Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fernando Poe Jr-Susan Roces

Fernando Poe Jr-Susan Roces were married until Fernando Jr succumbed to heart attack.


Fernando Poe Jr was not only an actor. He was also a director and producer. All his films that he was able to remaster and saved now are being rented by a network. He run for presidency and allies claimed that he won. He was awarded the National Artists Award. He was the son of another actor and director. His brothers were also in the movies. For his biography, read here. 


Susan Roces' family is also in the movie industry. Her sister Rosemarie was an actress and was a former wife of anorher movie actor. Her other sister briefly appeared in the movie, Her nephews and nieces were also in the movies. Their adoted daughter is not in the movie but is an executive of a government agency which deals wih movies and TV programs.


Grace Poe Llamanzares is the adoteddaughter of Susan Roces and Fernando Poe Jr. She got married in the united states, raised three children but came back to the Philippines when her father died.

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