Saturday, April 19, 2008



George Estregan was introduced in the movie, Sa Kamay ng mga Kilabot in 1965, with no less than his elder brother Joseph “Erap’ Estrada in the lead role. But it was in 1969 that Estregan was given some important roles. He was tapped to do several challenging roles in succession, all in a starring role in Eric, Jericho and Black Sheep.

He won the Famas Best Actor award in 1972 for the movie Sukdulan; Famas Best Supporting Actor in 1978 for Kid Kaliwete and Lumakad ka ng Hubad sa Mundong Ibabaw in 1981; FAP Best Supporting Actor for Sa Bulaklak ng Apoy in 1985.

Among his memorable movies were three of Ishmael Bernal movies: Huwag Pamarisan: Mister Mo Lover Boy Ko; Lumapit...Lumayo ang Umaga and Nunal sa Tubig. He also played the role of ace police reporter Ruther Batuigas in Pasukuin si Waway, a Rudy Fernandez starrer.

He was a consummate and accomplished performer, a versatile and talented actor. But his superb and awesome credential as a top rate actor was somewhat tarnished towards in the latter years of his career when he accepted roles that called for sex and nudity. He allowed himself to be used in several cheap and B-sex flicks, bordering to pornography.

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