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Jun Aristorenas Biography

Jun Aristorenas

Jun Aristorenas was born as Juanito Aristorenas in Manila on May 7, 1934. He was a dancer-turned-movie actors. His first bit role was Kurdapya starring Gloria Romero and Ramon Revilla in 1954.

He also in such movies as Johnny Tigre, Ronquillo, Ang Babaing Ito’y ay Akin (with Divina Valencia), Soliman Brothers (with Jess Lapid) and Ama Namin (with his son Robin Aristorenas). He was married to Virginia, acknowledged action queen of that time. His other movies included Quadro de Jack (with Pres. Joseph Estrada, Jess Lapid and Jing Abalos) which was produced by J.E Production Inc., and Tarzan and the Brown Prince where he co-starred with a foreign actor and Robin Aristorenas which was produced by Junar Productions, Inc. He also became a director later in his showbiz career.

His other son is Peter Aristorenas.

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