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efren reyes jr

Date of Birth
25 June 1959, Manila, Philippines


5' 10" (1.78 m)


Son of actor, writer, director & producer, Efren Reyes, Sr. and Virginia Montes. Brother of actress, Cristina Reyes.

Nephew of Actors, Johnny Reyes and Tessie Quintana.

Grandson of writer, Pedrito Reyes.

Great Grandson of writer, Severino Reyes, A.K.A., Lola Basyang.

From Blast in the Past, Manila Bulletin

Overcome with grief as he stood beside his dad’s coffin, the orphaned son vowed to follow his father’s footsteps.

Perhaps, it was a desperate attempt by an eight-year-old boy to cling on to the memories of his beloved daddy. But the invisible bond between father and son was so strong, the child fulfilled his vow eleven years later when he decided to become an actor just like his famous dad.

Efren Reyes Jr. became a by-word during the early 80s when showbusiness geared to favor the sons and daughters of former superstars. Riding the bandwagon were Jay Ilagan, son of Corazon Noble & Angel Esmeralda, and Ace Vergel, son of Cesar Ramirez & Alicia Vergel.

At that time, Efren Jr., son of Efren Reyes Sr. and Virginia Montes was ripe for the picking — thanks to the innate gift of acting and an inherent good looks that mimicked his dad’s brawn.

In 1979, he was introduced in "Pangkat Do or Die" and launched into full stardom in "Anak ng Maton"(1980), an offshoot of his father’s big hit "Ang Maton" (1959).

"Actually, my first movie exposure was in "Ang Tatay Kong Kalbo," starring Teroy de Guzman. It was produced and directed by my dad. I was only about four or five then. Teroy was training for boxing. Biglang anggulo, ‘andon kami nung elder brother kong si Eric. I was surprised when I saw the film on TV," said Efren. "Tapos, nag-ring bearer pa ‘ko sa ‘Sakal o Kasal,’ also directed by my dad, starring Rebecca Quintana."

Efren entered showbiz at about the same age, when his father made it big. "Lahat ng kapatid n’ya, nagtapos, but my dad only finished high school. Kasi, rebelde siguro. While they were well-off, nag-telonero s’ya because he loved the movies. When he became famous, he was maybe 19 or 20.

"I entered showbiz when I was 18. After attending high-schoool at Aquinas, I enrolled for college. But immediately after enrollment, I was told that I would do a movie to be shot in Pampanga. So, I dropped all my subjects, kasi mahilig ako talaga. When the project didn’t materialize, it was too late for me to go back to school, to the dismay of my mom."

He continued, "I started doing bit roles for Agrix Films, kasi, nanay ko saka si Tita Lillian (Laing), taga-Agrix. As extra, I did "Coed," "Kampus," and "Dodong Diamond." My last movie as bit player was "Kadete."

"I was in Baguio, training for fencing, when I was called to do "Pangkat Do or Die." And then I did "Anak ng Maton" and "Siga" with Ace Vergel."

Looking back, he said in jest, "In my launching movie, I was paid a sum that would buy you a second-hand car." On a serious note, he said, "I knew that I have a future in showbiz, kasi doon nanggaling ang pinakain sa ‘kin ng nanay at tatay ko eh."

Like my father, I’m also fond of comedy. I wrote and directed "Sa ‘Yo Ang Itaas, Sa Akin Ang Ibaba" with Rita Magdalena and Izza Ignacio. I did that for only fifteen days and it made fourteen million in two weeks, here in Metro Manila," he said with pride.

When complimented on being a good story teller, he said, "Siguro lahi ko." After all, Efren is a fourth-generation artist. His great grandfather was the acclaimed playwright behind Lola Basyang and "Walang Sugat," Severino Reyes; his grandfather was Pedrito Reyes, author of Kulafu, the first colored adventure comic strip; and his dad was the first Asian Filmfest’s Best Actor awardee, not to mention his mother, who is also a good actress herself.

He said that he’s his own critic. "When I watch my own movies in the theaters, I would oftentimes scold myself for not making my acting better. ‘Naku, ba’t gano’n ang ginawa mo? I’m a perfectionist. So, if I want something right, I do it myself."

