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Geraldine Schaer Bonnevie was born January 27, 1961 to Honesto Bonnevie and Jeannette Schaer. Her grandmother is pre-World War II actress Rosita Rivera. She has two children by comedian Vic Sotto, who are now also interested in acting. She began her schooling in St. Theresa's College, Manila, but finished her elementary and secondary education at St. Agnes' Academy in Legaspi City, where she was very active in drama guilds. In 1980 she enrolled in Communication Arts at the Ateneo de Manila University and, later, the University of the Philippines. Introduced by young actor Alfie Anido to director 'Joey Gosiengfiao, she first appeared in teen dramas Underage (1980) and Temptation Island (1981), but her launching movie was _Katorse (1984)_ with Anido and Gabby Concepcion. This film established her as one of the "Regal Babies" (named after the studio, Regal Films). She then appeared in a longer slew of teenage love or growing-pains dramas. Bakit ba ganyan (1981) was a film where she herself sang the theme song and popularized it thus.

In 1985 she ventured into dramatic roles, starting with 'Mike de Leon' 's Hindi nahahati ang langit (1985). Her other films are "A Dangerous Life" (1988) (mini), with American actor Gary Busey; Orapronobis (1989), Pangarap na ginto (1990), Huwag mong salingin ang sugat ko (1991) and Akin ang pangarap mo (1992). In Babaeng nawawala sa sarili, Ang (1989), Bonnevie sizzled and wowed critics and audiences alike in the role of a possessed woman. She also portrayed real-life characters, such as in Eskapo: The Serge Osmena-Geny Lopez Story (1995), as the wife of Geny Lopez; as one of the accused parents in the child-molestation drama, Minsan May Pangarap: The Guce Family Story (1995), shot in New York City; as the girlfriend of activist Leopoldo Mabilangan in Ka Hector (1995); and as Governor Chavit Singson's wife in Chavit (2003), opposite Cesar Montano.

Other notable films where Bonnevie showed maturity as an actress of the highest calibre include: Tinik sa dibdib (1985), for which she won Best Supporting Actress at the Film Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences (FAMAS) and Film Academy of the Philippines (FAP) awarding ceremonies; Magdusa ka (1986), for which she was given Best Actress awards by FAMAS, FAP and Catholic Mass Media Awards; Gumapang ka sa lusak (1990), directed by Lino Brocka, for which she was nominated by FAMAS and URIAN Awards for Best Actress; and Sa kabila ng lahat (1991), for which she was nominated by FAMAS, FAP and Urian Awards for Best Actress. Other acting nominations are for Kung kasalanan man (1989), FAMAS; Bakit kay tagal ng sandali? (1990), FAP; Tanging yaman (2000), which won Best Picture in nearly all the local awards ceremonies and gave her an URIAN Best Supporting Actress nomination; American Adobo (2001), URIAN Best Actress nomination; and Bridal Shower (2004), URIAN Best Actress nomination again. Bonnevie also appeared in bright comedies with her ex-husband, Vic Sotto, in Hindi pa tapos ang labada, Darling! (1994) and Bakit ba ganyan? (Ewan ko nga ba, Darling) (2000). When they were still married they also appeared together in Ride on Baby (1985) and Mama Said, Papa Said, I Love You (1985). Bonnevie also topbilled Tatarin (2001), based on the short story "Summer Solstice" by Nick Joaquin; critics nearly panned the movie but appreciated Bonnevie's nuanced characterization of Lupe Moreta. A dramatic actress who chooses her roles wisely and a loving mother of two, Bonnevie is sorely missed from present-day Filipino movies. Except for her stints on soap operas and for judging a recent TV talent contest (and just recently, appearing unclothed as the cover of FHM Magazine).

She was married twice. The first was with Vic Sotto to whom she has two children, Danica and Oyoboy. They divorced.

The second marriage was with Richard Dick Penson, from whom he is separated.

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