Wednesday, September 08, 2010



Rizza came ahead of the bold stars in the 80's. Her real name was Estrella Fabian. She was launched to stardom by Celso Ad Castillo in the film Nympha in 1971.

Nympha was considererd by critics and Pinoy viewers a classic in
sex film genre. The movie, shot in black and white was touted as the
most artistic, educational, dramatic and daring sex film ever
produced. It qualified for competition in the 1971 Venice Film
Festival and later earned for Celso his first Famas nomination for
Best Director.

Rizza went on to star on another Celso Ad Castillo sex flick, titled
The Virgin, a follow up to the successful Nympha movie.

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daphne sy said...

This is the first time digging your blog and I am amazed really. . .You pay tribute to those people who are not remember today's moment and I am glad to that. . .thanks:0