Efren tries to celebrate the achievements of his father any way he could. In "Sa ‘Yo Ang Itaas …", where he appeared in cameo role. He was Kapitan Berong, in obvious reference to one of his dad’s celebrated film character "Kapitan Berong (1953)."

"Idolo ko s’ya, s’yempre. I took the time to learn his works. You have to learn the past, before you can learn the future," he philosophized.

On growing up without a father, he said: "Sad. You look for a father figure anywhere you can. Fortunately, parang I have a better sense of myself. Naisip ko agad na lumalaki akong mag-isa."

"My father left us some properties, and my mother tries to raise us the best way she could," he said. "She loves me but ours is a love-hate relationship kasi matigas din ang ulo ko, just like my dad. Kaya naman nanggigigil yun."

Funny, how a person’s gestures could be replicated even if they didn’t spend much time with each other. Perhaps, it’s one of those life’s happy miracles. "Madalas, nakikita ko yung sarili ko sa kanya, when I watch his movies", said Efren. "May mga tirada s’yang, ‘Uy, galaw ko yun ah.’ Malikot din ang kamay nun eh."

Just like his father, Efren Jr. is known as a macho actor, who later turned to directing. But more than that is their admirable dedication to the acting craft. To his credit, Efren has already been cited for his fine acting in "Tatak ng Isang Api," "Delima Gang" and "Angel Molave." But his finest performance to date, according to critics, is in "Ang Babae sa Bintana" where he essayed the role of Richard Gomez’ gay benefactor — an exact anti-thesis to his tough image.

Efren is a man of varied interests. "When I’m interested in something, I study it intensively, even if I have to buy books," he said.

It is no surprise therefore that he is also into many things at present, like wine manufacturing, mining and running a school even.

"I’m the Administrator of Sacred Heart Institute in Muntinlupa City. It has a pre-school, elementary and high school. We will soon be offering adult high school. I’m also into manufacturing wine. I and a former school-mate are into turning exotic and endangered fruits into delectable wines. We have duhat, bignay, mango, guyabano and soon to come out, coconut and langka wines."

For all his years in showbiz, Efren is particularly proud that he has his pride intact. "Hindi ako gumagawa ng kalokohan na ikakasira ng name ng tatay ko, nanay ko at ako. Yun ang iniingat-ingatan ko," he said.

His only lament, as in all true artists, is the sad state of the local film industry. "That is my major heartbreak," he admittted. "To see an industry that I truly love dies."

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picture of Tedy Belarmino

Teody Belarmino—He played the leading roles In such films as Candaba and Krus na Bakal, which both co-starred him with Tessie Quintana. He also appeared in Kandelerong Pilak with Lilia Dizon who won the best actress award for this film in the Cambodian Film Festival. This film was directed by Lamberto Avellana. In a remake of Mutya ng Pasig, he co-starred with Lilia Dizon, Jose Padilla, Jr. and Rebecca Gonzales.



picture of Mila Ocampo

Mila Ocampo was a 1959 Miss PPP winner. She appeared in Takdang Sandali with Amado Cortez, Gloria Sevilla and Von Serna whom she would later marry. Her daughter Snooky Serna also entered showbiz.


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Narding Anzures was a Filipino film actor and convicted murderer.

The son of actors Miguel Anzures and Rosa Aguirre, Anzures had starred in pre-World War II films as a child actor. After the war, he was paired with Lilian Velez in three LVN films, Binibiro Lamang Kita, Ang Estudyante, and Sa Kabukiran.

In 1948, LVN had decided to cast Jaime de la Rosa as Velez's leading man in her next picture. The decision upset Anzures. On the night of June 26, Anzures barged into the home of Velez and stabbed her and a housemaid to death.

Anzures was promptly arrested, tried and convicted for the murders. He died in prison from tuberculosis.

Narding Anzures—Narding was in a stellar cast that included Norma Blancaflor, Ely Ramos, Lilian Velez., Nati Rubi, Florentino Ballacer, Pugo and Tugo in the film Binibiro Lamang Kita. It was directed by Carlos Vander Tolosa and produced by Philippine Pictures. He played the lead in Ang Estudyante with co-star Lilian Velez, Pugo, Tugo and Amparo Velez who was introduced in this film which was directed by Ferwin Barva for Philippine Pictures. His last picture was Sa Kabukiran with Lilian Velez who was his usual loveteam. He was eventually charged for the killing of Lilian Velez.


