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Fred Galang was one of the famous actors in the Philippines during his acting career. Fame, Fortune and Females, Fred had all these as a celebrity.

At the height of his success as an actor, director and producer, “I felt miserably deceived by my own knowledge of success,” Fred said. “I am elated with ideas of progres­sion and charmed with my own vain philosophy, but grope in midnight darkness relative to true knowledge. Yes I had my learning experience but never came to the knowledge of the truth.” he declared.

In 1968, Fred appeared as a leading man of Charito Solis in "Igorota" and earned him to be Best Actor in a Supporting role in 7th Asian Film Festival, and also awarded as FAMAS' ‘Best Supporting Actor' in the same picture.

In 1969, Bangkok, Thailand after the Royal Command Perfor­mance of his film, "Ang Pulubi," The Royal Couple, Queen Sirikit and King Phumibul hosted a celebration in honor of Fred Galang.

The movie, ‘Ang Pulubi', was adjudged as the Best Picture of Asia in the 8th Asian Film festival which was held in Manila. Queen Sirikit praised the former actor by saying, “Your movie made me cry, you're really a good actor,” He also won Best Actor award in Manila Film Fest.

The once famous Filipino actor now famous 'Born Again' Minister had performed in drama, action and bold movies.

His desire to enter in acting career started when he was still in Grade IV (10 yrs. old). Since then he took every opportunity to enrich himself with experience.

He went to New York and worked as Liaison Officer of Philippine Mis­sion to the United Nation. And during his spare time he visits 7 th Street Playhouse, a small actor's workshop in said city. There he learned the basic stage acting as a backstage worker.

After one year and six months he went back to Manila equipped with new experience and knowledge. He was then intro­duced as Daniel Gallego in a movie titled “13 Hudas”.

The eyes of the people started to be upon him, especially at his home town, Legaspi City , where he joined the cast of the film "Magtago ka na, Binata..." as one of the good guys.

When he started making a name in the industry, women became a part of his life. “I was involved with other women, but Nancy Kwan was a special one to me then... I love her so much, we had so many things in common.” he reminisced.

This intimate relationship led him not to go home on 3 consecutive Christmas in Manila.

His life became more complicated when he joined occult, ESP mind power and drugs, only to notice that his life is going no where. Emptiness created a vacuum in his heart, asking him­self where is he headed to.

“When the mind has been long permitted to dwell only on earthly things, it is a difficult matter to change the habits of thought. That which the eye sees and the ear hears too often attracts the atten­tion and absorbs the interest,” he said.

In the midst of all these conflicts and confusions in life, one day in one of his travels abroad, and he did travel a lot because he could already afford such luxuries in life being on top of his movie career, and in his pursuit of happiness the worldly way, he felt that traveling abroad would help him.

In one of the hotels that he was billeted in, he found a “book” that has all the answers to his questions in his mind. It was a copy of the Holy Bible which he later learned was placed by the Gideons, and the rest is history, he said.

1987 Iskalawag - Congressman

1986 Jungle Wolf - Rebel

1983 A Time for Dying

1978 Fortress in the Sun

1976 Dugong Lawin

1976 Magulong Daigdig Ng Isang Bubuyog

1976 Hubad na Anino

1976 Krisanto Diablo

1975 Tutol Ang Lupa Sa Patak Ng Ulan

1975 Supercock - Assistant Director (aka. A Fistful of Feathers USA, Fowl Play)

1975 Mainit Na Puso, Malamig na Kamay

1975 May Ningning ang Buhay

1975 Batong bakal

1974 Diamonds are for Eva

1972 Cat Patrol

1972 Secret Mission

1968 Ronquillo Brothers

1968 Bakit kita Inibig?

1968 Igorota - Agpo (aka. Igorota, the Legend of the Tree of Life)

1968 Mission Batangas (aka. Batangas USA)

1968 The Good, the Wild, and the Beauty

1967 Beach Red - Lt. Domingo

1965 Magtago Ka Na Binata

1965 Once Before I Die - Assistant Director

1964 Intramuros (aka. The Walls of Hell)

source: fredgalangministry

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