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Loretta Marquez BIOGRAPHY

Loretta Marquez<br />

Loretta Marquez<br />

She was born Flordeliza King in 1945. Her mother was a Filipina and the father was an American. She was among those launched in Batch Stars 66 by the Sampaguita Pictures. Her launching movie was Morena Martir. She later quit showbiz to become a preacher and died of a weak heart in 1996.

When Star ’66 and movie actress Loretta Marquez, Flordeliza King in real life, died in 1996 not everyone knew she left behind a Catholic religious organization she herself built to honor and venerate the Blessed Virgin Mary and her son Jesus Christ.

Templo ng Katotohanan, a flock mostly from the vicinity of Malabon City and other parts of the metropolis, is proud of its origin as a cradle of Loretta’s legacy as a visionary and faith leader.

The former actress is being beatified by her followers. It’s not unusual as this was an activity common in the place where the Templo ng Katotohanan flourished when Loretta was still alive.

Is Loretta, who appeared saint-like during her time with Ricky Belmonte, Rosemarie Sonora, Pepito Rodriguez, Blanca Gomez, Bert Leroy Jr., Gina PareƱo, Dindo Fernando, Ramil Rodriguez, and Shirley Moreno at the Sampaguita Pictures, now an object of idolatry?

source: manila standard

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