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Jesusa Sonora was born on July 28, 1941 in the Philippines in Bacolod. She has reigned as Queen of the Philippine Movies and the widow of Ronald Allan Kelley Poe, popularly known as Fernando Poe, Jr.

Susan Roces—She was introduced in Boksingera where she co-starred with comedy king Dolphy. Then films came one after another, including Handsome. Mga Anghel ng Lansangan (with Jose Mari), The Big Broadcast (with Amalia Fuentes), Prinsesang Gusgusin, Sa Hardin ng Diyos, Bandana and Maruja (both with Romeo Vasquez). She appeared in many films with reel and real life husband Fernando Poe Jr. These included Ang Daigdig Koy Ikaw, Pilipinas Kong Mahal, Langit at Lupa, Divina Grasya, Salaginto’t Salagubang, Sorrento and Karnabal. The couple also poularized the box-office series of Manager-Kumander films.

Her sister, Rosemarie Sonora, and niece Sheryl Cruz, are also actresses.

Following the death of her husband in 2004 at the age of 65, Roces became a rallying point for the political opposition in the Philippines.

In June 2005 she was one of the key figures calling for the resignation of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. In a fiery speech, she claimed that "She stole the presidency not once, but twice!"

Ay siya, liyebo seis man ay maganda parin at mukha pa ring reyna.

Mas magaling ang kaniyang ginawa ngayon na lumabas ulit sa telebisyon kaysa makisama sa mga pulitiko na alam ko namang hindi rin siya comfortable hanepo. Tama na ang once, no more twice.
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Susan turns 65 today
by : Mario E. Bautista

Susan Roces

SUSAN Roces, who's celebrating her 65th birthday today • Happy Birthday! • is back on screen in the new ABS-CBN 2 sitcom John En Shirley, where she plays Maricel Soriano's mom-in-law, Encarnacion or En.

We've seen its pilot episode as megged by topnotch director Bert de Leon and it's wholesome entertainment for the entire family.

The original John & Marsha ran for 17 years.

In this spinoff, Marsha has passed away and the scene where Dolphy as John talks to the photo of the late Nida Blanca is very touching. We saw both Susan and Marya crying as they watched the show.

Marya as Shirley is now married to newcomer Richie Macapagal (a TV and print ad model who auditioned for the sitcom) and they have two kids, Janna Baker and Ivan Da-vid. The program opens with John saying goodbye to the plane his son Rollie took to move to the US with his family. Shirley then takes him home to live with her husband and in-laws. En is married to Noel Trinidad, a henpecked husband, who doesn't talk when she is around and opens his mouth only when she's away.

What made Susan accept John En Shirley?

"I was both excited and nervous when producer Kitchie Benedicto offered me the show," she says. "Excited, as I was a follower of the show [John & Marsha], but also nervous and hesitant, as I'm wondering if I will be a credit to the new show. But after taping the first episodes with the cast, I'm now proud to be in it and it's an honor to be working again with Dolphy, who taught me how to do comedy in my first starring role, Boksingera Daw. It's also nice to work with Marya again, with whom I did Inday Sa Balitaw. I like my role as it's complex. Hindi siya todo-todong mabait, may pagkamataray rin, suplada at mahilig magbigay ng unsolicited advice without knowing she hurts the feelings of John."

The pilot episode's ending gives you a sense of deja vu as it ends with En, assuming the Donya Delilah role, telling John: "Magsumikap ka."

How does she think FPJ would react to her accepting the show?

"I really believe that Ronnie has something to do with me being offered this show. He wants me to work and be busy again. I never expected they'd offer the role of En to me, but I think after going through some hard times, it's time for me, for us, to laugh again."

Noel Trinidad says never in his wildest dreams did he think that he'd one day be paired with Susan, a movie queen, and even play her husband.

"That's why there was no reluctance for me when they offered me the role," he says. "I said okey lang kahit walang dialogue, na tinotoo naman nila."

John En Shirley starts airing this Saturday after Komiks.

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Melanie Marquez

Mimilanie Laurel Marquez was born on July 16, 1964 and became a Miss International for the year 1979.

She is from Mabalacat, Pampanga and one of the daughters of the late director, Artemio Marquez. After winning the beauty crown, she went on to to pursue a career in modelling and show business, where she uses her nickname Melanie as a screen name. She has been active as an actress, TV host, film producer, and most recently, as a celebrity endorser.

In addition to being Ms. International 1979, Melanie was also the Face of the 80s winner in New York in 1985, was first runner-up in the Supermodel competition in 1986, and was the Most Glamorous Woman in Italy, also in 1986. In 2005, she also competed in the Mrs. World pageant.

Melanie also continues to coach girls internationally in pageants, often making appearances at local ones; her most recent noted appearances included the Binibining Pilipinas World of BC 2004 pageant, and the Binibining Pilipinas World of Canada pageant, 2004. She was voted as the Most Beautiful Miss International in 2000.

Melanie had been to hell more times than what were probably enough for one lifetime. Before Adam, she already had four children from three husbands-Manuelito, 21, from action star and Pampanga Governor Lito Lapid; Mazen, 13, from an Arabian businessman; and Maxene Xuxa, 11, and Michelle Zarah, 8, from actor Derek Dee.

The twists and turns in her colorful life could shame those of a telenovela with the most convoluted script.

According to Melanie, "The most difficult part was when everything seemed to conspire against her.

Her ex-husband wanted her in jail. She said she was afraid, she'd lose custody over her two daughters. She had to run away with them and entered the US through the Mexican border because one of them didn't have valid papers.

His eldest son Manuelito rebelled against her. She had to flee to another country to lick her wounds and reassess her life.

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