
Virginia Montes was a versatile actress . She also endorsed Camay. 

She married a popular action star, Efren Reyes