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VIC SOTTO whose real name is Marvic "Vic" Castelo Sotto is a Filipino actor, comedian, and film producer working for GMA Network and stars on noon-time variety show Eat Bulaga.

He was born on April 28, 1954 in Manila. He has three brothers; Val (an actor), former Filipino Senator Vicente "Tito" Sotto III (actor/politician) and Maru. Vic studied in Colegio de San Juan de Letran for grade school and high school. He went to De La Salle College but dropped out to pursue his career.

He originally entered show business in his late teenage years as a singer and composer.

He then joined his brothers Tito, Val in a gag show back in the early 1970s “OK Lang” under IBC 13. This is where he met another comedian Joey De Leon. Joey became a co-host of about to be axed weekly variety show Discorama (GMA Network) and eventually invited the brothers to join him. The trio of Tito, Vic and Joey (TVJ) was born. Vic is the V of the trio. They were casted with more shows like Iskul Bukol and Eat Bulaga!, TVJ: Television's Jesters, Rock and Roll 2000 and countless movies.

In 1982, Sotto along with Joey de Leon and Richie D'Horsie were accused of gang raping actress Pepsi Paloma. The case was settled out of court and the trio made a public apology to Paloma, confessing the crimes they committed towards Paloma.Paloma later committed suicide by hanging herself in 1985.

He is the father of young actors Oyo Boy Sotto (born 1984) and Danica Sotto (born 1982) with his first wife Dina Bonnevie. He has two other children: Vico with Coney Reyes, and Paulina with Angela Luz.

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Born as Rosario Violeta H. Solis on October 6, 1935, in Manila, Philippines , Charito Solis was tagged as Philippine's Meryl Streep.

She was introduced by her uncle Feliciano Constantino to Narcisa de Leon, the matriarch and founder of LVN , when she was 19 in 1955.

She was initially hesitant to become a movie star since she wanted to be a flight stewardess with the hope of touring around the world.

She teamed up with several high calibre actors during her movie career.


Having won several Famas awards, she was the firstThe first actress to be inducted in the FAMAS Best Actress Hall of Fame of the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences in 1984.

She was active in the movie as well as in TV appearing as Reyna Magenta in the long-running TV series Okay ka Fairy Ko, as mother-in-law of Enteng Kabisote (Vic Sotto).

She died of heart attack on January 9, 1998.

1. Ikaw pa rin ang iibigin (1998) .... Fatima Lerma
2. Bayad puri (1998)
3. Ipaglaban mo: The movie II (1997) .... (episode 1)
... aka Ipaglaban mo! II (Philippines: Tagalog title: short title)
... aka Kapag may katwiran ipaglaban mo! 2: The Movie
4. Masarap, masakit ang magmahal (1997)
... aka Masarap, masakit magmahal (Philippines: Tagalog title)
5. "Mula sa puso" (1997) TV series .... Agnes Delgado
6. Ayoko na sanang magmahal (1996)
7. Enteng and the Shaolin Kid (1996)
8. Itataya ko ang buhay ko (1996)
9. The Flor Contemplacion Story (1995)
10. Isang kahig, tatlong tuka... (Daddy ka na, Mommy ka pa!) (1995)
11. Sana dalawa ang puso ko (1995)
12. Saan ka man naroroon (1994)
... aka Wherever You Are
13. Megamol (1994) .... Attorney
14. Lab kita, bilib ka ba? (1994)
15. Dahil mahal kita (1993)
... aka Because I Love You (USA)
... aka Dahil mahal kita (Philippines: Tagalog title: poster title)
... aka Dahil mahal kita: The Dolzura Cortez Story (Philippines: Tagalog title: long title)
... aka Dahil mahal na mahal kita (Philippines: Tagalog title)
... aka The Dolzura Cortez Story (International: English title)
16. Kadenang bulaklak (1993)
17. Paranaque Bank Robbery: The Joselito Joseco Story (1993)
... aka Paranaque Bank Robbery (Philippines: English title: short title)
18. "50 Karats" (1992) TV series
19. Alyas pogi 2 (1992)
20. Daddy Goon (1992) .... Lola Gracia
21. Ikaw pa lang ang minahal (1992) .... Paula
22. Miss na miss kita: Ang utol kong hoodlum 2 (1992)
... aka Utol kong hoodlum 2: Miss ma miss kita (Philippines: Tagalog title)
23. Okey ka, fairy ko! II (1992) .... Ina Magenta
... aka Okay ka fairy ko, part 2 (Philippines: English title)
24. Okey ka, fairy ko! (1991) .... Ina Magenta
25. Kislap sa dilim (1991) .... Nena
26. Bingbong: The Vincent Crisologo Story (1991) .... Governor Carmeling Crisologo
27. Ipagpatawad mo (1991)
28. Joey Boy Munti, 15 anyos ka sa Muntilupa (1991)
29. Una kang naging akin (1991) .... Tita Agnes
30. Bakit kay tagal ng sandali? (1990)
... aka A Moment Too Long (International: English title)
31. Huminga ka na hangga't gusto mo (1990)
32. Sagot ng puso (1990)

