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Carlos Padilla, Jr. biography

Carlos Padilla, Jr.

Carlos Padilla, Jr. is the son of Carlos Padilla Sr. also an actor who was paralyzed at the height of his career as a movie star and became a minor legend of sort. Carlos Padilla Jr. is nephew of Jose Padilla, Jr., Ateng Osorio, Amado Cortez and Roy Padilla, the father of Robin Padilla. He grew up in the eyes of Filipino movie fans, starting out as a child star, teenage idol, and eventually a full-fledged movie star. When his movie career was on its way down, he became a boxing referee simply because of his interest in boxing, being an amateur boxer himself.

He got the biggest break of his life and his second chance to fame when the “Thrilla in Manila,” the famous third and final match between World Heavyweight Boxing champion Muhammad Ali and his nemesis, Joe Frazier was held in the Philippines. Since then president Ferdinand Marcos spent so much public funds to have the match held in the Philippines so that he could get international recognition and somewhat imply a peace and order condition in the country to justify his martial law declaration, the Philippine government thought that it would be nice to have a Filipino referee the match. The perfect choice was Carlos Padilla Jr., young and handsome, not a typical, everyday Filipino, and as they say, the rest was history. Although he was told about his being chosen as “the” referee a day before the match, Carlos “Sonny” Padilla, Jr. lived up to the task.

With the encouragement of boxing promoter Don King, he moved to Las Vegas, worked as a bartender at Caesar’s Palace and become a top-ranked international referee, appearing as the third man in the ring during the famous fights of Sugar Ray Leonard, Roberto Duran, Julio Cesar Chavez and other world champions.

One of his many children, Zsa Zsa Padilla became a famous singer in the Philippines after she had already been married to a dentist and had a child of her own. She is now the live-in partner of Dolphy.

1. Seth Corteza (1996)
2. Matimbang pa sa dugo (1995)
3. Di na natuto (1993)
... aka Sorry na pwede ba? (Philippines: Tagalog title)

4. Blind Rage (1978) .... Capt. Reyes
5. Minsa'y isang gamu-gamo (1976)
... aka Once a Moth (Philippines: English title)
6. Asedillo (1971)

7. Perlas ng silangan (1969)
8. Dedicate to You (1966)
9. Zamboanga (1966)
10. Captain Barbell kontra Captain Bakal (1965) .... Dario
11. Dante Diamante (1965)
12. Lagalag (1964)
13. Tiger Unit (1963)
... aka Tiger Unit: 111th PC Co. Montalban Detachment (Philippines: English title: long title)
14. Filibusterismo, El (1962)
15. Tacio (1961)

16. Biyaya ng lupa (1959) .... Arturo
... aka Blessings of the Land (International: English title)
17. Malvarosa (1958) .... Alberto
18. Robo, El (1957) .... Amado

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