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Real Name: Maria Cielito Lukban Fernandez

Screen Name: Pops Fernandez

Birthday: December 12, 1966

Birthplace: Quezon City

Father's Name: Eddie Fernandez

Mother's Name: Dulce Lukban

Ex-Husband's Name: Martin Nievera (with whom she has two sons)

Educational Attainment:

International School. Elementary & High School

The daughter of Filipino action star Eddie Fernandez, Pops Fernandez is one of the Philippines' most well-known and enduring vocalists. Fernandez began her musical career at age 16 when she signed a contract with OctoArts in 1981.

In 1982, Fernandez released her first LP, Pops, and started co-hosting the TV variety series Penthouse Live! with Martin Nievera. Fernandez quickly became an immensely popular teen idol in the Philippines; the press even dubbed her as the country's "Concert Queen" for her ability to attract huge crowds. Her face appeared on the covers of countless magazines. Five years after Penthouse Live! debuted, the show was replaced by Martin and Pops Twogether. Instead of merely working with one another, Nievera and Fernandez had gotten married. Martin and Pops Twogether was canceled after two years, and the couple separated in 1998. They have two sons, Robin and Ram.

In 1995, Fernandez joined the cast of another variety program ASAP together with her husband Martin Nievera, Dayanara Torres, and Ariel Rivera.

Fernandez was chosen as Best Female Musical Variety Show Host at the KBP Golden Dove Awards in 1999. Fernandez' fan following extends beyond the geographical boundaries of the Philippines; she has toured in the U.S., Japan, Hong Kong, Guam, and Italy. Fernandez released Shindig Live in 2001. Pops is the undisputed Concert Queen, and this is witnessed by thousands of people when she staged Shindig concert at ULTRA. And like any other real artist should be, Pops is more than just a singer, she is a better actress, an excellent host, and interesting writer. Filipino moviegoers rave for her performances in Linlang and this was followed by the box-oofice hit, Gusto Ko nang Lumigaya. She's done her new movie entitled "Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah Ze Muveeh" together with the Divine Diva Zsa Zsa Padilla. She also makes an occasional appearances hosts of the variety show, ASAP on Channel 2, Pops adds taste and glamour to everyone's viewing experience. For more than 2 decades, Pops still visible in Philippine showbiz.

Pops (June, 2007) had a show with Kuh Ledesma in Las Vegas but she didn’t have time to reunite with Martin or to take a quick look at Santino. June 28, would have been the un-couple’s 21st wedding anniversary, but they would have no reason to celebrate. Pops is preparing for her December concert at the Araneta Coliseum marking her 25th year in showbiz. Will she invite Martin as one of her guests? “We haven’t talked about it yet,” said Pops. “I haven’t asked him yet.”[1]

Meanwhile, Concert King Martin Nievera is back in the Philippines (July 8, 2007), after the US setback. Nievera's Las Vegas producer abandoned him, thus breaching the one-year contract they signed. Martin laughed off the comments made by his estranged producer, who labeled Martin as a "has-been,".Martin said that his is not yet "laos", and also disclaimed the news being spread by the producer that "he had a room specially built for Martin costing $32 million". Martin debunked rumours that he's preparing to formally seal his union with longtime girlfriend Katrina Ojeda, with whom he has a son named Santino, but confirmed that there are marriage talks. Martin stressed that everything between him and the mother (Pops) of his two children are tight and that they're comfortable dealing with each other's personal affairs.On August 3, 2007, Kuh Ledesma and Pops Fernandez with special guest Chokoleit will be at the Memphis area (Pop stars of the Philippines, 8 p.m. Cannon Center for the Performing Arts, 255 N. Main.)On friday night, July 6, 2007, Pops and boyfriend Jomari Yllana were close together to have watched the Fort Concert of Superstar Christina Aguilera (at the right side VIP section).


* Zsazsa Zaturnnah Ze Moveeh (2006)
* Videoke King (2002)
* Gusto Ko Ng Lumigaya (2000)
* Linlang (1999)
* Tamis Ng Unang Halik (1990)
* Kung Maibabalik Ko Lang (1989)
* Magic To Love (1989)
* Sa Puso Ko Hahalik Ang Mundo (1988)
* Stupid Cupid (1988)
* Shoot That Ball (1987)
* Si Mister At Si Misis (1986)
* Always And Forever (1986)
* Payaso (1986)
* Give Me Five (1984)
* Paano Ba Ang magmahal (1984)
* Just Say You Love Me (1982)
* Pag-ibig Pa (1982)

Source: Wikipedia

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