33. Jessa: Blusang itim 2 (1989)
34. Ipaglalaban ko (1989)
35. Mahirap ang magmahal (1989)
36. Bakit iisa lamang ang puso (1989)
37. Huwag mong buhayin ang bangkay (1989) .... Aurora
38. Killer vs. Ninjas (1989)
39. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall (1988)
40. Hiwaga sa Balete Drive (1988)
41. Tatlong mukha ng pag-ibig (1988)
42. Baleleng at ang gintong sirena, Si (1988)
43. Lord, bakit ako pa? (1988)
44. Lorenzo Ruiz the Saint (1988) .... Mother of Lorenzo
45. "Okay ka, fairy ko!" (1987) TV series .... Ina Magenta
46. Home Sweet Home (1986)
47. Bomba Arienda (1985)
... aka Bomba Arienda: Based on the Life of Roger Arienda (Philippines: English title: long title)
48. God Saves Me (1985)
49. Inday bote (1985)
50. Hinugot sa langit (1985) .... Juling
51. Naked Paradise (1985)
52. Kay dali ng kahapon, ang bagal ng bukas (1985)
... aka Kay dali ng kahapon, ang bagal ng umaga (Philippines: English title)
53. Pati ba pintig ng puso (1985)
54. Shake, Rattle & Roll (1984) .... Lorna
55. Mahilig (1984)
56. Teenage Marriage (1984)
57. Naked Island (Butil-Ulan) (1984) .... Ceres
58. Dear Mama (1984)
59. Pieta, ikalawang aklat (1984) .... Amanda
60. Sinner or Saint (1984)
61. Karnal (1983) .... Narrator
62. Don't Cry for Me Mama (1983)
63. Don't Cry for Me, Papa (1983)
64. Minsan may isang ina (1983)
65. Pieta (1983)
66. A Time for Dying (1983)
67. Desire (1982/I)
68. Alpha Kappa Omega Batch '81 (1982) .... Arni's Mother
... aka A.K.O. (Philippines: Tagalog title: short title)
... aka Batch '81 (Philippines: English title)
69. Mother Dear (1982)
70. Cross My Heart (1982) .... Cecille
71. Where Love Has Gone (1982) .... Jorge
72. Kisapmata (1981) .... Adelina Carandang
... aka In Just the Wink of an Eye (Philippines: English title)
... aka Sa bawat kisapmata (Philippines: Tagalog title: long title)
73. Pabling (1981)
74. Playgirl (1981)
75. Ulo ng gapo (1981)
76. Aguila (1980)
77. Modelong tanso (1980) .... Mother
78. Alaga (1980)
79. City After Dark (1980)
80. Gabi ng lagim ngayon (1980) .... Dra. Soledad de la Serna
81. Tatlong patak ng dugo ni Adan (1980)

82. Huwad na mananayaw, Mga (1979)
83. Gabun (1979)
84. Ina, kapatid, anak (1979) .... Emilia
... aka Mother, Sister, Daughter
85. Init (1979) .... Osa
86. Tinik ng babae, Mga (1978)
87. Babae... ngayon at kailanman (1977)
88. Walang katapusang tag-araw (1977)
89. Babae, huwag kang tukso (1977)
90. Beerhouse (1977) .... Rosario
91. Hindi kami damong ligaw (1976)
92. Mrs. Teresa Abad ako po si Bing (1976)
... aka Mrs. Abad, I Am Bing (Philippines: English title)
93. Araw-araw, gabi-gabi (1975)
94. Batingaw (1974)
95. The Hunted (1970)
96. Pipo (1970)
... aka A Time for Dying (International: English title)

