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picture of Sandy Andolong

Sandy Andolong was the true Filipina beauty
of her time. She is neither tall nor small. She is, in fact, 5'4" in
height. She has maintained her small frame, even now that she is mother to
five growing kids, the eldest of whom, Rafael Sandino, is now 20 years old.

Sandy is not so beautiful nor is she plain looking either. Once, a kibitzer
described her beauty as "tamang tama lang." The type that grows on you.

Sandy was armed with a degree in acting when she joined showbiz more than
two decades ago. She finished an acting course in a university in New York.
One of her mentors was the late director Ishmael Bernal, who included her
in the cast of almost all the movies he directed. One of Sandy's most
memorable films, as far as we are concerned, was "Kakabakaba Ka Ba?"
Bernal, of course, directed it.

Though Sandy never won an acting award, she's recognized as an actress in
the true sense of the word. She is the type of performer who delivers, so
to speak.

For a while Sandy concentrated on being a wife to actor Christopher de Leon
and a mother to their five children. Ian, Boyet's son by former wife, Nora
Aunor, lives in the same compound where his father's family lives.

Like his half-siblings, Ian fondly calls Sandy "Nanay." He used to call
Boyet "Daddy." Now, he addresses him as "Tatay."

Sandy is like a second mom to him, said Ian during an interview in
connection with his movie, "The Cory Quirino Kidnap, NBI Files." He said
she takes to him like her own son.

Now that their children are all grown up (the youngest, Mica, is six years
old), Sandy is back to acting.

Behind the scene, Bobot and Sandy, plus Johnny Delgado have formed a
closely-knit "family" of their own. Their friendship in real-life dates
back to when they were just starting their respective families. Bobot and
Johnny are good friends of Sandy's husband, Boyet. Their gag show, "Goin'
Bananas," was very popular in the '80s.

1. "Gaano kadalas ang minsan" (2008) TV series .... Gloria
... aka Sine novela - Gaano kadalas ang minsan (Philippines: Tagalog title)
2. My Big Love (2008) .... Mama Bing
3. "Asian Treasures" (2007) TV series .... Araceli (2007)
4. "Pangarap na bituin" (2007) TV series .... Jade Gomez (2007)
5. Moments of Love (2006) .... Elma
6. Tulay (2006)
7. "Now and Forever" (1 episode, 2006)
- Tinig (2006) TV episode
8. "Fantastikids" (2006) TV series .... Melinda
9. Maging akin muli (2005) (TV) .... Ina Santos
10. "Darna" (2005) TV series .... Prospera
11. "Spirits" (2004) TV series .... Paz
... aka Chito S. Roño's Spirits (Philippines: English title: complete title)
12. 9 Mornings (2002) .... Sister Susana
13. Trip (2001) .... Joboy's Mom
14. American Adobo (2001) .... Emma
15. "Arriba! Arriba!" (2000) TV series .... Isabel Arriba (unknown episodes)

16. Mother Ignacia - Ang uliran (1998)
... aka Mother Ignacia (Philippines: Tagalog title: short title)
17. Bakit labis kitang mahal (1992) .... Marita

18. Victor Corpuz (1987)
... aka Get Victor Corpus: The Rebel Soldier (Philippines: English title)
19. Muling buksan ang puso (1985)
20. Sa hirap at ginhawa (1984) .... Tessie
21. Moral (1982)
22. Alpha Kappa Omega Batch '81 (1982) .... Tina
... aka A.K.O. (Philippines: Tagalog title: short title)
... aka Batch '81 (Philippines: English title)
23. Oro, Plata, Mata (1982) .... Maggie Ojeda
24. High School Scandal (1981)
25. Pabling (1981)
26. Aguila (1980) (as Andrea Andolong) .... Farida
27. Kakabakaba ka ba? (1980)
... aka Will Your Heart Beat Faster?

28. Menor de edad (1979) (as Andrea Andolong)
29. Salawahan (1979) (as Andrea Andolong)
30. Ikaw ay akin (1978) (as Andrea Andolong)

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CORRECTION: Sandy Andolong was awarded FAMAS' Best Supporting Actress for "Moral."