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Olivia Cenizal BIOGRAPHY

Olivia Cenizal

Olivia Cenizal (born October 21, 1926) is best known as a Philippines actress who was regarded as one of the most beautiful acrtresses in Filipino cinema in the 1950's.

She was born Gloria Ruiz Maigue in Imus, Cavite into a musical family. Her film debut was in Palahamak made in 1955. After that, she played a number of leading roles as a princess. She was nominated for best actress in Filipino movie awards but was unsuccessful.

She married Josefino Cenizal a composer before she became an actress. Her name was changed to Olivia because Gloria Romero was already prominent in the local cinema and she looked like Olivia de Havilland.

ook up Home Economics at the Holy Ghost College.

Courted by composer Josefino Cenizal when she was just 14, they eloped when she was 19. Cenizal, who was a musical director for films, asked her to accompany him to movie functions, and she was spotted by the Santiago brothers.

Grew up in a musically inclined family; the youngest, she played the cello; her eldest sister Sonny played the piano, and the second girl, Nieves, played the violin.

She was given the screen name "Olivia" because of her resemblance to Hollywood actress Olivia de Havilland.

She sang in most of her movies; she played the cello in real life.

Cirio H. Santiago encouraged her to try her luck in acting. She was immediately included in the cast of 'Palahamak (1955)' when she agreed to act.

* 1955 - Palahamak - Premiere Production
* 1955 - Minera - Premiere Production
* 1955 - Ha Cha Cha - People's Pictures
* 1955 - Pangako ng Puso - Larry Santiago Production
* 1955 - Pandanggo ni Neneng - Premiere Production
* 1955 - Pitong Maria - Larry Santiago
* 1956 - Desperado - People's Pictures
* 1956 - Margarita - People's Pictures
* 1956 - Prinsipe Villarba - People's Pictures
* 1956 - Haring Espada - People's Pictures
* 1957 - Libre Comida - Balatbat Pictures
* 1957 - Bicol Express - Premiere Production
* 1957 - Prinsipe Alejandre - Premiere Production
* 1958 - Man on the Run - Cirio H. Santiago Film Organization
* 1958 - Water Lily - Premiere Production
* 1958 - Obra-Maestra - People's Pictures

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