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Juancho Gutierrez-Gloria Romero

Juancho Gutierrez-Gloria Romero Family

Juancho Gutierrez and Gloria Romero were both popular in the movie industry.


He won as Mr. Number One in a talent search conducted by Sampaguita Pictures (with Amalia Fuentes as his female counterpart) and was eventually introduced in the film Prince Charming with Amalia though the lead roles were played by Ric Rodrigo and Gloria Romero.

He married Gloria Romero but searated from her for ten years. He died in 2005.


Gloria Borrego Galla was born in 1933 in Denver Colorado, to a hardworking Filipino, Pedro Galla, and an American woman, Mary Borrego. Her elementary education was spent in Mabini Elementary School and she graduated from Riverview High School in Mabini, Pangasinan.

She was considered Queen of the Philippine Movies during her time and she received several acting awards.

She married actor Juancho Gutierrez after they met during a movie. Her daughter Maritess Gtuierrez joined showbiz briefly before marrying and settling in the US. After her divorce from the husband, Maritess with the son Chris Qutierrez Balbin who also joined the movies came back to the Philippines.

Juancho Gutierrez and Gloria Romero have a daughter who also joined the movie industry.


MAritess Gutierrez is the daughter of the late Juancho Gutierrez and the former Movie Queen, Gloria Romero. She appeared in some movies before she moved to the US after getting married. She has a son.

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