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Virgilio Hilario—A businessman, Virgilio appeared in just one picture, Now and Forever, opposite the first ever Miss Universe winner in the person of Finnish beauty Armi Kuusela who later became his wife. This big box-office hit was produced by Daegar Cinema Productions, Inc. He died in September 1975. He had five children.

* Arne Hilario, married with 3 children, lives in Chile
* Anna-Lisa De Gari, married with 2 children, lives in Spain
* Jussi Hilario, married, lives in Canada
* Eva-Maria Hess, married with 2 children, lives in California, U.S.
* Mikko Hilario, lives in the Philippines

His wife Armi Kuusela Hilario married an American diplomat and is now residing in the United States.

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cecilebacareza said...

I miss the Hilario Family (The Gilarmi Apartments).

Cecilia Canaling Bacareza
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