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Alfie Anido biography

Alfie AnidoAlfie Anido (December 31, 1959 – December 30, 1981) was a popular Filipino matinee idol best remembered for his tragic death at the age of 22. He was the eldest of four children of Alberto Anido and Sara Serrano, and was the brother of Albert Anido, another Filipino actor.

Born Alfonso Serrano Anido, he was also a fashion and commercial model before he became a contract star for Regal Films, a leading Filipino film production company. He was dubbed as one of the Regal Babies, along with other than-young actors such as Gabby Concepcion, William Martinez, Albert Martinez, Jimi Melendez, Maricel Soriano, Snooky Serna and Dina Bonnevie. He was famously linked with Bonnevie, his co-star in the 1980 camp classic Temptation Island. At the time of his entry into show business, he was in college at the Ateneo de Manila University taking up Management.

To date, an air of mystery still surrounds the circumstances behind Anido's death. The official version, contemporaneously reported in the mainstream Manila media, was that Anido had shot himself in a suicide. This version has not been officially or authoritatively contradicted to this day. However, immediately after his death, rumors quickly spread that Anido was actually murdered, and that such fact was covered up owing to the prominence of the personalities allegedly involved. The rumor gained traction in Manila, which was then under the throes of the authoritarian rule of Ferdinand Marcos, whose government controlled the mass media during that period. Other versions on the death of Anido were printed in the alternative press such as the Philippine Collegian, the official student organ of the University of the Philippines, a hotbed of anti-Marcos activism. While the rumor that Alfie Anido was murdered still persists, with the aura of an urban legend, the fact remains that no evidence has been put forth to rebut the official version of a suicide.

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* 1980: Nympha - introducing role (movie released March 7, 1980)
* 1980: Uhaw sa Kalayaan (movie released June 6, 1980)
* 1980: Temptation Island - Alfred (movie released July 4, 1980)
* 1980: Katorse - Albert (movie released July 25, 1980)
* 1980: Waikiki: Sa lupa ng ating mga pangarap (movie released November 14, 1980)
* 1981: Bilibid Boys (movie released January 16, 1981)
* 1981: Blue Jeans (movie released February 20, 1981)
* 1981: Bilibid Gays - guest role (movie released July 31, 1981)
* 1981: Kasalanan Ba? - Benjie (movie released October 2, 1981)
* 1981: Throw Away Child - Atty. Delfin Llamzon (movie posthumously released January 8, 1982)
* 1981: Dormitoryo - (the only non-Regal movie that starred Alfie Anido; movie posthumously released January 15, 1982)
* 1981: Diosa (movie posthumously released August 13, 1982)
* 1981: The Diary of Cristina Gaston (movie posthumously released September 24, 1982)

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I had this weird nightmare last Saturday! I know there's no significants for me yet I was so confused why this and that and what really happened to this person! I was afraid that night then I run to my mom's room and I sleep beside her! That morning I told her about this "weird nightmare", she says it just a dream! After 3 days, i decided to watched Cenima One...nakita ko itong guy sa isang old movie ng Temptation Island with Dina Bonnavie. I supposed to change the channel sana because I'm not entrested in old movie like this! But in fact I saw this movie before but I didn't appreciate it! But this time parang nagbago ang tingin ko sa movie! I don't know but one thing for sure I like one of the leading men in the movie... The day after, when I was at my way home from my graveyard shift my insomnia strike again. I decided to watched movie just to drop by and make myself at sleepy! I turn it to Cenima One...same thing...same Dina Bonnavie and take note same leading man Alfie Anido! It was so weird or maybe accidentally lang na kita ko xa ulit! Sa movie ng Blue Jeans with Dina and APO... After that hindi na siya nawala sa isip ko! I think of him every minute of my life...until now while I'm doing this thing so my co-agent searched this site and fine way for an answer I grabbed his picture and save it into my desk top. I was shocked patay na pala siya! In one week time, I realized I'm so inlove with this guy who past away 1981 pa
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Ramon Barley Toriano said...

I need this site very much! This is because of Alfie Anedo! I love him so much!