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Jess Lapid Sr. Biography

Jess Lapid Sr.

Jess Lapid - He had been playing double as stuntman for the leading actors when FPJ Productions gave him his first big acting part as a villain in “Pasong Diablo” in 1961. He appeared in Walang Hanggang with Fernando Poe Jr. and Amalia Fuentes. Then he was given bigger role in Sierra Madre (1963) playing second lead to top action star Fernando Poe, Jr.. In 1964, he was casted in the lead role opposite Divina Valencia in Tagalog ilang-Ilang movie in "Kardong Kidlat" in 1964.He was one of the Quadro de Jack, the three others being former President Joseph Estrada, Jun Aristorenas and Jing Abalos in a local western movie. He also made Soliman Brothers with Jun Aristorenas. His career was shortlived. He was gunned down inside a night club in 1968.

The rise of Jess Lapid from stuntman to lead actor was replicated by his nephew and now Senator Lito Lapid. His life story was made into a film where his nephew Lito Lapid portrayed him. He formed his owned movie outfit, Jela Productions. His son Jess Lapid, Jr. is now an actor-director.

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