Thursday, April 08, 2010

Myra Manibog

Myra Manibog

Through prayers, Myra Manibog has gotten over her sad past life as a
bold star. And what a past it was – having done lurid sex scenes on
the big screen in the mid-’80s. She must have been the most exploited
in her batch because she claimed in her interview that she was only 13
when she started doing those sex films. No wonder she went later in
life, but mercifully was redeemed when she found the Lord. Today, she
is a preacher and has found peace at last.

Listening to Myra, you will be impressed with the way she speaks. For
somebody whose dialogues in the movies were limited to ooohs and
aaahs, she is very articulate and her thoughts are fluid.

Obviously she had always been intelligent, but was young and misguided
and so she chose the wrong path. But she turned in a new leaf and here
she is – the best example of a person who has been to hell and back
and is now in the loving arms of the Almighty God.

source: Starbytes by Butch Francisco 7/14/2005

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