Wednesday, September 19, 2007




Pugo –was a partner of another comedian Togo. Both were bald. A veteran of stage shows, he did several successful comedies for LVN before he ventured into television where he starred in Tangtarangtang (which later became Si Tatang Kasi), Wanted: Boarders, Alright, Okay, My Son, My Son and also as replacement of Lopito in
Tawag ng Tanghalan. Dolphy so respected Pugo that when the mentor died in 1978, he cut short his US vacation to attend the wake. Dolphy also had Pugo's coffin replaced with a more expensive one – something more fit for the original King of Comedy, which Pugo was in the '50s and '60s.


Bermin said...

I'm not sure if Mariano Contreras was ever called Pugo. He used to be known as Mang Nano (short for Mariano). [I watched Tangtarangtang in the patio TV in our small town in the mid sixties]

You may have confused him with another bald actor Pugo (shorter in stature) and often paired with Tugo.

Pugo was the "Mukhasim" figure in a vinegar commercial.

PB said...

Bermin...Mariano Contreras was always called Pugo. The 'mukhasim' on tv was Pugak, the bald actor who was shorter than Pugo. Pugak was paired with Tugak also known as Peck Pinon who was a known painter and owner of an art gallery in Harrison Plaza.