Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Camay Ladies Part 3

The Revilla girls' endorsements of Camay started with the mother, Paquita Roces, the wife of Armando Goyena.

Here she was:

Two of her daughters became Camay ladies--Maritess Revilla and Cita Revilla.

Maritess Revilla 

She appeared in nine movies, the last of which was AKO TI BONDYING. She married an Araneta.

Cita Revilla

She did not become an actress. She just endorsed the soap. She married the son of Makati Mayor Yabut.

Tina Artillaga
Aside from fashion models, there were also beauty queens who were tapped for the soap promotion. Two of these were Tina Artillaga whose TV commercial showed her hair windblown, her right hand holding in place a wide-brimmed hat as she stood on a sailboat, with the voice over saying, “Ang lahat ay napapalingon…” Remember?

Anjanette Abayari 

Anjanette Abayari was a Fil-am who won a beauty contest, went home to the Philippines and joined the Philippine movies.

ZsaZsa Padilla

Singers/Actresses and recording artists were also asked to endorse the beauty soap. One of this was Zsa Zsa Padilla, the long time partner of the Comedy King, Dolphy and herself was the daughter of a movie actor, Carlos Padilla, Jr.

Donna Cruz 

Donna Cruz belongs to the Cruz clan. She is the relative of Sheryl Cruz, Sunshine Cruz and Tirso Cruz the Third.

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