Friday, January 27, 2012

Tony Ferrer-Alice Crisostomo

Tony Ferrer-Alice Crisostomo were married and have their marriage annulled after eighteen years of marriage. They have two children, one fo whom tried show business.


He is the former husband of Alice Crisostomo, to whom he has two children, Mutya and Falcon. He was a popular action star and movie producer. He has also a daughter with Imelda Ilanan. For his biography, please read here.


Alice is the former wife of Tony Ferrer. She became an actress after winning the title Mutya ng Pilipinas. She had her marriage annulled after she separated from her husband. She supported her two children. For her biography, read here.


She is the dsughter of Alice Crisostomo and Tony Ferrer. She joined the movie industry for a few years, became a Mutya ng Pilipias titlist just lie her mother and then decided to use her collede education in cororate life. She married a designer/artist, ten years her junir, For her biographt, read here,

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