Monday, March 05, 2012

Tony Ferrer-Imelda Ilanan

Tony Ferrer-Imelda Ilanan are not married. Tony Ferrer was married to Alice Crisostomo to whom he has a daughter, Mutya and a son, Falcon. Maricel Laxa is an older daughter of Tony Ferrer to his screen partner, Imelda Ilanan.


He is the father of Maricel Laxa. He was a popular action star and movie producer. For his biography, refer here.

She is the mother of Maricel Laxa. She was an actress when she met Tony Ferrer. She married Ben Avancena, a grandson of a noted government official.  For her biography, read here.

 With husband, Ben Avancena,sons, Misha, Melvin and daughter, Maricel.


She is the daughter of Imelda Ilanan and Tony Ferrer and the wife of Anthony Pangilinan. For her biography, read here.

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