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Apeng Daldal – Famous for his protruding teeth, he was a mainstay of
several sitcoms – among them, Tindahan sa Nayon and was part of Super

Apeng Daldal whose real name was Serafin Gabriel was famous for his protruding teeth. He was a mainstay of several sitcoms – among them, Tindahan sa Nayon and was part of Super Laugh-In.

He was born in 1928 in San Luis Pampanga and died in February 1992 leaving behind eight children.

He worked several odd jobs including circus shows and acrobatic acts in town fiestas. He started in the Manila Opera House doing comedy skits in the late 1940's.

Together with Mar Lopez and Bebing Santos they performed as singers as the Top Three.
Johnny WIlson was the guy who was responsible for his joining the TV.

His first movie was Libis ng Baryo with Susan Roces. His major movie roles were in Magic Bilao and Walis ni Tengteng. His first starring role was Maskulado in 1965.

He was also a scripwriter for some sit-coms of the TV shows.

Apeng Daldal – Like most comedians in those days, Apeng – known for his big set of teeth and his being a fast talker (Daldal) – started in vaudeville where he was a dancer. He honed his dancing skills, however, in the regular “pasayaw ng mga bakla” in his Tondo neighborhood where he was a favorite male dancing partner of post-war cross-dressers. From stage shows, he also ventured into film (with Gina Pareño as leading lady) and television. His most memorable performance for me, however, was in an episode of Eliza (Boots Anson Roa’s drama anthology in the old BBC-2) where he played the personal assistant of a powerful man (Arnold Mendoza). In the story, Mendoza is married to Boots, but has a mistress (Coney Nubla – later to become Coney Reyes) he treats shabbily. After getting Coney pregnant, he dumps her, she loses the baby and dies during the miscarriage. Secretly in love with Coney, Apeng avenges her death by killing Mendoza.

With Apeng’s excellent performance in that Eliza episode, I really started to get convinced that great comedians also make good dramatic actors.

Apeng Daldal died in 1992.

STARBYTES By Butch Francisco
The Philippine Star 08/17/2006

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