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Armida Siguion Reyna

Armida Siguion Reyna<br />

Armida Ponce-Enrile Siguion-Reyna was born on November 4, 1930, the singer actress, producer and former MTRCB chairperson studied at the PWU. She has sang lead roles in the operas, “Lucia de Lammermoor,” “Rigoletto,” “La Traviata,” “I Pagliacci,” and “The Merry Widow” and in the zarzuela entitled “Ang Mestiza.”

In the latter part of her colorful career, she hosted a celebrity TV show called “Cooking Atbp,” and recorded the following albums: “Aawitan Kita” Vols 1 and 2 for Villar Records, “Armida” for Dyna Records and “Sa Lungkot at Saya…Aawitan Kita” for Viva records.

She is well-known for her musical TV show “Aawitan Kita” which won many awards. Her performance in the first film “Sa Pagitan ng Dalawang Langit” merited a Best supporting actress award in the 1975 Bacolod Film Festival.

Armida produced and starred in the 16mm musicals “Dung-aw,” “Lakambini,” “Supremo,” “Pagpatak ng Ulan,” and “Sisa.”

Her first film outfit, Pera Films, produced two movies: “Laruang Apoy” and “Bilanggong Birhen.” Her current film outfit is Reyna Films and has produced a couple of awards with his son Carlitos Siguion-Reyna at the helm.

source: global pinoy

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