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ESPERANZA FABON - 70s singer, Awit Award for Best New Female Vocalist in 1980, now the Presiding Judge of Branch 157, Regional Trial Court of Pasig City.

A recipient of the Awit Award for Best New Female Vocalist in 1980, the Presiding Judge of Branch 157, Regional Trial Court of Pasig City has mastered the skill of multi-tasking, bringing her success in fields as diverse as journalism, education, music, law, and motherhood.

As a young girl, “Espie” dreamt of becoming a doctor. Unfortunately, financial constraints kept her from going to medical school. She thus took a degree in Communication Arts at the University of Santo Tomas (UST) in Manila. She later earned citations for her work in radio broadcasting, including the 1986 Catholic Mass Media Award for Best Public Service Program and a Plaque of Recognition – Radio Service during the EDSA Revolution for her radio program “Espie Espesyal” aired over DZBB – GMA radio. Simultaneous with her job as a producer/announcer at GMA-7 from 1984 to 1986, she also taught at Trinity College in Quezon City.

It was only through the influence of her late husband that the Judge was persuaded into venturing into the legal profession. In 1977, the same year Atty. Jaime Victorino was to take the Bar exams, he encouraged his wife to enroll at the UST Faculty of Civil Law, paving the way for Judge Victorino to begin her law career in 1982. By the year 1987, she got accepted at the Office of the Solicitor General as an Assistant Solicitor. In 1997, she left her post as Solicitor III to join the Bench.

With her credentials as well as her extensive experience as a judge, having handled an estimate of 2,500 cases – 2,154 of which are criminal – it was no surprise that Judge Victorino has been assigned to head the Special Court for cases involving killings of political activists and members of media in Pasig City, in accordance with SC Administrative Order No. 25-2007. Although to date there has been no cases of such nature filed before her sala, the Judge considers the designation of special courts as a welcome development in the judicial system, claiming the initiative will “certainly assist in the judicious and expeditious disposition of (such) cases.”

While living up to her name (meaning “hope”), she is optimistic that she and other members of the Bench can rise to the challenge of performing this “arduous but very challenging task” especially under the “leadership of our present Chief Justice.” However, she is quick to add that the Judiciary “can only accomplish this goal if adequate coordination and cooperation are achieved from the prosecutorial arm of the State, the private complainants and their witnesses considering the limited powers of the Courts.”

Born in Manila on August 3, 1950, Judge Victorino is currently pursuing graduate studies in law and business administration at the San Beda College, Manila and Ateneo de Manila Graduate School in Makati, respectively.

Quality time with her family means watching Korean telenovelas with her three daughters: Margarita, 31, who, following in her mother’s footsteps, is a lawyer at the OSG; Magnolia, 28, a chef finishing her graduate studies in Food Management at UP; and Eugenia, 25, an Italian Government scholar taking up graduate studies in Economics in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Aside from her interests in gardening, traveling, and reading the works of Paulo Coelho and National Artist F. Sionil Jose, Judge Victorino lives up to her Awit Award by opening flag ceremonies in the court with her rendition of the National Anthem and song numbers in gatherings by the Philippine Judges Association and the Philippine Women Judges Association, until recently that is. For, as a true Ulirang Ina, she has passed on the singing crown to the younger batch, encouraging other judges and lawyers to discover their own musical abilities.

For now, the Judge is content to be at the sidelines watching her protégés. That and singing videoke in her living room.

Selected Filmography:

# Love Letters (1970)

# Fiesta extravaganza (1969)
# Halina Neneng ko (1969)

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