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picture of walter navarro

He was at its height of popularity when he just dropped from the movie industry. His movie STARDOOM directed by Lino Brocka in 1971 was doomed. He was the leading man of Nora Aunor in SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW in 1974. His last movie was with Fernando Poe, Jr. in 1976, ANDALUCIA.

1. Andalucia (1976)
2. Wanted... Ded or alayb (Agad-agad) (1976)
3. Kapitan Kulas (1975)
... aka Kapitan Kulas, ang Kilabot ng Sierra Madre (Philippines: Tagalog title: long title)
4. Siya'y umalis, siya'y dumating (1975)
5. 7 Crazy Uragons (1974)
6. Pinoy Crazy Boys (1974)
7. Somewhere Over the Rainbow (1974)
8. Supergirl (1973)
9. Stardoom (1971)
10. Boy Kodyak (1970)

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Heto Ang Totoo said...

I read somewhere that he had a stroke and was bedridden for a few years before passing away at his early 20's.