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Joel Alano

He started his career in 1980's. He died in early 2000.

1. Spirit Warriors (2000)

2. Blusang itim (1988) .... Melchor
3. Ayokong tumungtong sa lupa (1987)
4. Baun Gang (1985)
5. Kailan sasabihing mahal kita (1985)
6. Pati ba pintig ng puso (1985) .... Bien
7. Death Raiders (1984)
8. Santa Claus Is Coming to Town (1982)
9. Mother Dear (1982)
10. Schoolgirls (1982)
11. Caught in the Act (1981) .... Manolo
12. Bata pa si Sabel (1981)

13. I won, I won (Ang s'werte nga naman) (????)
14. Matalim na pangil sa gubat (????)
15. The Sisters (????) .... Rafael

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ROI said...

I tried to muster as much information as I can remember from memory and a few notes from my sister Joy who is almost my contemporary as far as movies of Regal Films are concerned. Let me refresh you about Joel Alano in this recollection. Remember him in the defunct Chicks to Chicks and Sapak Talaga? Right, the sitcoms that are as popular and as funny as Kaluskos Musmos, TODAS, Champoy and Super Laff-In. Before I proceed though, I received a text query from Vic of CDO asking me about the availability of the movie Oro Plata Mata in vcd format. If I am not mistaken, I replied him with a haunting "I have also been on the hunt for it recently" as I have watched it twice on Cinema One and I intend to watch it again - without cuts I hope- on a yet elusive personal copy. For the first time, I saw Mitch Valdez (Maya in that movie) in her birthday suit. Yes, she went naked waist up. Or did she?

Back to Joel Alano. For some, the name may not ring a bell, others may have been or got acquainted because of my re-review of one of his best movies, "Ito Ba Ang Ating Mga Anak?"
Still no idea? Enjoy the tale!

Born Joseph Emmanuel Alano in Manila on December 11, 1966, Joel was first discovered in 1979 ( he was 13 years old). His first picture was the Tsikiting Masters. His good fortune started when he guested in Viva Films' Pati Ba Pintig Ng Puso (Sharon Cuneta) where he played the invalid suitor of Jobelle Salvador. He was also cast in Kailan Tama Ang Mali? playing the son of Dindo Fernando who kidnapped Chat Silayan.

Joel Alano, Philippine Movie Press Club's Most Promising Actor, was a protege of the late Ike Lozada who took care of him (he was 15) and the equally young, Kristine Garcia who was then 10 years old. However, their projected team-up in a movie titled "Too Young" was shelved. Joel had also shared billing with the Martinez brothers in some of his feel-good movies and had played different roles like that of a policeman in Jun Parak, his first solo starrer which didn't do well in the box-office. His filmography saw him play his best in Bilibid Boys, Blue Jeans, I Won I Won, Bata Pa Si Sabel, Summer Holiday, PS I Love You, Caught In the Act, Ayokong Tumuntong Sa Lupa and one of his action movies, Baun Gang.

Perhaps, if I am going to sum it all up, Joel could have been a prince of "serialized" movies. Most of Joel's films were taken from the favorite past time of Filipinos before the advent of cd's, cellphones: Komiks! In 1985, he played the sympathetic villain and former sweetheart of Sharon Cuneta in Kailan Sasabihing Mahal Kita which was serialized in Tagalog Klasiks and directed by Eddie Garcia. Then came "Blusang Itim". Now, you remember him. He played opposite Snooky Serna in this film serialized in Aliwan Komiks by Elena Patron, directed by Emmanuel H. Borlaza under Seiko Films. ( Note: There was a second Blusang Itim which starred Princess Revilla, but I suppose the first one is better. If the comparison is worth it.)

. He however was not really destined to make more movies after his last outing with Pinky Suarez and Rita Avila in Seiko Films' The Sisters, another of those serialized komiks stories penned by Rod Santiago. "The Sisters" was considered to be Joel's last picture. Joel Alano died of heart failure Tuesday night of October 27, 1987 two days after he was rushed to the Polymedic Hospital in Mandaluyong. He was 21.

Joel, who had a fine talent and a good heart, who never forgot to send Christmas greetings way in advance, has been gone for 18 years now and he would have been 39 this year. (