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Teroy de Guzman BIOGRAPHY

Teroy de Guzmán (born 1920) is a Filipino comedian noted for his dancing technique. He is also a comedian by nature and was also one of the players during World War II in Vaudeville along with comedians like Dolphy, Patsy, and Pugo.

De Guzmán is famous for his dance number with Dolphy & Aruray in the 1953 Sampaguita Pictures Sa Isang Sulyap Mo Tita. Teroy was a member of the famous singing and dancing group Crazy Corporation together with Panchito, Ading Fernando and Bayani Casismiro.

During the early 50's Teroy, together with Dolphy and Rene Pangan (brother of Chiquito) formed a dancing trio which became so popular - The 3 Hot Shots.

Teroy de Guzman – A mainstay of Magandang Tanghali, he was also part
of the early '80s comedy show, Mah-Ta-Tu in the old BBC-2.

source: wikipedia

Selected Films:

* 1951 - Apoy na Ginatungan, Royal
* 1953 - Sa Isang Sulyap Mo Tita, Sampaguita
* 1954 - Ukkala, Sampaguita
* 1954 - Eskandalosa, Ace York
* 1954 - Bondying, Sampaguita
* 1954 - Golpe de gulat, Deegar Cinema Inc.
* 1955 - Tatay na si Bondying, Sampaguita
* 1955 - Uhaw sa Pag-ibig, Sampaguita
* 1955 - Waldas, Sampaguita
* 1955 - Iyung-Iyo, Sampaguita
* 1956 - Teresa, Sampaguita
* 1958 - The Singing Idol, Premiere

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