Thursday, September 30, 2010

Divina Valencia

Divina Valencia

Divina Valencia was born Connie Fuller in 1946. She is the mother of a former matinee idol Dranreb who is the son of an action star Bernard Belleza.

Divina Valencia now resides with the current husband Delfin Quesada in San Diego, California.

Although labeled as sex siren together with Stella Suarez, she was did not strip naked in the movie. Se just wore bikinis and other skimpy clothing. She was the favorite of other action stars such as Fernando Poe, Jr., Jess Lapid, Tony Ferrer and others.

She was only 17 then, a picture of naivete with a hint of the slinky -- thanks to a fine genetic amalgamation of a Filipina mother and a German-Irish dad.

It helped that she came at a time when the country was ready for its first sex symbol. La Divina graced the silver screen, a year after John F. Kennedy was assassinated, when the world lost its innocence. The nation was also in dire need of a fresh start as Diosdado Macapagal was on the last leg of his presidency.

Since she was introduced in "Kardong Kidlat" that launched Jess Lapid to stardom, there was no stopping for Divina. She was embraced by film aficionados as the embodiment of feline grace, guile and ferocity.

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