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Cesar Ramirez

image of Cesar Ramirez

Arlen Quindoy Aguilar (1929-18 July 2003), better known by his stage name César Ramírez, was a Filipino actor who was a leading man for Sampaguita Pictures. He was famous for his portrayal of a Philippines' mythical hero, "Bernardo Carpio".

Cesar starred in Huwag Ka Nang Magtampo and was introduced in Huling Patak ng Dugo. He was the title role in Palasig with Gloria Romero. In Bernardo Carpio, Dumagit, Ukala and Diwani he starred oppostite with reel and real life wife under the auspices of Sampaguita Pictures, Inc. He appeared with other Mr. Philippines title holders like Jesus “Og “ Ramos, Stan Carbungco, Mario Hernandez and Pat Pagsibigan in Kahariang Bato which was produced by Tamaraw Productions.

His teamup with Alicia Vergel, who later became his wife, was considered controversial during their time. They did some sizzling kissing scenes which were considered bold during those days.

After his separation from Alicia, Cesar moved to the US with his new family. His son Ace Vergel brought him home when he learned that Cesar would be put in a nursing home.

“That’s okay in the States. Pero hindi natin kultura ’yun (But that’s not our culture). I really convinced him to come home. Cesar (Arlen Quindo Aguilar in real life) has been in a coma at St. Luke’s Medical Center. He was 78. He died with his two children by Alicia, Beverly and Ace, at his bedside.

His daughter Beverly Vergel and granddaughter Tracy Vergel, like son Ace, also entered showbiz.
He was married to Alicia Vergel. They had two children, Ace and Beverly.


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* Tenyente Ramirez (1950) [Sampaguita]
* Campo O' Donnell (1950) [Sampaguita]
* 13 Hakbang (1950) [Sampaguita]
* Bernardo Carpio (1951) [Sampaguita]
* Tres Muskiteros (1951) [Sampaguita]
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* Palasig (1952) [Sampaguita]
* El Indio (1953) [Sampaguita]
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* Reyna Bandida (1953) [Sampaguita]
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* Tres Ojos (1954)[Sampaguita]
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* Artista (1955)[Sampaguita]
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* Uhaw sa Pag-ibig (1955) [Sampaguita]
* Lupang Kayumangi (1955) [Sampaguita]
* Walang Panginoon (1956) [Everlasting]
* Haring Espada (1956) [People's]
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* Kahariang Bato (1957) [Tamaraw]
* Bicol Express (1957) [Premiere]
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* Matira ang Matibay (1958) [Tamaraw Studio]
* Ramir (1958) [Everlasting]
* Sisang Tabak (1958) [Cinematic Phil Inc.]
* 7 Cobra (1964) [Good Harvest Productions]


remraf911 said...

ano yong movies nila na kontobersiyal,isa lang yong meron ako,bernardo carpio.

cathcy said...

baka yong Diwani at Lupang Kayumanggi.

neto said...

thank you cathy,check ko yong diwani at lupang kayumanngi