Friday, January 27, 2012

Ricky Belmonte-Rosemarie Sonora

Ricky Belmonte-Rosemarie Sonora were maried in the 70's and separated in  1986.


He was the former husband of Rosemarie Sonora to whom she has three children; Renzo, Sheryl and Patrick.Ricky is from the Cruz clan, his true name being Jesse Cruz. He died in 2001. For his biography, read here.


She was the former wife of Ricky Belmonte before she migrated to the United States and married a US Navy. She is the sister of Susan Roces and sister-in-law of Fernando Poe Jr. Sheryl Cruz is her actress daughter and Renzo is also active in the TV.

For her biograpy, read here,


Renzo Cruz is the son of Rosemarie Sonora and Ricky Belmonte. He is the brother of Sheryl Cruz and Patrick who is not active in the show business. For his biograph, read here.


She is the daughter of Rosemarie Sonora and Ricky Belmonte and an award winning actress. She separated from the Fil-am husband to continue her movie career in the Philippines where she was very popular before she migrated to the United States to join her mom Rosemarie Sonora.
For her biography, read here.

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