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Known as the portrayer of the komiks character Palos, he made a series of films co-starring with Lourdes Medel who became his wife in real life. His other included Walang Pangalan (with Lilia Dizon, Lourdes Medel, Hector Reyes and Robert Campos) which was directed by Fred Daluz; Black Beauty (with Charito Solis in the title role, Robert Campos, Perla Bautista, Arturo de Castille, Carolina Herranz and Maria Miranda) which was directed by Susana de Guzman; and Bayanihan (with Nestor de Villa, Carmencita Abad, Manding Claro, Perla Bautista, Liza Moreno and Caridad Sanchez) which was directed by Manuel Conde. Most of his films were produced by LVN Pictures Inc.

Bernard Bonnin hails from Negros. At 14, he came to Manila to study high school in San Beda. While studying, he excelled so well in sports. He was an all-around athlete. )

His father was Juan S. Bonnin, a pure Spaniard from Palma de Mallorca and his mother was Lina Sayco from Negros. Bernard is second to the youngest in a brood of four boys and four girls.

He was discovered by Archie ‘Boy’ Lacson, a TV personality, and Tommy Abeto, one of the couturiers during the time who introduced him to film producers.

He passed all the studio auditions but he chose LVN because the studio had a need for a new leading man. It was in 1959."

Bernard was introduced in his very first movie, "Ay Pepita" starring Nenita Javier and Mario Montenegro. The studio rewrote the script ton include him as Nenita’s brother. His partner was Milagros Naval.

His ninth movie was Alyas Palos which made him very popular.

During his prime, Bernard did 16 movies per year. "Left and right ang mga pelikula ko. I avoided being typecast as Palos by appearing in as many movies," he said.

Aside from Palos, Bernard also immortalized the Gagamba character.

Bernard feels he owes so much from the Palos character, he had it copyrighted in 1974.

His frist ambition was to become a pilot. Bernard Bonnin has done a hundred and fifty films as a leading man, and thirty more, as the nemesis of the lead character. Among his films are: Masikip sa Dibdib (2004), Ako ang Lalagot sa Hininga Mo (1999), Code Name: Bomba (1998), Seth Corteza (1996), Apoy sa Lupang Hinirang (1990), Ibabaon Kita sa Lupa (1990), Buy One, Take One (1988) opposite Susan Roces, Tatlong Patak ng Dugo ni Adan (1980), Women in Cages (1971), The Arizona Kid (1971), Bart Salamanca (1968), Target: Captain Karate (1968), Walang Duwag na Bisaya (1965), Sandata at Pangako with Fernando Poe Jr and Charito Solis (1961) and Mga Anak ni Waray (1959).

His current wife is Digna. He has five children including Charlene Gonzales, his beauty-queen daughter to ELvira GOnzales; erstwhile actor Richard Bonnin, who will be coming back to the country to pursue his studies; Gabby, who is doing well in Australia; Vincent, who is in London; and 17-year-old France, who is also bound for London to study mass communication.

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