Sunday, October 17, 2010

Rene Requiestas -RIP

Rene Requiestas

Rene Requiestas was a product of theater, his passport to fame was via
the post-EDSa satire Sic O’clock News. When Joey de Leon got him to
play Chee-tae in the Starzan series, Rene became a very popular
comedic figure and eventually starred in his own movies. Pido/Dida
with Kris Aquino was a blockbuster hit.

His toilet humor, of course, was denounced by the more proper sector
of society. Rene merely laughed his way – toothless at that – to the
bank. He lived life to the fullest and in style – complete with a
retinue of hangers-on. Eventually, he mismanaged his finances and got
sick. He died in the mid-’90s after enjoying half a decade of almost
unequaled popularity.

Renato (Rene) Requiestas (born January 22, 1957 - July 24, 1993) was one of the top Filipino comedic acts of the late 1980s up to the early 1990s. Handpicked by comedian Joey de Leon for his comedic timing and natural funny disposition, Rene became known for his sidekick roles and his toothless grin. Rene is popularly known as the sidekick Cheetae from the movie Starzan, a parody film of Tarzan starring Joey de Leon as Starzan.

He was a poor man before he went into showbusiness. He sold cigarettes in streets before he was discovered by a talent scout. It has been said that he is one of the actors who raised profits for Regal Films and made comedy roles to almost all his movies.

Requiestas died on July 24, 1993 due to tuberculosis and other complications brought about by heavy drinking and smoking.

Requiestas's look-alikes include Frederick Ables, Caezar Ian de Guzmán, Jeffrey Tresmonte, and Jeffrey Barrera. He is also remembered for shouting the line "Cheetae, ganda lalake!" (Cheetae, beautiful guy!)


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Roderick Paulate

Roderick Paulate

Roderick Paulate started out as a child actor (Kaibigan Ko ang Sto.
Nino), Roderick practically grew up in front of the camera. He became
famous, however, for playing flaming gay roles: Petrang Kabayo,
Binibining Tsuperman, Kumander Gringa, etc.

On TV, he will be best remembered for playing Benny, the gay sidekick
of Barbara Tengco (Tessie Tomas) in Abangan ang Susunod na Kabanata
and, later, as a closet homesexual secretly in love with Aga Muhlach
in Oki Doki Doc. Early in the ’80s, he also did Tepok-Bunot on BBC-2.

Roderick is actually an all-round artist: Aside from doing comedy, he
sings and also dances well.