97. Pulubi, Ang (1969)
98. Igorota (1968) .... Princess Maila
... aka The Legend of the Tree of Life (International: English title: recut version)
99. Langit sa lupa, Ang (1968) .... Maria
... aka Heaven on Earth (International: English title: literal title)
100. Luha sa karimlan (1968)
101. Manila, Open City (1968) .... Sor Matilde
102. Dahil sa isang bulaklak (1967)
... aka Because of a Flower (literal English title)
103. Claudia (1966) .... Claudia
104. Kapag langit ang umusig (1966)
105. Pag-ibig ni Christine, Mga (1966) .... Christine
106. Tao ay makasalanan, Ang (1966)
107. Lagablab sa Maribojoc (1964)
108. Nagbabagang paraiso (1964)
109. Ginintuang ani (1964)
110. Magda Sales (1964) .... Magda Sales
111. Bukas ay akin!, Ang (1963) .... Rosario
... aka Tomorrow Is Mine (Philippines: English title)
112. 3 mukha ni Pandora (1963) .... Pandora/Margarita/Rowena
113. Dear Eddie (1963)
114. Maria Dolores (1963) .... Maria Dolores
115. Isinusumpa ko! (1963)
116. Angustia (1963)
117. Pinakamagandang hayop sa daigdig (1963)
118. Sugapa (1963)
119. Mahal kita inay (1962)
120. Filibusterismo, El (1962) .... Juli
121. Shaka (1961) .... Yashodara
... aka Buddha (USA)
122. Sandata at pangako (1961)
123. Emily (1960) .... Emily

124. Kundiman ng lahi (1959) .... Isang
... aka Kundiman of the Race
125. Limang dalangin (1959)
126. Rose Tattoo ng buhay ko (1958)
127. Villa milagrosa (1958)
128. Malvarosa (1958) .... Rosa
129. Krisalis (1957)
130. Sampung libong pisong pag-ibig (1957)
... aka 10,000 pag-ibig (Philippines: Tagalog title)
131. Walang sugat (1957)
132. Charito, I Love You (1956)
133. Ulilang birhen (1956)
134. Dinayang pagmamahal (1955)
... aka Foolish Love (Philippines: English title: literal title)
135. Niña bonita (1955)

136. Angelito San Miguel: Ang Batang City Jail (????)
137. Bala ko ang hahatol (????)
138. Hubad sa mundo (????)
139. Isang dakot na kaligayahan (????)
... aka Sandakot na kaligayahan (Philippines: Tagalog title)
140. Kahit may mahal ka ng iba (????) (as Ms. Charito Solis)
141. The Sisters (????)
142. Zaldong tisoy (????)

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Article about Charito Solis

Even now, 11 years after her demise in 1998, Charito Solis is still remembered as a great actress.

Forget Brando and Streep’s “method acting,” Solis had her distinctive brand of mercurial drama that offset the more subtle style of performing.

And it’s quite effective, for it earned her 12 acting awards and 13 nominations, in a brilliant career that spanned for 43 years.

“Nagsimula s’ya sa showbiz at namatay, bida,” is how Yolly Tiongco, Charito’s younger sister, describes her career. “It’s an honor to be her sister,” she adds.

Yolly couldn’t be more correct because Charito did not only bring pride to her family; she made the whole nation appear superior as well.

In 1967, she made the country proud as the first Filipina to win as Best Actress in the Asian Film Festival for the movie “Dahil Sa Isang Bulaklak.”

The same movie became her passport to attend the prestigious Oscar awards the following year, making her the first Filipina actress to do so. Considering that Hollywood was ahead of the Philippines in filmmaking by exactly two decades and a half, the Oscar invite was a feat indeed.

And those weren’t the only “firsts,” she had notched. After her fifth win at the FAMAS in 1984 as Best Actress for “Don’t Cry for Me, Mama” (1983), she became its first inductee into the Hall of Fame. Her four other FAMAS wins as Best Actress came from “Igorota,” “Kundiman ng Lahi”(1959); “Emily” (1960) and “Angustia” (1963).

