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Born Amalia Muhlach in Bicol in August, 1940 in Bicol Province, she was Susan Roces' rival in popularity during the late 50's and early 60's.

Her father died during the war and as the eldest of the brood became the bread winner at a young age. He got two brothers who also tried the cinema, Alex and Alvaro Muhlach.

She married Romeo Vasquez in a wedding in Hong Kong. They have one daughter who also appeared in the movies before migrating to the United States. Liezl Sumilang Martinez her eldest daughter is married to Albert Martinez.

After she divorced Romeo, she married a rich American businessman to whom she has a son. They live in California.

Her nephew Nino Muhlach, the son of her brother Alex became the Wonder Boy of the Philippine Movie Industry. Another equally famous nephew is Aga Muhlach who is still considered one of the heartthrobs in the movie and TV industry despite being married to a former beauty queen, Charlene Gonzales.

* 1956 -Senorita
* 1956 -Rodora
* 1956 -Movie Fan
* 1956 -Inang Mahal
* 1957 -Ismol ba't Teribol
* 1957 -Bituing Marikit
* 1957 -Pretty Boy
* 1957 -Hahabul-Habol
* 1957 -Sonata
* 1958 -Ako ang Maysala!
* 1958 -Mga Reyna ng Vicks
* 1958 -Madaling Araw
* 1958 -Baby Bubut
* 1958 -Tawag ng Tanghalan
* 1958 -Ulilang Anghel
* 1958 -Bobby
* 1959 Ang Senyorito at ang Atsay
* 1960 Bilanggong Birhen
* 1960 Amy, Susie & Tessie
* 1966 Kulay Dugo ang Gabi (Blood Drinkers)
* 1969 "Dalawang Daigdig ni Carlota,
* 1970 Dugo ng Vampira
* 1972 "Jesus Christ, Superstar"
* 1975 "Mga Reynang Walang Trono"
* 1975 Kapatid Ko Ang Aking Ina
* 1976 "Urduja."
*1978 "May Lalaki Sa Ilalim ng Kama Ko,
* 1978 "Lulubog, Lilitaw sa Ilalim ng Tulay,"
* 1978 "Pwede Ako, Pwede Ka Ba"
* 1978 "Room 69,"
*1978 Kung Ako’y Patay Na, Sino Ako?
* 1980 "Buhay: Ako Sa Itaas, Ikaw Sa Ibaba"
* 1987 "Asawa Ko, Huwag Mong Agawin"
* 1987 "Pagmamahal Mo, Buhay Ko"

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roland said...

Amalia may have grown fat but she is really beautiful at any angle, beauty she retains up to this time.

gel said...

La Amalia is the most beautiful MOVIE QUEEN of Philippine cinema. No one even in the current crop showbiz beauties comes close to classic and elegant features of Ms. Amalia Fuentes. Truly the only movie star deserving of the crown of QUEEN OF PHILIPPINE MOVIES. One of a kind, showbiz royalty.

neto said...

shes at her best in the movie...bilanggong birhen with romeo vazquez...ala alfred hitchcock movie,vander tolosa as a director is a genious,famous for directing the movie...GILIW KO,1939 LVN first picture...I WATCH IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN