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Lourdes Medel

Lourdes Medel BIOGRAPHY

Lourdes Medel

Lourdes Medel—She appeared in Walang Pangalan with Lilia Dizon, Bernard Bonnin, Robert Campos and Hector Reyes which was directed by Fred Daluz. She also appeared opposite Bernard Bonnin in Alyas Palos, a movier series about a porchclimber. Both films were produced by LVN Pictures , Inc.

She won the Famas Best Supporting Actress for Salamisim (1968).

She migrated to Australia with her family but decided to return to Davao, where Lourdes’ family owns a vast farm. Their two sons have opted to stay put in Australia.

"They have good paying job there," said Lourdes. Her elder son is a builder.

# Bandana (1968)
# Salamisim (1968)
# Durango (1967)
# Napoleon Doble and the Sexy Six (1966)
# Crossfire (1966/I)
# Doble trece (1966)
# Lady Killer (1965)
# Cosa nostra (1965)
... aka Kaaway ng lipunan (Philippines: Tagalog title)
# Lihim ni gagamba, Ang (1964)
# Target Max (1964)
# Aninong bakal (1963)
# Mga lawin, Ang (1963)
# Palos kontra gagamba (1963)
# Kilabot maghiganti (1963)
# Bakas ng gagamba (1962)
# Jam Session (1962)
# Filibusterismo, El (1962)
# Mga tigreng taga-bukid (1962)
# Alyas Palos (1961)

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