The Metro Manila Film Festival also listed her as its first Best Actress winner for “Araw-Araw, Gabi-Gabi” in 1975.

So, just how Charito came to be one of the finest actresses of all time?

Our search for answers led us to the heart of Poblacion in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, where Yolly, the last of the Solis’ lives. Yolly Tiongco is the wife of Emil Tiongco of the fabulous Tiongco Brothers. Charito’s only brother was the late Tristan and the eldest was Carmen, who died two years ago.

Yolly says that her sister was discovered for the movies by their uncle, film director Felicing Constantino who introduced Charito, then a 19-year-old U.E. (University of the East) student to LVN Pictures’ matriarch Doña Narcisa de Leon.

“Nagse-search sila noon ng new face para sa role ng ‘Niña Bonita,’ wala silang makita. Eh ayaw na ayaw naman ni Charito noon at ayaw din naman ng mama ko. Pero siguro may nakita si Doña Sisang sa kanya na extra special, kasi pagkakita sa kanya, sabi agad: Ito gusto ko!”

Yolly describes Charito’s first shooting day as a “nightmare.” “Inabot ng 16 takes. Una, yung katigasan ng ulo n’ya. The scene required her to dive into the swimming pool. Ewan ko ba kung bakit, dahil marunong naman siyang lumangoy. Pero ayaw n’ya. Kasi daw baka mauntog ang ulo n’ya sa pool.

“The shoot was packed-up. Nagsumbong sila kay Doña Sisang, who, surprisingly sided with Charito. She said: ‘Bakit n’yo pipilitin ang bata? Eh, pa’no kung madisgrasya ‘yan?”

The producer, however, cautioned her on the realities of showbiz. According to Yolly, Doña Sisang said: Hija, hindi kita mapapangakuan na sa susunod mong movie ay ikaw ang starring role.’ But the feisty Charito was unperturbed. “Ay, hindi na ho. Ito na lang ho, ayoko na ho,” she allegedly replied.

In 1955, the Filipino moviegoers came to know Rosario Violeta Hernandez Solis a.k.a. Charito Solis in “Niña Bonita,” an adaptation of Frank Capra’s “It Happened One Night.” She shared the top billing with Jaime de la Rosa.

At the same time, the industry insiders knew that a willful artist just came to tinsel-town.

During her prime, Charito’s histrionics on and off the set were legends. She was even compared to Italy’s Anna Magnani, an Oscar laureate for her lusty portrayal of a Sicilian widow in “The Rose Tattoo” (1955).

Their semblance was also more than just physical because like Anna, Charito also grew up stricken by poverty.

“Our father died and our mother was sick of diabetes,” reveals Yolly.

Their dad, Maximo Solis was a newspaper reporter, while their mother, Milagros was a pharmacist in their aunt’s drugstore.

“To survive, we were adopted by our relatives,” she furthers.

“Early in life, we were separated from each other. Four or three years old lang kami noon. We were reunited only after nine years, when our eldest, Carmen had already a job. Siya bale ang tumayong nanay at tatay namin. Si Charito, naranasan n’ya ang magtinda ng sampaguita.”

The early challenges must have taught Charito to be strong.

Yolly agrees. “Kaya naging palaban si Charito. Parang tomboy yan eh. Tapos, lagi n’yang inaaway yung mga lalaki kasi ligawin s’ya. ‘Pag nakakita siya ng sulat sa libro, aawayin na n’ya yung naglagay no’n. Saka, ang mga laro n’ya, yung aakyat sa puno.”

Charito commanded decorum on the movie set because she was the epitome of professionalism. And during dramatic shoots, unnecessary noise wasn’t allowed because Charito, the actress was expected to deliver no less than a bravura performance.

There were also talks that if she deemed wise, she’d come to the location with her acting trophies, just to remind her co-stars, big and small, that they’re dealing with a competent actress and their whims won’t be tolerated.

Yolly smiles. “Naku, naranasan ‘yan ni Vilma (Santos). Hindi lang siya, pati nga si Nora (Aunor) eh.” “Pero trait talaga ng Solis yun. My mother was very strict. Talagang lagi kaming on-time


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She was born as Dolores Clark on January 9, 1935 in Urdaneta, Pangasinan, Luzon, Philippines. She was married formerly to Eddie Arenas another Flipino actor.

