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Max Alvarado (February 19, 1929 — April 6, 1997) was a FAMAS award-winning Filipino film actor known mainly by his portrayals of villains in a career that spanned 6 decades.

Alvarado was born Gavino Maximo Teodosio in Manila. In his youth, he was a member of street gangs, as well as an itinerant manual laborer.

Alvarado broke into films in 1948 as a bit player in Halik sa Bandila. Soon after, he was frequently cast as a villain in films produced by Premiere Production and its sister company, the Larry Santiago Production, as well as People's Pictures. He first gained critical notice in the 1953 film Ang Sawa Sa Lumang Simboryo directed by Gerry de Leon. For that role, he garnered a FAMAS Best Supporting Actor nomination. Ultimately, Alvarado was nominated for 5 FAMAS Best Supporting Actor nominations, winning the trophy in 1971 for Ang Kampana ng Sta. Quiteria.

Alvarado was also nominated for a FAMAS Best Actor award in 1968 for Tatak Sakramentos. Beginning in 1967 with Alyas Chain Gang, Alvarado was cast in leading roles even as a romantic lead, despite his swarthy and somewhat villainous appearance. Alvarado also showcased his versatility by sometimes playing gay roles, such as in the 1978 film Gorgonia.

As a villain, Alvarado was frequently cast opposite the heroic roles of Fernando Poe Jr.. Among his best remembered parts in that vein was as Lizardo, the arch-enemy of the Panday character portrayed by Poe.

Towards the end of his life, Alvarado became a commercial spokesperson for Maxx candy, a popular rock candy eponymous to his own screen name. He died from heart failure in 1997.


* 1949 -Kayumangi [Premiere]
* 1949 -Halik sa Bandila [Premiere]
* 1951 -Sisa [Premiere]
* 1952 -Sandino [Manuel Vistan Jr.]
* 1952 -Sawa sa Lumang Simboryo [Premiere]
* 1955 -Dakilang Hudas [People's]
* 1955 -7 Maria [Larry Santiago]
* 1956 -Desperado [People's]
* 1956 -Lo-Waist Gang [Larry Santiago]
* 1956 -Huling Mandirigma [People's]
* 1956 -Mrs. Jose Romulo [Larry Santiago]
* 1957 -Maskara [Premiere]
* 1957 -Kamay ni Cain [People's]
* 1957 -Bicol Express [Premiere]
* 1957 -Kalibre .45 [Premiere]
* 1957 -Pusakal [People's]
* 1958 -Pepeng Kaliwete [Premiere]
* 1958 -Sta. Rita de Casia [Premiere]
* 1958 -Mga Liham kay Tia Dely [Larry Santiago]
* 1958 -Jeepney Rock [Spotlight]
* 1958 -Glory at Dawn [PMP]
* 1958 -4 na Pulubi [Larry Santiago]
* 1980 -Ang Panday

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