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Biography of MIRIAM JURADO

Miriam Jurado—Another Miss PPP finalist (in 1958), she appeared in James Bandong with comedian Chiquito who portrayed a secret agent.

"For a long, long time, I've been coming and going to the States," volunteered Miriam, "because since 1944 nandito na ang Tatay ko. My father, Francis Eisenman, was American so even if I was born in the Philippines, my citizenship has always been American. Jurado is my mother's surname. Her name was Concepcion and she used to appear in LVN movies as a mataba at matapang na tiyahin."

Miriam started as a child star at LVN Pictures, playing the little Lilia Dizon in Kandelerong Pilak. She was discovered by Lamberto Avellana. From 1957 to 1959, she did several LVN movies, most of them with Marita Zobel, Chona Sandoval, Luz Valdez and Lou Salvador Jr., and then she moved to Premiere Productions where she achieved stardom. Her first-starring picture was Pautang ng Langit, followed by those starring Eddie Mesa (Aawitan Kita, etc.), several costume pictures (Apat na Agimat, etc.) and dramas.

When she turned free-lancer, Miriam starred in action films, such as Ikaw O' Ako (in which she did an erotic love scene with Romeo Vasquez who left her lips bleeding from a passionate kiss).

"My most memorable film was Somewhere My Love, starring Eddie Rodriguez and Carmen Soriano. That's where their romance started. Maliit lang ang role ko pero markado."

She quit showbiz in the early '70s and has been living in Sacramento since then, working as a pharmacy-technician until she retired a few years ago, and is now leading a leisurely life. She never married.

# Crackdown (1967)
# Dolls for Hire (1967)
# Durango (1967)
# Sabotage (1966)
# Blackmail (1966)
# Trapped (1966)
# Deadline Agosto 13 (1966)
# Mastermind (1965)
# Pasko ng limang Magdalena (1965) .... Vera
# Contra señas (1965)
# Limbas: Walang gulat! (1965)
# 7 Mata-Hari (1965)
# Interpol: Hadlang sa manlulupig (1965)
... aka Interpol (Philippines: English title: short title)
# Kalaban ng sindikato (1965)
# Tres bravos (1964)
# Pitong Desperada (1964)
# Anak ni Dyesebel (1964)
# Agent 69 (1964)
# Bakas ng dragon (1964)
# Daigdig ng matatapang (1964)
# James Ban-dong (1964)
# Dakpin si Pedro Navarro! (1963)
# Kung gabi sa Maynila (1963)
# Samahang siyete (1962)
# Dead or Alive (1962)
# Apat na agimat (1962)
# Apat na kilabot (1962)

# Anak ng bulkan (1959)
# Aawitan kita (1959)

source: Ricki Lo

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