She started playing extra in the movies in 1953. She got a second lead role in Pilya in 1954 with Gloria Romero but she became popular in her first starring role, opposite Dolphy in Jack and Jill in 1955. She failed to bag the acting award in her tomboyish role which was won by Gloria Romero in her movie Ilocana.

She won her first actinng award in 1956 for her movie Gilda. She could have won the award the following year but she lost to Rosa Rosal by a few votes.

She shifted from comedy to drama as the love triangle with Eddie Rodriguez and Marlene Dauden became phenomenal hit after Sapagka't Kami'y Tao Lamang.

However, Lolita Rodriguez won another Famas acting award in her movie Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang.

Lolita Rodriguez migrated to the United States but did some movies while she was in the country. Ina ka ng Anak Mo was a movie with Nora Aunor which won raves from film critic.

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Mary Walter was born on September 10, 1912 and died on February 5, 1993.

Her acting carrer span in eight decades starting from the silent film era to early 1990's. For her body of work accomplished in an especially long career, she was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award from both the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences and the Gawad Urian.

Walter was born to an German father in what is now Sorsogon City, Sorsogon. As a teen, Walter appeared on the Manila bodabil circuit as a chorus girl in the stage shows of Katy de la Cruz. She began her film career as a bit player. Walter first came into fame in 1927, when she starred in Ang Lumang Simbahan, staged from the popular novel by Florentino Collantes. Her leading man in that film was Gregorio Fernandez, with whom she would be romantically paired in a succession of silent films, constituting perhaps the first "love-team" in Filipino cinema.

After appearing in many silent films, Walter easily made the transition when sound film emerged in the Philippines in the mid-1930s. She was among the stars who appeared in the 1942 LVN film Prinsipe Teñoso, the only film produced by a Filipino film studio during the Japanese Occupation.

In 1948, after a 21-year film career, Walter retired to her hometown in Sorsogon.Ten years later, she was induced to act again, and she appeared in LVN's Kastilaloy. Now in her forties, she was cast as matrons or mothers. As she further aged, Walter became one of the most identifiable character actresses in Philippine cinema. Fair, petite and gaunt, she became inalienably identified in grandmother roles. A chain-smoker, her gravelly voice made her ideally cast in villainous roles, most prominently in the 1974 Lino Brocka film Tatlo, Dalawa, Isa. By the 1980s, she was a memorable presence in popular horror films such as Shake, Rattle and Roll (1984) and Tiyanak (1988).

In 1980, Walter received the FAMAS Lifetime Achievement Award. A similar award, this time from the Gawad Urian, was given to Walter in 1992.

Contrary to what is published in her IMDB biography, Walter was not the actress engaged in the first kissing scene in Philippine cinema (that distinction falls to Dimples Cooper). Walter never retired again after returning to film in 1958. She died on February 25, 1993.

source: wikipedia

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Tange – An original cast member of Super Laugh-In, he was the funny
houseboy in Wanted: Boarders and My Son, My Son.

His name obviously came from tanga (dumb), but he was a great comedian.

His big break came via Super Laff-ins in the old ABS-CBN and from there he did other comedy shows – like Wanted: Boarders where he was houseboy to the family of Pugo and Patsy.

Tange also did a couple of films during his career and one of the comedies he did was Buntis V, a parody of Voltes V.

In the early ’80s, he became sickly and had a minor speech impairment. He died in 1981 a poor man.

No biography and picture are available.

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Timmy Cruz is a very talented actress/singer. She appeared in several movies both comedy and drama. She is also one of the respectable hosts both in radio and television. With her tight schedule, she finds time teaching kids at “Playschool for Kids” at Rockwell Center.

1. "Lobo" (2008) TV series .... Ylvana (2008)

2. "Villa Quintana" (1995) TV series .... Elena (1995)
3. Alfredo Lim: Batas ng Maynila (1995) .... Racquel
4. Di na natuto (1993)
... aka Sorry na pwede ba? (Philippines: Tagalog title)
5. Batas ng .45 (1991)
6. Lumaban ka... Sagot kita (1990)
7. Pangarap na ginto (1990)

8. Kung kasalanan man (1989)
9. M & M: The Incredible Twins (1989)
10. Sheman: Mistress of the Universe (1988) .... Ligaya
... aka Pandoy

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