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Pancho Magalona biography

Pancho Magalona

Pancho Magalona—The son of a Philippine senator, Pancho and his real life wife Tita Duran, appeared in so many Sampaguita Pictures movies. These included Bella Filipina, Dahil Sa Iyo, Bulaklak na Walang Pangalan, Maria Went To Town, Milagro Ng Birhen Ng Mga Rosas, Vod-A-Avil, Always, Ang Ating Pag-ibig, Kay Ganda Mo Neneng, Kasintahan sa Pangarap, Sabas, Ang Barbaro, Mr. & Mrs., Buhay Pilipino and Tatak ni Solomon. He also appeared in which was directed by Rolf Bayer for Shaw Malaya Film Productions. His son Francis Magalona is still active in showbiz.

He passed away at the Lung Center of the Philippines in Apri 1998. He had been confined for a year, suffering from emphysema.

Pancho's health started to deteriorate following the death of his wife Tita in 1990. His son Francis often talked about his concern for Pancho's "loss of will to live" after Tita's passing.

Pancho and Tita were the most popular movie loveteam in the late 40s, and were the biggest money makers for Sampaguita pictures.

Pancho co-starred in some Hollywood movies shot in the Philippines, such as The Hook (with Kirk Douglas) and Merril's Marauders (with Jeff Chandler).

He won the Famas Best Actor Award in 1958 for "Hanggang sa Dulo ng Daigdig" and is best remembered for playing the character Simon in the movie version of Jose Rizal's novel El Filibusterismo.


# A Time for Dying (1983)

# Bitayin si... Baby Ama! (1976)
# Sakada (1976)
... aka The Tenants (Philippines: English title)

# Surabaya Conspiracy (1969) .... Captain Haryan
... aka The Gold Seekers (USA: TV title)
# Moro Witch Doctor (1964) .... Martin Gonzaga
# "Pancho Loves Tita" (1964) TV series .... Pancho
# Cavalry Command (1963) .... Captain Magno Maxalla
... aka The Day of the Trumpet
# Isinusumpa ko! (1963)
# Merrill's Marauders (1962) .... Taggy
# Filibusterismo, El (1962) .... Simoun
# Navy Blues (1960)

# Cry Freedom (1959) .... Marking
# Hanggang sa dulo ng daigdig (1958)
# Lola Sinderella (1955)
# Sa dulo ng landas (1955)
# Waldas (1955)
# Menor de edad (1954)
# Milyonarya at hampaslupa (1954)
# Sa isang halik mo Pancho (1954) .... Pancho
# Ating pag-ibig, Ang (1953)
# Sa isang sulyap mo Tita (1953)
# Lihim ng kumpisalan (1952)
# Barbaro (1952)
# Kasaysayan ni Rudy Concepcion (1952) .... Rudy Concepcion
# Sabas, ang barbaro (1952)
# Teksas, ang manok na nagsasalita (1952)
... aka Texas (Philippines: English title)
# Huling patak ng dugo (1950)

# Milagro ng birhen ng mga rosas (1949)


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