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Robert Arevalo Biography

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He was born as Robert Ylagan on November 24 1943. His father was the famous Tito Arevalo. Angel Esmeralda, the father of Jay Ilagan was his uncle. Another cousin in the showbiz id Liberty Ilagan.

In Gomburza, he played one of the martyred priests Gomez-Burgos-Zamora with Tommy Abuel and Vic Silayan. He won as best actor and his wife Barbara Perez was best actress in the film Daigdig ng mga Api in 1965. In the socially relevant film Sakada, he played the role of a rebellious peasant and co-starred with Pancho Magalona and Gloria Romero, Tony Santos, Rosa Rosal, Hilda Koronel and Alicia Alonzo who played his wife. He also became a director and megged the award-winning Hubad na Bayani.


* 1966 - Daigdig ng mga Api
* 1978 - Iwasan: Kabaret

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