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Ana Marie Gutierrez

Ana Marie Gutierrez

Anna Marie Gutierrez was another bold star who can act. started in the movie in the late 70's. She was among Dolphy's Angels. She achieved full stardom when she starred as a sultry and captivating wife in Peque Gallaga’s erotic movie, Scorpio Nights. The movie which was shown uncut in the Manila Film Center in 1985 paired her with a newcomer bold actor Daniel Fernando. Her Unfaithful Wife pitted her talents with established actors Michael de Mesa and Joel Torre

1. Hubad na pangarap (1987) .... Nelia
2. Pakwela (1987)
3. Takaw tukso (1986)
4. Gabi na, kumander (1986)
5. Unfaithful Wife (1986)
6. Climax (1985/I)
7. Scorpio Nights (1985)
8. Manoy, hindi ka na makakaisa (1985)
9. Harot (1985) (as Ana Marie Gutierrez)
10. Dragon's Quest (1983)
11. Pedro Tunasan (1983)
12. For Y'ur Height Only (1981) .... Anna
13. Tembong (1980)
14. The Quick Brown Fox (1980)
... aka The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Pig (Philippines: English title: long title)
15. Dolphy's Angels (1980) .... Rowena

16. Ikaw o ako (????)
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