Thursday, March 01, 2012

Rudy Fernandez-Alma Moreno

Rudy Fernandez and Alma Moreno did not marry but they were celebrity partners with one son.


Rudy Fernandez belonged to the FERNANDEZ clan, a family of show business. His father was a director and his sister was a movie actress. H lived in with Alma Moreno but he married another movie actress Lorna Tolentino. Read his biography here.


She was a popular actress and dancer. She also became a live-in partner of Dolphy to whom she has a son.Bur she married Joey Marquez. She remarried a politician from Mindanao. She is active in politics.
Read her biography here.


Mark Anthony Fernandez is the son of the late Rudy Fernandez and Alma Moreno. He was one of the Gwapings. He was confined in a drug rehab to treat of his drug addiction. 

Read his biography here.

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