Thursday, June 14, 2007


Chuckie Dreyfus

Chuckie Dreyfus

Chuckie Dreyfus is a Philippine movie actor whose movie-acting career started in 1984 with the movie, “Idol”, in which he played the sidekick of Philippine action star, Rudy Fernandez.

He is also a co-owner and one of the driving forces of “CD Sound Labs”, a digital recording studio founded in the year 2000 in partnership with Jun Regalado. What started out as a simple hobby and a makeshift recording studio in his bedroom has turned into his prime preoccupation. Today, “CD Sound Labs” offers full multi-track digital recording at 32-bit processing, 24-bit/192 khz and higher sampling rates, musical arrangements, commercial jingle production, television/movie scoring and soundtrack, audio/visual presentation, midi sequencing, sound design, foleys/SFX, audio mastering/re-mastering, Album/Graphic Design, CD transferring and CD Duplication.

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