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Manding Claro Biography

Manding Claro

Filipino Matinee idol (born 1938-) of LVN Pictures of the 50's paired with another matinee idol Nenita Vidal.

The original teen favorite and idol. His first movie was Tinedyer where he played the lead role. He also appeared in Bayanihan with Nestor de Villa Carmencita Abad, Bernard Bonnin, Liza Moreno, Caridad Sanchez and Perla Bautista and Teenage Crush with Eddie Rodriguez, Tessie Quintana, Lita Gutierrez, Luz Valdez Marietta Sanz, Rene Ibanez and Fred Panopio under the direction of Tony Santos. He was undoubtedly a young matinee idol of his decade.

His love team with Nenita Vidal was very popular during the mid 50s for movie hits such as Dalagita't Binatilyo and Banda Uno in 1955; Puppy Love in 1956; Medalyong Perlas, a Musical film in 1956; Phone Pal, Lelong Mong Panot and Troop 11, both in 1957.

He later transferred to Sampaguita Pictures, where he made several more movies and ended his career as an actor to pursue a career as a singer. He was very successful as a singer for many years with tours throughout Asia.

He has since answered to a higher more divine calling, which he continues to this day.

1954 - Tin-Edyer aka Teenager

1955 - Dalagita't Binatilyo aka Guys & Dolls

1955 - Banda Uno aka Band No. 1

1955 - Ikaw Kasi aka You are to Blame

1956 - Puppy Love

1956 - Medalyong Perlas aka Pearl Medal

1956 - Dama Juana Gang aka Bottleneck Gang

1957 - Phone Pal

1957 - Troop 11

1957 - Lelong Mong Panot aka Your Bald Grandpa!

1958 - Eddie Junior Detective [Lvn]

1958 - Ay Pepita! aka Oh Pepita!

1958 - Casa Grande aka Grand House

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